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You are mine

  • You Are Mine - Phil Stacey
    "What's the reason why da Vinci had to paint Lennon had to write About peace Martin had a dream Patsy had to sing Where did Mozart find Those melodies We all need inspiration A spark that ignites Something"
  • Are You Mine - George Jones
    "(Don Grashey - Jim Amadeo - Myrna Petrunka) Album: George Jones & Margie Singleton Duets Country Style Are you mine all life through Will you kiss me when I'm blue Will you whisper I love you And make"
  • Are You Mine - Ernest Tubb
    "Are you mine all life through will you kiss me when I'm blue Will you whisper I love you and make all my dreams come true Will you share the good and bad bring me joy when I am sad Tell me darling are"
  • You Are Mine - Mute Math
    "Everyone has their obsession Consuming thoughts, consuming time They hold high their prized possession That defines the meaning of their lives You are mine There are objects of affection That can mesmerize"
  • Are You Mine? - Kim Deal
    "Are you mine? Are you my baby? I have no time For nothing but love Are you mine? How you see me lately? I have no time I have no time Let me go Where there's snow Memory of you Where everything is safe And"
  • You Are Mine - Third Day
    "It doesn't take much For my heart to break And you have done it For what seems The millionth time Whenever I hear Of your saving grace And how you gave your life In exchange for mine Chorus: Sometimes"
  • You Are Mine - Wallis Bird
    "You wore your clothes in bed And the stars came out from night Sweet and soft in every respect You whipped your arms around me And you smiled And all the strength in the world Couldn't hold my tears that"
  • You are mine - Eddy
    "I wrote it down when I was only A young boy of seventeen, a long list of what true love means Now I'm here on the wrong side of lonely 'Cause I never really knew what really matters to me She don't have"
  • Mine - Sahara feat. Mario Winans
    "Yo it's ya boy Mario Winans My girl Sahara, Produced by ma'man Costi Baby be mine Let's go. Baby are you mine, mine, mine, mine? And could we live a fairytale together I wanna make you mine, mine, mine,"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Montell Jordan
    "Hey baby I like it when you're next to me With that body horizontally Your pretty legs comfortable in my bed In your lingerie with my pillow under your head And honey I like you cuz you trust in me Just"
  • Mine - Christina Perri
    "Wait a minute, I don't want you to know. It's the only way that I might grow. Secret's safe behind a pretty smile and it's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. What's with all the late night liquor phone"
  • Mine - Taproot
    "When I look into your eyes, you help me realign Ensure me of just how to be myself inside I'm in control of everything It's taking time but that's ok I can bring you to my side You're my blessing in disguise"
  • Mine - All About Eve
    "It doesn't hurt me when you pull my strings... My purse, my heart, guitar and everything. These demands are slowly turning me into something of a tragedy / charity. My house is your house, my life"
  • Mine - Krezip
    "Whats this, youre trying to talk about But I, Im busy shutting out Thats not what we should be So youve got me Can you still see I will hold you tight for the rest of time I could be like this forever For"
  • Mine - IGI
    "It Doesn't Hurt Me When You Pull MyStrings... My Purse, My Heart, GuitarAnd Everything. These Demands Are SlowlyTurning Me Into Something of a Tragedy /Charity.My House Is Your House, My Life IsMine. My"
  • Mine - Taylor Swift
    "You were in college working part time waiting tables Left a small town never looked back I was a flight risk with a fear of falling Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts I say: " can you"
  • Mine - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "one brief feeling five seconds go by the buzzing of wires the sweater looks a lot like mine with a million things to think about i'm thinking about what i shouldn't think about with a million ways to look"
  • You are only mine - Kat DeLuna
    "Oh . . .No, no, no, no . . .Ah ah . . .I tell a story how,I tell that hands andreach through love.I came without his crown,falling queen as tears come down.Secretly words shedding his demise.Next to his"
  • Are You Still Mine - Highway 101
    "Are You Still Mine Paulette Tenae Carson Darlin' what did she say when you were alone All week long you've been actin' strange Talkin' to her on the phone Has she gotten' through to you Got you believin'"
  • Nights Are Mine - Bad Cash Quartet
    "I'm out searching for more I'm out searching for more I'm out searching for more so I get out get Out the nights are mine I hope I never die Days are ours and night are mine you never let me down I'm out"

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