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You are the shadow to my life song

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You are the shadow to my life song

  • Shadow Song - Supertramp
    "Did your shadow ever speak to you? And did he say that something's wrong? Huddle figure on a lamp-let wall Never realized he cared at all Did he stop you going on? Guess my shadow spoke to me to night And"
  • Shadow Rising - Shadow Man
    "F**k the world! F**k society! F**k all of you! You better listen up now, motherf**kers! Cause your master is callin you! Look up in the sky overhead in the daylight And see the clouds formin, somethin"
  • Shadow - Ashlee Simpson
    "I was six years old When my parents went away I was stuck inside a broken life I couldn't wish away She was beautiful She had everything and more And my escape was hiding out and running for the door Somebody"
  • Shadow Are Astray - Centinex
    "Mortification of the innocent The odious anger remains This is the final funeral Buried by the dust The dust from an ancient soul At a inverted crucifix your blessed body shall rot Your inner organs"
  • Shadow Song - Screaming Trees
    "Can't get back, can't remind you We're closer now than I would want to be They think it's easy if you just imagine Before the dust will trip you up again Choose the way that you want to go now I'll meet"
  • Shadow - Maria Mena
    "I wish you'd see it in my face But I'm caught up in those long lost days And how can I even make you see When I don't even know me Following my footsteps home This time I'm walking all alone Trying hard"
  • Shadow - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "Staring at the ceiling sorting out my thoughts Weighing every word I want to say Darkness fills the room, it's closing in on us The words all come out wrong again, I let you down If I could just trust"
  • Shadow - Warren Barfield
    "I know my shady little shadow Would've left me long ago If he wasn't tied to my feet He's always been a scared one Turn off the lights and he runs Nowhere to be seen I am lonely only when I'm alone"
  • Shadow - Varnadeau Jeni
    "Zeph. 3:16&17 Jeni Varnadeau, Charles Garrett, Will Denton Confusion covers my eyes All I can do is wonder and ask "Why?" And I am feeling boxed in But your voice carries my soul To where it's free and"
  • Shadow - Marcel
    "Every morning when the sun comes up on the east side, I catch a buzz. Lying next to you, roll over, and kiss your cheek, Just because. And the paper comes, we pour a cup of joe, Hey baby, there's something"
  • Shadow - Demi Lovato
    "I glanced upon the ground today,I noticed something It followed me along the way A figure of gray Impersonating every move I make For now we'll call it my shadow And it said will you replace it So you'll"
  • Shadow - Bumblefoot
    "I can hear the sound again Voices dancing in my head Smile wide - drowning slowly as the echoes rise Angels pounding at my door They want to take away my war I won't let them carve away the edges anymore No"
  • Shadow - Bambi
    "Bambi Miscellaneous Shadow Gettin so weak And i wish u understood How u make me feel Cuz right now i don't feel real And you don't even listen To the words that i speak And the thoughts that i'm"
  • Shadow - Avery
    "Gettin so weak And i wish u understood How u make me feel 'cause right now i don't feel real And you don't even listen To the words that i speak And the thoughts that i'm havin r gettin me really"
  • Shadow Of Your Death - Mr. Shadow
    "Here Comes The Knightowl... Knightowl (Gun shots) (Mr. Shadow) Eventualy I'ma have to see the penitentury For sending all you fake mothaf**kas to the cemetry I'm granting death wishes, for all those bitches"
  • The Shadow - Dimentia
    "-Solo- Since I was born you Asked me to be a man But a child needs to do Mistakes to understand What is good? What is bad? Both hemispheres That rule this world Whether it's peace or war In the shadow In"
  • My Shadow - Jessie J
    "You'll never leave me You'll never leave me You'll never leave me You'll never leave me I wish we could have another minute, to finish this fairytale. Hear your voice and get lost in it, cause all I got"
  • You Are My Song - Fred Hammond
    "Lord I want to bless your name today because you're so good and you're so kind, I just have to say this one thing you are my symphony yeahhhhhh perfect in harmony yeahhh you are hehhheehhh you are my"
  • My Shadow... - Decameron
    "Alone I sit at the edge of my life At night I fly towards my destiny in the dark I am one with the stars, one with cosmos The power that gave me my chance to breed My pain inside tells me I cannot go on"
  • Me And My Shadow - Mr. Shadow
    "(Mr. Shadow) Tonight is the night that I come out and play with all my foes Dismissing hollow points now you're all ghost Just like Casper, I'm the master of these shadows Ain't no puppets in the mix,"

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