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You arise

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You arise

  • Arise - Planetshakers
    "Now is the time to make a stand To rise up and take the promised land To walk in the favour of our God Lift up your eyes to see the King Upon you His glory will be seen Cause His light is rising"
  • Arise - Avalon
    "Buried in the ashes of the consequences You've become again fallen You wonder if there's hope at all to find the strength To even crawl away from your pain Then the voice of truth calls out to you Stand"
  • Arise - Vineyard
    "For you are good, your love endures foreverAnd we rejoice in your unfailing loveConsume our praise With fire down from heavenAnd fill us with your power from aboveAnd arise, arise,Arise O Lord, our God,"
  • Arise - A.M. feat. Tiff Lacey
    "I was feeling lost Waiting to be found You helped me start again Made me feel safe and sound Since I left you Ive found a new direction You gave me the hope The hope of insurrection You opened my eyes No"
  • Arise - Mercury Rev
    "She has a way that is beautiful to behold, Movements of silence and calm, A universe of life folded up inside her, A symphony of strangeness and charm An she knows Every now and them there's an ocean"
  • Arise - Flyleaf
    "Tell the swine We will make it out alive There's a note in the pages of the book So Sleep tonight, We'll sleep dreamlessly this time When we awake we'll know that everything's alright And sing to me about"
  • Arise - Vengeance Rising
    "Hagioi, apologeite peri tou pistos dia tou logou Theou Saints arise This ones for the brethren Who've not won one soul yet Let me ask you what are you doing, with your time I speak of Grace not debt Think"
  • Arise - Lunaris
    "Angels falling like dead leaves A divine misfortune To mankind's best interest A fall of white light deception, arise for humanity! I broke the wings of the angel on my shoulder And I will destroy the"
  • Arise - Sadus
    "Feasting on rancidness Not seeing through the self-accusing lies Are hordes of wormly cowards Who hesitate and fail to bring their dreams to life Oppression Quickening Aspirations Left unseen Lost in occupations Becoming"
  • Arise - Mr. Lif
    "Here's a vision Imagine a whole globe made with precision Continents of brown soil with green grass That compliments deep seas and trees with multi-colored leaves Mountain ranges that survive through the"
  • Arise - Wolfgang
    "I am the night I am the day I am the light gone astray The fear that's in your bones That is I, I am the taker of souls Shout, my name at the heavens And be cast to fire Hold my hand as we roam with the"
  • Arise - Justifide
    "Come Take My Heart Let It Break I'll Go Down Let The Water Rise Above Me Make Me New And Let The Old Self Fade Away Take Me I Wanna Cross Over Inside I Wanna Start Over Let Me Come To You To Breathe Again Take"
  • Arise - Lapis Lazuli
    "Never dreaming, allways sleeping Watch the sun fade, cross the heaven Clad in shadows, buried in mist Allways wandering, never finding Cannot seem to find the door, I can't find my way out Endless prison,"
  • Arise again - Soulfly
    "Lost in a ritual rage I lost my normal behavior Muthafucka - show your face Hide on your invisible cage Behind your fake name Why don't you say that shit To my face... Arise again - arise again People"
  • Arise Shine - Phil Keaggy
    "Arise, shine for your light has come, Arise, shine for your light has come. And the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you, And the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Arise, shine for your light has"
  • Satan Arise - Skylark
    "Last night in Heaven, ride down to this Hell: I've been caught from cries and sorrow. Think about all the people you killed: I don't want to die by your hand. Living in the dark in a sign of the priest,"
  • Templar's arise - Cathedral
    "Our 13th Century ceremony - a vile & wicked rite A virgin child we took that night, her blood for eternal lifeLocal peasants tortured us - another daughter sacrificed With flaming torches in our eyes -"
  • Insanity Arise - Hatesphere
    "Feel the gain in your vein Break loose and go insane Don't mingle with the mute, but stand to my demand Let us be creative, like the native People who hunt and pray to seek the day It's not in pre-historic"
  • Twilight Arise - Pagan's Mind
    "Things will get changed in my way I'll be back everyday Not a minute too late Turn back time, turn the back of time Eternal life for me Vision divine, you'll be clear in my mind Show me the art of time Drawing"
  • Goddes Arise - Steel Prophet
    "I saw her, rising up Alive from earth, flowering in the sun I had no one, would it be this way forever? Afraid of her light, power from above Frozen in trance, grasping the chance Night would soon fall,"

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