You can a thousend lights ,be the young blood -

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You can a thousend lights ,be the young blood

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You can a thousend lights ,be the young blood

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You can a thousend lights ,be the young blood
  • Leona Lewis A thousend lights
    "There`s a line, there`s a road that we`re walking Diffrent path to the point where they`re crossing But each step is one step closer to you As the sun says goodnight in the distance A thousend lights fill"
  • Fame Factory Thousend Miles - Anders
    "(wanna be close) Oh I hear your voice over the telephone So far away but also close How this turned out, baby I should have known You blinded me, my reality It's not done easily Hearing your voice"
  • Herbert Gr Young blood
    "I kiss you hard, as hard as i can the camera above is zooming in get as excited as you like but don't you smudge my make-up you're lying here in my embrace you're completely naked, i'm stripped to the"
  • Norah Jones Young Blood
    "I'll pretend my heart's not on fire If you steal my true love's name Broke down subway in this city of spires Tape your picture over his in the frame We'll imagine we?re sleeping revolvers Shotgun wedding"
  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor Young Blood
    "The days Are ghosts that pass right through us In my eyes You’re like an evergreen Untouched By the hours that fly around us My love Is that how you see me? Remember when Remember when we were the diamonds"
  • Rickie Lee Jones Young Blood
    "Take a walk around midnight in the city Young Blood is hiding there somewhere If you're looking for something to do There's always something happening there Like I & Bragger, we borrowed a coupe to day Here"
  • Pretty Maids Young Blood
    "Daddy's girl, she works the night away Through tears and pain, she makes it day by day Once her heart was weak It was aching for more She was more than complete Admired and adored It wouldn't die out The"
  • BØRNS, Lana Del Rey God Save Our Young Blood
    "damn, look at the sunrise glowing finish line made it in record time hay baby, we made it my heads faded headlights dilated spinning spinning and I can’t sit still spinning spinning and I can’t sit"
  • The Naked And Famous Young Blood
    "We're only young and naive still We require certain skills The mood it changes like the wind Hard to control when it begins The bittersweet between my teeth Trying to find the in-betweens Fall back"
  • Styx Lights
    "(Tommy Shaw) I heard the knock on my door I heard the ring of the bell I got the letter but I couldn't go So many thoughts in my head So many places to be So many faces that I long to see Standing in"
  • BTS (방탄소년단) Lights
    "i am not in the mood for anything though not very often I feel sick of it I feel a little helpless right now but I still feel like I can save someone I hear your voice within the noise, time stops we"
  • Bad Company Young Blood
    "I saw her standing on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair I couldn't keep myself from callin' Look a there, look a there Look a there, look a there Young blood, young blood, young blood I can't get"
  • Beatles Young Blood
    "I saw her standing on the corner (Yip yip boom) A yellow ribbon in her hair (Yip yip boom) I couldn't stop myself from calling Well look a-there, look a-there Wow look a-there, well look a-there Young"
  • Bruce Willis Young Blood
    "I saw her standin on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair All my boys could not help cryin Looky there, looky there Thats tough, shes diggin me Young blood, yes, it is Young blood Young blood Cant get"
  • UFO Young blood
    "Young blood where you going now Young blood where you going now I didn't mind it when you left me honey But I miss you ain't the truth I haven't give up hanging on the phone But all I hear is the Proof"
  • Carl Wilson Young Blood
    "I saw her standin' on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair I couldn't keep myself from shoutin' Look-a there... Youngblood, yeah youngblood (Oh, youngblood) I can't get you out of my mind I took one"
  • Royal Blood Lights Out
    "Every time I’m with it alone It picks me up You just send me down I can feel it rushing under my skin You’re a cage won’t you let me in? On my toes Lock the door Pretty face Through the walls Don’t know"
  • 50 Cent Blood Hound (Feat. Young Buc)
    "*featuring Young Buck (G-Unit) [50 Cent] G-Unit, UTP Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha G-Unit, UTP, G-Unit(yeah), UTP G-Unit, UTP, 50 Cent, get 'em bucked [50 Cent] 50 Cent, that's my name Man I ain't fuckin' playin' I"
  • Buck 65 Blood Of A Young Wolf
    "Ten thousand horses, Sable island, endless summer Oh my god, I'm hot to steal, beside myself in friendless number I ain't got no culture, nothin', dirty words, but that don't count Flight attendants, waitresses,"
  • 2Pac You can be touched
    "Napoleon- Life... What the fuck is life for niggaz like us? Been waking up to another muthafuckin' day I'm the type of soldier, A nigga that seen Everything in my muthafuckin eyes I seen my parents get"

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