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You are gold

  • Gold - Imagine Dragons
    "Fast comes the blessing of all that you dreamed But then comes the curses of diamonds and rings Only at first did it have its appeal But now you can’t tell the false from the real Who can you trust? Who"
  • Gold - Antoine Clamaran
    "In the still of the night, take my hand and I will guide you Where you never ever dreamed, you would feel so right When the heartache is over, look over your shoulder You see just how far you've come When"
  • Gold - Robbie Williams
    "are we disco dancing to throwing shapes in an empty space all eyes on me here we go now when I am done dancing with myself Ii wanna move with you do you want me too? is there something better something"
  • Gold - Karmin
    "You live off your hopes and dreams But only for now it seems you're outside alone They're saying you lost your touch They think you don't listen much, so you're on your own Nobody wants you till you break"
  • Gold - Spandau Ballet
    "Thank you for coming home I'm sorry that the chairs are all worn I left them here I could have sworn These are my salad days Slowly being eaten away Just another play for today Oh, but I'm proud"
  • Gold - Beverley Knight
    "Some people never recognise itThough it's right before their eyesAnd shines in all its gloryThey never ever seeThey choose something that looks just like itAnd it may glitter all the timeBut gold it will"
  • Gold - Lamb
    "Stay with me forever and a day If I could be near you for a lifetime I'd never want for everything Hearing your voice is like icicles down my spine I'm touching your warm skin Starts electrical storms"
  • Stay Gold - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "In a world where you feel good You got to stay gold Oh baby An enchanting moon light No sleep again tonight Guided by the moon light I run to you Hide and seek Stealing my way nto your heart I draw near"
  • Silver & gold - Ian Moore
    "So you're dressed in pearls and gaberdines Like a 20's movie queen A guilded lily pale and fragile Hassled by the wind Well a tragic debutant You're silver spoon is all but gone Cocaine and caviar You're"
  • Perfect Gold - Monoral
    "Show me what you got Please, be sure That what you have is raw Cause I'll take it as it comes Feed me with your gold But don't cross the borderline Let it shine and give some more Judge me with"
  • Go Gold - Guided By Voices
    "Not so tired in trials of lately Devil in the spaces Giving credit, going places You are told To go Feeling bold? Go gold Preconceived in half allegiance Ideas of the wicked Who remove you from your sickness Young"
  • Tracey Gold - Freezepop
    "tracey gold - where have you gone girl? tracey gold - where in the world? tracey gold - what have u done girl? tracey gold - my heart's in a whirl over u - my brain's in a swirl over u - my hair's in"
  • Rolled Gold - Adrian Furby Trio
    "Its calling for you man, so be real That old tree next to your house, You know the one with the possum family in it, Is creaking under the strain, Which is a metaphor for your life, woo. Hey sweetcakes,"
  • Arabian Gold - Modern Talking
    "What a kind of fool I am There's no smoke without a fire You don't want me in your game There's a shadow of desire Come on in my arms again I don't need no heart that's broken Come and try me as friend,"
  • Solid Gold - Status Quo
    "(Rossi / Young) Take a ride to somewhere with me Anywhere that you want it could be Sit on back and take it all in I know where you're going, I know where you've been A little smile, a secretive grin One"
  • Burning Gold - Christina Perri
    "Looking for an exit in this world of fear I can see the pack that leads the way Mama never left, and daddy needs me here I wish the wind would carry a change Looking through the window to a world of dreams I"
  • Silver $ Gold - Sway fest. Akon
    "ohhh yeahh Akon and Sway that girl aint no joke i love the way she roll especially when she working going up and down that pole cos she's a professional and she'll stick you up without a weapon, oh she's"
  • Rubles & Gold - Tori Amos
    "Rubies and gold Star of my moonlight Warmer then roses in spring The kingdoms were sold To hold their beauty, well I'd sell my life anyway Just to say I held their heart in my arms There's strength in"
  • Glitter & Gold - Rebecca Ferguson
    "How good or bad Happy or sad Does it have to get? Losing yourself Don't cry for help You don't think you need it And old friends are just a chore And now you need 'em more than ever before All that glitter And"
  • Acapulco Gold - Unknown Artist
    "ACAPULCO GOLD Me and Marty took a honeymoon, Below the border 'neath the silvery moon, I was eighteen and he was twenty two, Now we're just a-doin' what the young folks do We're goin' south, south, to"

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