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You Lost Me Ewelina Lisowska

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You Lost Me Ewelina Lisowska

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You Lost Me Ewelina Lisowska
  • Ewelina Lisowska The Way I Do
    "Tell me is it that impossible The only thing I want seems unachievable Tell me why he's always unavailable Honestly, it's so typical It's like I'm crawling on broken glass Trying to het myself up It"
  • Ewelina Lisowska Countdown
    "So here's the thing yeah We did what we did too long Bad situation Cause all we did was get it wrong I gotta save myself I'm sorry Don't want to wear my heart so thin So in case you think you own me Chances"
  • Jamie Cullum Lost
    "Somewhere in the month of June Crept swiftly through my room Everything was there for me Early summer's bloom I'll tell your why i've rought my eyes To prove to me that these vision may be true Cause"
  • Morrissey Lost
    "Jet trails in the sky Leave one word behind A hand bangs into sand a name And we all understand Everybody's Lost But they're pretending they're not Lost Oh, Lost Jet trails in the sky Leave"
  • Frank Ocean Lost
    "Double D Big full breast on my baby Triple weight Couldn't weigh the love I've got for the girl And I just wanna know Why you ain't been goin' to work Boss ain't workin' ya like this He can't take care"
  • Embraze Lost
    "I am lost, lost in my life In the dead end I roam alone again Will you be with me when sun never shines Will you be with me even if I miss another I am lost, lost in my dreams Illusions crash down What"
  • Balligomingo Lost
    "Lost far away in you Promise of a lifetime Lost Miracle of mankind Lost Childlike love lingers Skin is fading, but not your eyes Can I hold you? But now you're gone Lost far away The wind carries me away Lost"
  • Aaron Lines Lost
    "Where am i, what was that That made my heart beat so fast I'm somewhere now that I've never been So far from the world I was living in Baby, I'm lost, but I'm not afraid I know you're the one to show"
  • Louise Lost
    "Give me back my smile Cos it's taring me inside Your still so far away What happened can't we change To make it all worthwhile You have every piece of me I'll promise you anything you need We have so much"
  • Ours Lost
    "Listen to me Why am I crying? Why am I dying? I am not your ladder You seem to be Writing a song Lighting a bomb But nothing you say matters All of the time I lost All of the time I lost All of the time"
  • Faith Hill Lost
    "Is it obvious to you When you walk into a room Your face is all I see And my heart races so fast I never knew a rush to feel like that Every time you're touching me I never did believe in anything I couldn't"
  • Erland Bratland Lost
    "if roses are meant to be red and violets to be blue why isn't my heart meant for you my hands longing to touch you but but i can bearly breathe starry eyes that makes me melt right in front of me lost"
  • Dusty Springfield Lost
    "(Kenneth Gamble / Leon Huff / Jerry Butler) I was a sad and lonely girl All alone in this big world, baby, (hey, baby) baby Lost in a state of misery Not a soul to comfort me, baby (hey, baby) I couldn't"
  • Donkeyboy Lost
    "If we were lovers would it be too much? I wonder what heaven could come at that cost With so many hours from the dead untouched Wishing I could be you Ohh I could be you I'm free but I'm stuck in hard"
  • Spiritfall Lost
    "When I look into your eyes And I see the damage I've caused I feel so empty deep inside I feel sorry for you When I try to understand me, I'm lost When I try to see within me, I'm lost It's too"
  • Skin Lost
    "What was i waiting for? Waiting for the bubble to burst, Over your stagnet poses, I'm cool with what you're devil don't see, Well i'll be fighting for the death of me, We shot through all of our causes. Days"
  • Avril Lavigne Lost
    "Mistaken for an prep Mistaken almost everyday And I'm lost without you,, Like an,everyday story, I'm just lost but not found I'm lying there on the ground, Almost feeling sorry for myself, Who do I go"
  • Aaron Tippin Lost
    "A couple of bucks worth of change in the ashtray A half a tank of Texaco You're sitting with your feet on the dash fiddling with the radio Take a seft at the edge of town, out where the roads ain't paved And"
  • Katy Perry Lost
    "I'm out on my own again Face down in the porcelain Feeling so high but looking so low Party favors on the floor Group of girls banging on the door So many new fairweather friends Have you ever been so"
  • Annie Lennox Lost
    "This is the sound of the planes in the night Coming out of the darkness and into the light Shining alarmingly, curiously bright This is the sound of those murderous drums The marching of footsteps the"

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