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You are shine to my life

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You are shine to my life

  • Shine - Aly & AJ
    "When I've gone too far When I've had enough When I'm losin' ground Feelin' out of touch I don't run and hide I just look inside For a simple peace of mind Like a neighborhood On a city street I know the"
  • Shine - Jonah 33
    "How long's it been now Since I called You by name Since I felt Your presence In the midst of all my pain How long's it been now That I try it all my own way I need to be broken, so I look to You and say "
  • Shine - Raze
    "I've got the answer I've found the only way I've got your Love in my soul I keep believing in all the things You say You put the joy in my life all the things that You give to me I'll be living in eternity and"
  • Shine - Julee Cruise
    "Maybe I am not in lineMaybe this is not the timeBut I've taken such a shine to youI know you are hers not mineI know I am out of lineBut I've taken such a shine to you'Coz in my eyes you glow you shineI"
  • Shine - Birdy
    "Standing here in the rain I can see the water soaking through The holes in your shoes And turn your mind from the storm Get you somewhere safe Where it's soft and warm I'm waiting here at a dim street"
  • Shine - The Morning Of
    "I step outside into the light The sun is bright, I close my eyes The summer caught me by surprise And now I'm left here waiting For you to tell me how it is If I could only get a kiss I could make you"
  • Shine - Salvador
    "I woke up to another day. Another day to celebrate. Your beauty and your mystery is more than any I can see. Im not the man I was before With You my life is so much more, Break the chains and open doors"
  • Shine - Rollins Band
    "if I'd listened everything that they said to me, I wouldn't be here! and if I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way, I wouldn't be here! the ones who don't do anything are"
  • Shine - Ultra
    "I see your goal, Come on inside, Where it's warm and we are all, Doin' alright. And if you're somewhere lost in time, And you've been fighting for your life I'll just say 'Hi'. Chorus: I thought"
  • Shine - Tolmachevy Sisters (Siostry Tołmaczowe)
    "Been looking at the sky Wishing on a star Waiting for a brand new start Living on the edge Closer to the crime Cross the line a step at a time Now maybe there’s a place Maybe there’s a time Maybe there’s"
  • Shine - Henry Rollins
    "If I listened to everything that they said to me I wouldn't be here And if I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way I wouldn't be here The ones who don't do anything are the"
  • You Are My Life - Michael Jackson
    "Once all alone I was lost in a world of strangers No one to trust On my own, I was lonely You suddenly appeared It was cloudy before but now its clear You took away the fear You brought me back to life "
  • Shine - Luke Benward
    "When everything's getting dark around you So many clouds you just can't see thru Don't runaway, sun can make the sky break You're made for more you got what it takes to Shine With everything inside you Shine So"
  • Shine - Andreas Johnson
    "Andreas Johnson Miscellaneous Shine Sister my head of creation On the last train leaving the station We got vast love, no destination Tonight we will be forever baby Sister, my head"
  • Shine - Everclear
    "Shine Shine Open up your life and shine your light Shine Open up and show the freak inside Words don't mean nothing His words don't mean nothing He has no shame He will say anything Just to get what"
  • Shine - Patty Smyth
    "Why'd you tell me that you won't see me no more I say baby, baby, baby do you wanna watch me crawl across the floor Cause anyone can learn to pull a trigger Anyone can break a heart in two It's so easy"
  • Shine - INXS
    "Making up my life Killer in the night Rattling my brains Looking for that light Shine, shine Ah shine so bright, shine When does that thing I want to breathe her in Throw away my world If I could see"
  • Shine - ALO
    "Shine like the sun into my life again I want you to shine like the sun into my life again Shine like the sun into my life again I want you to shine like the sun into my life again Come on baby, baby please Shine"
  • Shine - Estelle
    "Are you ready? It's your girl Estelle This album's for my people Gonna be a struggle But ya know what Fuck it We're gonna have fun tonight You feel me? Oh this is my song I'm just like you I gotta fight"
  • Shine - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Mirror, Mirror This is the place where love is broken down I'm barely free As I want you now Misery - seems so cold out Misery - am I dead now Shine - enlighten me - shine Shine awaken me - shine Shine"

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