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You coker you sa biotful

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You coker you sa biotful

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You coker you sa biotful
  • Beck Sa-5
    "Tell me where you want me to go if I'm gone then I'll get there soon tell me what you want me to be if I've been there split in two tell me what you want me to say then I'll put my tongue away tell me"
  • Masaharu Fukuyama Sore Ga Subete Sa
    "Saa hajimeyou, mou tomaranai Motto dokidoki, zutto kimi to Kanjiru koto sa, sore ga subete sa Motto jiyuu ni, Let's Dance Dance Dance! Yarikireru ka na, nigedasou ka na Sorosoro kakugo wo kimenakya Bokura"
  • Hayley Westenra Dell'amore Non Si Sa
    "Speak to my heart, tell that you know The pain of my longing, it seems to whirl Speak, oh my star, Tell me if he will come August night full of desire Search for my love I hold this fire Wanting an angel"
  • N.W.a Sa Prize (part 2)
    "Chorus: Fuck the police! Fuck fuck fuck the police! Fuck fuck fuck the police! You're motherfucking right yo Verse One: Dr. Dre Fuck the motherfucking police! They don't want peace they"
  • Sa-Fire Thinking Of You
    "As I sit looking out the window I can still remember They called me to tell me you went away It was such a cold day On a Sunday morning It came without a warning And all the pain I felt inside I"
  • Kristine Sa A Dose Of You
    "If I whispered, what if I confessed That I'm lonely without you And if I asked you to stay for the night 'Cause I'm crazy about you And if all I'm asking is too much All I need is your warm touch"
  • Double You Missing You
    "Oh yeah I never needed anyone To throw me on the floor Everytime you walked away I wouls always say Remember all the times we had But you would run away Remember all our yesterdays And all that"
  • Enemy You For You
    "And will there come a day when you're standing in my door Will you reach out your hand and pick me off the floor Will you talk to me for hours when I can't sleep at night And I look at the faces, I wonder"
  • KAT-TUN You
    "anata no tame ni ikite ii ka na? anata wo suki ni natte ii ka na? I wanna be your lover te wo nobaseba todokisou na sukitooru sono egao mabataki sae oshii hodo I cant take my eyes off you baby kono kimochi"
  • N.W.a Sa Prize Part 2 (Fuck The Police Part 2)
    "Fuck the police! fuck, fuck, fuck the police! Fuck, fuck, fuck the police! You're motherfucking right, yo Fuck the motherfucking police! They don't want peace, they want a nigga deceased So he'll"
  • Pedro Mariano Sa
    "Me cansei de lero-lero D licena mas eu vou sair do srio Quero mais sade Me cansei de escutar opinies De como ter um mundo melhor Mas ningum sai de cima Nesse chove no molha Eu sei que agora Eu vou cuidar"
  • Mau Mau Sa
    "Resta a senti ch'a-i riva 묠pi bel Echi di guerrilla, bom bom bombe sparናi salta in aria ed 頔URBINADA La boca ch'a parla l'蠬a boca ch'am dis L'mo al'蠡cqua e il mondo una sauna Sudare, evaporare, deve sempre"
  • Timbalada Sa
    "1! Sade 2! Sade 3! Sade 4! Sade 5! Sade 6! Sade 7! Sade 8! Sade Apaparapap Paparapap Apaparapap Paparapap Sade!!! Pra quem t na pipoca Pra quem t do meu lado Para o do Chiclete Para um Mascarado Para"
  • Before You Breathe Follow You
    "Where You lead I'll follow I'm seeking only You When You speak I'll listen closely I want to worship You I've come to worship You And I will follow only You And I will run towards Your light And I'm reaching"
  • Double You You Are The One
    "Chorus I There's a feeling that you can't go on there was love and you were strong all day you just look around baby here's my life Chorus II You know you can't just run away just stick around for just"
  • Double You What Did You Do
    "Remember all the love we shared But you never thought I was at your side Remember all the love we shared But you never thought I was at your side Remember all the love you gave But you never saw"
  • Double You I Gave You All
    "I gave you all I gave you everything my true desire but what you did not know I gave you all I gave you everything a man in chains thinking of love and you were there for me Chorus Why do we love thinking"
  • Double You You Are My World
    "I don't know why people talk Get the biggest feeling in your life People come and people go See the biggest feeling in your life Oh when you're looking down And you're on the floor Everybody feels"
  • Kristine Sa The Truth Is
    "Everywhere I look, I turn, it seems that you are there Everyone I leave, I learn that they cannot compare Everything I see, I do, I touch, I think of you Every little thing in life It leaves me so confused Oh,"
  • Sa-Fire Don't Break My Heart
    "You, you keep on trying, trying to tear me apart And I knew from the very start that you'd, you'd steal my heart Because of you I'm crying I never know when you're lying What we have is real You can't"

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