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You coudynt now does my she

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You coudynt now does my she

  • Does She Love You - Corey Hart
    "She may know you she may remember your name She may ask for you when your life is insane Even smile for you She may kiss you when your souls' in her heart She may miss you when your days are apart But"
  • She Does - Chad Brock
    "Don't remember what I was sayin' The first time I struck a conversation up But I think that she does I don't recall what song was playin' The first time that I finally felt her touch But I'm pretty sure"
  • Why Does She Stay - Ne-Yo
    "Why does she stay.......mmmmmmm Why does she stay......hey.....mmmmmmm Why does she stay......heyyy.....mmmmmmm....uh She hates that i dont do dishes Even though i mess up the most And she begs me"
  • What Does She Look Like - Honeyz
    "I never thought that love could be unkind 'Cos your the type of guy I thought I'd never find I thought I could forget you and be strong But the love I have inside makes me hold on And now I am beside"
  • She Does It - Mott The Hoople
    "(Overend Watts) Anything you want, anything you need, she does it, She don't even care, if you make her bleed, she does it, She can do it better than Judy or Suzie, Wouldn't want to say that she's really"
  • She Does - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) She spends all my money And wears all my favorite clothes She looks kind of funny Wearing that ring in her nose Well she always has to drive Everywhere that we go She's got a four lane highway Running"
  • She Does It Right - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Wilko Johnson) If there's something that I like It's the way that woman walks And if there's something I like better It's the way she baby talks She does it right She does it right She works hard every"
  • My Baby Does Me - Queen
    "(Turn it up a bit please.) My baby Baby does My baby does me good My baby does My baby does me My baby does me good My lady Understands Understands me right She understands me She understands me Understands"
  • Every little thing she does - Lonestar
    "Ooh, when I see her in my tee shirtBrushin' her teeth, dancin' to the radioOoh, her coffee and her kissin'The way she looks at me, I hate to see her leaveBut I sure love watchin' her goEvery little thing"
  • Every Little Thing She Does - John Mayer
    "Freshman year, Mom asks "What do you want to do when you get out of here?" I said, "Well, gee, I'm only 13, but I think I'd like to play my guitar... be a star." "Well," she said, "that's not it, you"
  • Does She Love That Man? - Breathe
    "There are certain times, when I feel there's something stirring in me. Let's get back to basics with the clarity it brings, then maybe I will see. When waters run too high, or sun gets in my eyes, it's"
  • Easy Does It - Hot Apple Pie
    "Sure thing, you're a sweet dream, And I'm flattered... believe that. I do appreciate the offer... All right, just one dance. Lord, I must to God, you sure feel good, Against my skin. I'd like to fade into"
  • Does Anybody Know - Fool's Garden
    "Today my baby left me with a smile upon her face she was talking japanese about some individual space and now I find myself inside this jumbo bed I cannot eat not sleep nor move Oh god I feel so sad Why"
  • She Sure Does Make It Hard To Go - Conway Twitty
    "Her pretty sad eyes glisten from a tear about to fall When you're hurtin' don't the time moves slow Her soft warm fingers trace a tear along my cheek She sure does make it hard to go Her sweet lips softly"
  • Does anybody know - Fat Joe
    "Wa-ta-ta-tang, wa-ta-ta-tang, tangListen to my nine millimeter go BANG! Does anybody know... Joe... This is death to Fat Joe, birth of CookSing to 'em niggaz["Joe" sample - repeat 4X]Does anybody know,"
  • Yeah She Does - Rodney Atkins
    "Baby likes to stay up early, Baby likes to get up late She likes to spend my money, Never leaves a thing on her plate Yeah, yeah Baby likes to steal the covers And tells me she's still cold She"
  • Does She Talk? - Matthew Sweet
    "She's just your size She's sexy she's beautiful Does she talk? She's just your size She's sexy she's beautiful Does she talk? 'Cause man you can't teach A slithering snake how to walk Did she lick your"
  • Does She Talk? - Sweet Matthew
    "She's just your size She's sexy she's beautiful Does she talk? She's just your size She's sexy she's beautiful Does she talk? 'Cause man you can't teach A slithering snake how to talk Did she lick your"
  • Anything She Does - Genesis
    "You know, You decorate the garage walls, Hang in people's halls, Live in secret drawers, If you could look around you, Wonder what you'd see. Fiction. That's all you really are I know, Editorial dreams. They"
  • Doomed Now - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
    "We came like a bullet from the valentine Like a man who was running from the rest of time I can't move now It's all doomed now All these things ruined always was a good time The emergency I haven't got"

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