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You cry now

  • Cry now - Eminem
    "(Shady Remix) ShadyOld mixBack niggaSecond rounds on meKunivaCashisStat quoBobby CreekwaterObie TriceWhat(Obie Trice) Niggas didn't kill meNow a niggas gon' getPeel my cap backI'm never at homeI'm somewhereWith"
  • Cry Now - Obie Trice
    ""Crrrry" Giant face nigga (giant face nigga) Get it together (get it togheter) I ain't goin nowhere (nowhere) O. Trice (O. Trice) Niggaz wanna kill me, till a nigga stoned Wanna peel my cap back, see"
  • Don't cry now - Linda Ronstadt
    "If you've ever been taken for moneyIf you've ever gone down with your prideIf you've ever stood up for a good friend and lostYou know that the river is wideLike a painter who waits for the sunriseWith"
  • Cry Now (Remix) - Eminem
    "Shady Old mix Back nigga Second rounds on me Kuniva Cashis Stat quo Bobby Creekwater Obie Trice What Niggas didn't kill me Now a niggas gon' get Peel my cap back I'm never at home I'm somewhere With"
  • Don't Cry Now - Kim Carnes
    "You can't abuse a love affair Take for granted what you think is there Let the silence fill the lonely air around us The truth falls like pieces of dreams Invisible walls that I can't see How can it happen"
  • Cry - Carlene Carter
    "Excuse my stare It's only admiration I cannot hide this infatuation A young adolescent, such an innocent child You're ??waiting for to testing for?? every little girl's smile But all those tears she"
  • Cry, Cry, Cry - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry) Are you ready for bad blood' I've got my share I'm sick of them sweet sweet nothings Oh! In my ear Ain't funny I'm the honey All your money just can't buy So baby you can cry cry cry Now the last"
  • Cry - Dominik Brendan
    "Cry, Cry Destiny will make You shine But now You must say yes For everything Angel Cry Smile, smile I wanna see it on Your face And go to heaven with You Angel smile Come, come Together dance on the clouds You"
  • Cry - Jimmy Somerville
    "(Butcher / Somerville) You been hurtin' Like you never hurt before You been hurtin' 'Cos love don't want you no more All you ever wanted In this world was that boy Now all you have is a World that keeps"
  • Cry - Electrosy
    "I've cried a million times, and it's easy I've watched a million tear drops fall like rain I've cried a million times and it's easy To cry again Don't stop, just leave me now, to wash away my pain"
  • Cry - Mariah Carey
    "Maybe I didn’t leave much Between us, That day And maybe I shouldn’t have told you I loved you, Played a game And now I understand Wish I could have had you back And kiss you so and feel your hands on"
  • Cry - Tank
    "First Let Me Say That I Ve Never Loved No One The Way That I Love You Girl But I Hate To Say That Im Tried And Im Almost Done With All This Me And You Girl So Why Cant I Leave When I Kno You And Me Prolly"
  • Cry - The Sundays
    "& I'm standing on a platform Now I'm staring from a train & all the trees roll back beside but I'm so oblivious To the dark to the light It's all the same You gave me so much & now it's of the earth &"
  • Cry - Will Young
    "will young- cry verse 1 You can be more than you ever think about you can be half way, your going no where i cant responde to your negativity reframe from leaving your dispare. bridge all the things"
  • Cry - Electrasy
    "I've cried a million times and it's easy I've watched a million teardrops fall like rain I've cried a million times and it's easy to cry again Don't stop, just leave me now to wash away my pain I've cried"
  • Cry - Faith Hill
    "(male voice this is the woman)(crying sound) If I had just one tear rollin' down your cheek Maybe I could cope Maybe Id get some sleep If I had just one moment at your expense Maybe all my misery would"
  • Cry - Rick Ross
    "Lord forgive me for my sins,But may I strike down an get vengeance,Murder my homeboy, Why you doin like that,Niggas getting churched up, Time for the get back,Found him last night, four shots in his back,no"
  • Cry - Anne-Marie
    "I've never been a quitter But you're not gonna pull me to the ground See, I've always been a winner People always try to take, take, take my crown But I thought you were different Beating to the rhythm"
  • Cry - Anouk
    "All you ever do is Letting it all just pass you by No need to try All you ever say is Baby it's alright now All you ever do is Letting the hurt crawl up inside No need to cry All you ever say is Baby,"
  • Cry - Jay Sean
    "Had me convinced that I just wasn't enuff, me and you fussing and fighting cussin all of thatstuff now I know, tht I mightve dun you wrong, didn't know I'd pay so long, til u did the sameI know I'd dun"

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