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You can't

  • Can't - Coltrane Motion
    "i know what you're thinking even when you don't bent up and broken down lying on gravel by the side of the road people like to live their lives with eyes closed i'll take your blinders off and step out"
  • You can't - Usher
    "Feat - One ChanceIt's tearin me apart Everytime I realize What we used to have is finished And what i wouldn't give To rewind the past I'm tired of walkin around with my head hanging down beatin myself"
  • You Can't Win - Michael Jackson
    "You can't win You can't break even And you can't get out of the game People kee sayin' Things are gonna change But they look us like You're stayin' the same You can't win Get over your head And you only"
  • You Can't Win - The Kinks
    "You'll try and you'll try again But you know you can't win You'll try and you'll try again But you know you can't win What more can I say now? What more can I do? No need to feel sad now 'cause times"
  • You can't talk - David Bowie
    "HooBeauty shrieks "Beast in booties"Coming home so lay the tableLook at you calling shotsCall you over under outI was under, backwards, forwardsHolding hands in the darkKissing some, kissing cousinsKissing"
  • You Can't Stop - Mc Erik And Barbara
    "You can't stop, make your body movin' You can't stop, baby you gotta know You can't stop, let the music groovin' You can't stop, I'm ready to go (come, come, follow me) Can't stop, better move your"
  • You Can't Dance - Ricky Nelson
    "Playin' in a bar We were tryin' to get up They kept pullin' us down Said we loved the sound If you could just play somethin' we could dance to Play us another one Like the other ones Like the ones on"
  • Can't You See - Aura
    "(Aaron Nordquist) Something's been wrong inside of me Ever since our love dissolved I don't want you to be my enemy Oh what I'd give to bury all this pain And get on with my life again Take some time to"
  • Can't You See - Poison
    "I'm gonna take a freight train down at the station, Lord I don't care where it goes Gonna climb a mountain, the highest mountain, Lord And gonna jump off, ain't nobody, ain't nobody gonna know Can't you"
  • Can't Heal You - Five Finger Death Punch
    "The deeper you get, the farther you fall down The closer I get, the more you dissolve You're lost inside, your pale addictions Bury you, with the demons in the ash Can't heal you, don't want to cause"
  • Can't Forget You - Sonia
    "Though you may have seen me out Lost in the crowds and having fun You shouldn't believe the masquerade Without you I'm just the lonely one Just can't fight it Just can't hide it I'm stil in love with"
  • You Can't Forget - Madcap
    "It started many years ago. Many have come and gone. No expectations, nothing to lose. Put out a few thoughts. Shook up some lives. Not like a role model, more like a friend. When you were down, you can't"
  • You Can't Win - Murray McLauchlan
    "When the good times come at last It's only when the bad times rest Someday they're going to lay you down Even though you did your best All the heroes of the wars Forgotten in the rain Old soldiers and"
  • Can't You Tell - Diamond Rio
    "Mmmm, yeah, yeah. I been tryin' for a long time, To find the combination to your heart. I been a true friend, I let you in every part of me. Still there you are sayin' you don't know, If I'm someone you"
  • You Can't Dance - LL Cool J
    "He man, I've seen ya, think ya rockin' it on the floor... You look like a moron! Who let you in the door? To put the question bluntly: maybe your feet's deformed. They should slap you in the teeth when"
  • Can't You See - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Well I'm gonna take a freight train down at the station Lord And I don't care where it goes Gonna climb a mountain the highest mountain jump off nobody gonna know Can't you see oh can't you see what that"
  • You Can't Hide - Waterdeep
    "I talked to a girl I know the other day About her married life, It started just two months ago She was sayin it was hard She don't know if they'll make it through, I'm thinkin, "Baby, it ain't even"
  • Can't Have You - LFO
    "Yo, it's a big world (for real) You probably think I'm out there being a playa, huh? (what? ) But yo, but if I can't have you Then I don't want anybody That's my word So check it out (chorus) If I can't"
  • You Can't Run - Vanessa Williams
    "Show me a heart that's got no passion I'll show you a heart that's got no life Show me a man that doesn't give his heart I'll show you man that tells you lies Ooo you can try to run, but there's nowhere"
  • You Can't Run - Babyface
    "Written by babyface (1994) Performed by vanessa williams Show me a heart that's got no passion I'll show you a heart that's got no life Show me a man that doesn't give his heart I'll show you a man that"

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