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You and me in my head

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You and me in my head

  • Me And My Head - Quasi
    "I never thought I'd say the things I said. I never thought I'd let them out of my head. I dream of you, but don't know what to do - Time is standing still again. How can I sleep on a frozen lake, Trying"
  • In My Head - Slapshot
    "I see you smile and I can't say a thing Could we be friends but you don't call me Might see you out somewhere but it's like I'm not there I said I'd never do this again It's in my heart and in my head Sometimes"
  • In My Head - No Doubt
    "I try to think about rainbows When it gets bad You got to think about something To keep from going mad I try to think about big fat roses When the ship starts going down But my head is wicked jealous Don't"
  • In my head - Ian McCulloch
    "Round and round(Deliver)All the things in my head(Me from good)Round and round(Deliver)Did the things you said(Me from good) On and on and on and on(A to Z)On and on and on...(Good as dead)In my head Things"
  • In My Head - The Echoing Green
    "I come pulling all the stops Putting rain on all of this With the sirens in my sleep And her sorrow at my kiss I can't turn away Or hold a hand to when you pray All her vanity and fate Written on"
  • In My Head - Good Riddance
    "I can't pull in all the stops But it rained on all of this With the sirens in my sleep And her sorrow at my kiss I can't turn away Hold the half turn when you pray All the vanity and fate Written on her"
  • In My Head - The Psychedelic Furs
    "i come pulling all the stops putting rain on all of this with the sirens in my sleep and her sorrow at my kiss i can't turn away hold a hand to when you pray all her vanity and fate written on her"
  • In My Head - Oblivion Dust
    "Time to empty head Try and dream instead Let memory trip and finally slip Like acid in milk Garbage in silk Dripping and oozing your sex over my guilt And I really don't know who to care about And"
  • In My Head - Burning Heads
    "Sometimes when I look around It's in my head I get this strange feeling of life It seems as if the world has just stopped going round, for a moment, just for a while I'll never give up screaming, No need"
  • In My Head - Lisa Bund
    "Every other day, every other day, it's all the same But seasons change, a hard thing to say When I look into your eyes, look into your eyes, it Feels so far Don't know where you are, you've gone away Get"
  • In My Head - Anna Nalick
    "Under the weight of your wings You are a god and whatever I want you to be And I wonder if truly you are Nearly as beautiful as I believe In my head Your voice You've got all that I need And this make"
  • In My Head - Madcap
    "Am i crazy? There are voices in my head And i can't stop them, Im talking to myself These conversations get me so mixed up Even though i trust you they tell me doubt doubt doubt Is it in my head Is"
  • In my head - Prime STH
    "As the rain comes down I wonder If I've ever been this low And as I try to find the answer To why I feel this way it shows That I can't be without you I won't deny it, you're always in my head In my head Every"
  • In My Head - Lil Tjay
    "Shawty's like a melody in my head that I can't keep out, got me singin' like​ Na-na-na-na, every day (Lil Tjay) It's like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay (Ooh, ooh, ooh) I got some funny feelings"
  • In My Head - Mysterya
    "You came to me from all the billions of liars And all I need I see in angel eyes I can't pretend in the minutes when my heart is violent I could make for you, baby, real dreams that you have I could"
  • In my head - 12 Stones
    "I'm reaching out without a soundMy pride falls to the floor againInside my mind I search to findA place just to call my ownDeep inside your eyes I am blinded by your loveStill I run so far just to find"
  • In My Head - Richy Nix
    "Days pass and I'm tryin to find my way think that I'm livin alone well I got something to say And we will always be the same even though we constantly change Fuck lovin is i hate this shit it only hurts"
  • Head - 10 Seconds Down
    "I always thought you could be down like that You're my girl, yeah baby you're all that The moment I saw you I felt it coming on Oh my god, you're a real blonde By the way you move I can tell you have class"
  • Letters In My Head - Fleming And John
    "To whom it may concern, you've got a lot to learn What makes you think that you can talk to me that way? You know I just kind of stood there, smiling very politely But now I've got a few words I'd like"
  • My Head - K's Choice
    "No, I know what you said But that doesn't mean that I understand And you don't know what I meant by that But it's sweet that you tried That you're on my side If you were my head You'd know where it hurts You'd"

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