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You are our top priority

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You are our top priority

  • Priority #1 - Kurhaus
    "it hasn't always been easy there were damn hard times in fact that particular day, you know which one i mean -these tears were real it was no trick to win you back i really don't know what i would do without"
  • First Priority - Shelter
    "If planet earth is our mother, then as an urban dweller in a concrete world I feel as if I'm a wayward son. If God's our father we're all brothers so if we don't connect or we lose respect all we've made"
  • Top - Garret
    "Slow paces are taking me home My head dont really know where Im coming from In that dark street Ive just been in Ive heard a shot and somebody scream People get down everyday but... hey Rain started to"
  • Top - Live
    "this is not helping me at all what you are doing here in the name of god and love it's the distribution of fear pyramids, healing wires, analysts with fame I haven't got your degree and I forgot your name pick"
  • Top Rankin' - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "They don't want to see us unite: All they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting They don't want to see us live together: All they want us to do is keep on killing one another Top rankin', top"
  • Top rankin - Bob Marley
    "They don't want to see unite 'Cause all they want us to do is Keep on fussing and fighting They don't want to see us live together I tell you all they want us to do is Keep on killing one another Top rankin',"
  • On Top - Mae
    "I know we both need a change I thought I had it made In the worst way We made our share of mistakes Like a hurricane Oh bringing me on display For the world to see, yeah But would you believe I'm on"
  • Top Down - Fifth Harmony
    "Blaze it up and we'll be cruisin' With the top down Rev up the engine we'll be cruisin' Watch it go down Get in my trunk and I'll be ridin' With my top down With my top down My top down From a small town Cruisin'"
  • Big Top - Sevenglory
    "Following after you Decided against our own drives to something new Now we can hardly see over the big top and fantasies Following after you It's hard to believe just all that you've brought us through I've"
  • These Are Our Children - Monster
    "Hide and seek is a game Well teach you how to play Close your eyes Really tight Wake your duck Like the guys The party never ends The game begins again The party never ends The game begins again The party"
  • Over The Top - Hawkwind
    "This is a very heavy microphone stand Ah, no queen could brandish this I tell ya that It's a real man's microphone stand Here, Dave, here Where'd you get these stands from? (Laughs) Ah, they're really"
  • You are on our side - Bethany Dillon
    "The orphan clings to Your handSinging the song of how he was foundThe widow rejoicesFor her oppressors are silenced nowYou sit at the table with the wounded and the poorYou laugh and share stories with"
  • Top twenty - Undertones
    "Talking on the telephone The boys won't leave the girls alone So what are you gonna do now ? hey hey hey Top - top twenty - oh no Top - top twenty - oh no Top - top twenty - oh no Take you for another"
  • Red Top - Steve Miller Band
    "(B. Kynard and L. Hampton) Red top My little red top See how you got me spinning Going 'round and 'round And I don't wanna stop You've got me so if I don't go 'round I am sure gonna drop, gonna drop,"
  • Top Yourself - The Raconteurs
    "How are you going to top yourself When there is nobody else How are you gonna do it by yourself Cus I'm not gonna be here to help you Yeah (Alright) How you gonna top yourself When there is nobody"
  • Tar Top - Alabama
    "It was July hot 'cross Georgia on my way to Myrtle Beach I just got my diploma so I set out in search of me The honeymoon was over, and Alabama was far away From being little more than just a southern"
  • Top dogz - Looptroop
    "Jag vill plocka hela jvla landet, naturliga rvarbandet P nya tillslag, skapar drag, vinner slag Vssar mina blad, hller gard i Stockholms stad Kr p med samma stil, rockar samma stil Samma smil, samma blick,"
  • Big Top - White Kaps
    "hi dee ho, we have a show step right up come one come all kiddies, bring your parents, they'll enjoy it too we have a chinese rat, it's as big as a dog we have the snake lady, look at em' looking at"
  • Au top - K-Maro
    "Refrain (x2) We are rising to the top, oh oh oh We are movin'to the top, yea yea yea Pas de chichi, press start pour mon intro Pas de 'blem on en place une pour mes accros Faut que a donne, il faut que"
  • Top Down - Lil' Zane
    "These niggas ain't ready ya know what I'm sayin? Yall niggas ready to ride? Yo my nigga Zane up in this motherfucker! Yo this ya boy Uncle Luke yo! My nigga got his top down. He got the block locked"

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