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You can,t hurt a fool

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You can,t hurt a fool

  • Hurt - Emirsian
    "We can cross another dimension Leaving all our tension behind Each dream of life Ill share with you I was lost but I was still hoping I got hurt but I did the same thing Break the kindest heart of all You"
  • Hurt - Mesh
    "Don't talk to me about living a lie Misery is more than just a tear in the eye Because you don't feel anything that can't be explained By shallow mined people that you've chosen to blame Don't rely on"
  • Hurt - John Mayer
    "Im a good manin a dark roomin a big townunder a full moonit's a fridayand I'm almost homeIm in a good placefull of head spacegot a brand new packin my suitcasebut its dinnerthen it's bed alonehow do you"
  • Hurt - T.I.
    "(feat. Alfa Mega, Busta Rhymes) Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba You pussy niggas finna make me kill one a y'all Ain't a damn thang change I still keep that thang right up under my shirt Betta tell 'em I"
  • Hurt - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath The undertow creeps in slow Everyone owns a gun deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Drop the ball, watch it"
  • Hurt - New Order
    "(One, two, three, four) I am for you can enjoy I can give you (Give me, give me, give me) It's a time we love to hate, I can give you I am for you will enjoy I can give you (Give me, give me, give me) This"
  • You Hurt Me - Jagged Edge
    "Uh Ohhhhh Baby, baby Uh Ohhhhh Baby, baby Uh Ohhhhh Baby, baby Uh Ohhhhh, Uh Ohhhhh It's still fresh in my mind Thinkin' bout the days and The times that we were together Thought that everything was"
  • Fool - Shakira
    "Tell me lies slap me on the face just improvise do something really clever that'll make me hate your name forever You might swear you'd never touch a lady well, let me say you're not too far from maybe every"
  • Fool - Rollins Band
    "I should have seen my end coming from a long way off my friend said: man, she'll give you the blues so man.. don't get caught but I went right ahead and told myself a pack of lies and spend night after"
  • Fool - Roxen
    "Since I'm alone I wanted to, I wanted to deny it But, baby, I been cryin' (cryin', cryin', cryin') It's so unknown To be without, to be without your lyin' But, baby, I been tryin' Ooh-ooh-ooh My head is"
  • Fool - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "Tell me lies, slap me on the face, just... Improvise, do something really clever, That'll make me hater your name forever You might swear, you'd never touch a lady Well, let me say, you're not too"
  • Fool - Blue Cheer
    "(Gary L. Yoder & G.R. Grelecki) Yeah! I like the way you smile And carry on I'd like to take it inside Alright now But a fool I'd never be There's no time Yeah, for you and me. One day with you When"
  • Fool - Paolo Santos
    "Making a fool of myself right here' Been away, girl I took you for granted Don't know what to do or what to say Feeling being stranded I know that I don't deserve you I know that I did you wrong But this"
  • Fool - Victory
    "Passion still rules the world Victims fall everywhere Something just fools can feel Cause love is in the air Caught in the storm of emotion Blinded by wild desire Somebody help Somebody please control"
  • Fool - Blur
    "Sorry but I don't understand The things you say They make no sense at all Funny,I but think you meant them all This time,don't you? I know that you think I'm a fool But couldn't you try To forgive a fool One"
  • Fool - The Cookies
    "FOOL - The Cookies 
Ref: I’m like a fool sometimes 
 really stupid sometimes 
 but I really really really wanna
 work it out
 work it out
 work it
 I wanna work it out baby 1. 
It was a really strange"
  • Fool - Damien Rice
    "How I know Go bow end send mend bend pretend Shut your face again Bleed seed need read breath on my knees If you leave me now It's not that I can't take it It's just that somehow I think you'd break it So"
  • Fool - Lifehouse
    "Verse 1: Seems my own arrogance has knocked me off my feet again When you know I'm crawling to you as fast as I can First teach me to walk and then I'll learn to dance for you Like an honest clumsy clown tripping"
  • Fool - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Saw you last night you were sleeping in my mind Doubting you'll ever be free again Then I climbed back inside Someone open my eyes To find me drunk again Bonnie on the radio And she was singing"
  • Fool - Cat Power
    "Apartment in New York, London and Paris Where will we rest, were all living on top of it? Its all that we have the USA is utterly breed, No one is willing to share it Why cant we see as fortunes can see?"

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