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You don't know me-Ryle

  • You Don't Know Me - Color Me Badd
    "How do I live???? How can I ever live my life When the only time I ever get to hold you Is in my dreams at night How can I go on When the only thing I need Iis out of my reach When it's right in front"
  • You Don't Know - Stonebridge
    "You don't know... Tell me Why is this feeling so right I've been waiting Waiting to hold you all the night Now we're together I don't want this feeling to ever end Make it last forever I don't want this"
  • You don't know - BB King
    "You don't know how much i love youYou don't know how much i careYou don't know how much i need youWithout you life i can't bearYou don't knowYou don't know babyYou don't know how much i love youAnd you"
  • You Don't Know - B.B. King
    "You don't know how much I love you You don't know how much I care You don't know how much I need you Without you life I can't bear You don't know You don't know baby You don't know how much I love you And"
  • Don't You Know - Young Jeezy
    "And you know... (Chea) And you know... (Chea, get the money, get the money) And you know... (Get the money, nothin' but the money) And you know... (Bout the money, bout the money) And you know... (Bout"
  • You Don't Know - Milow
    "Sometimes everything seems awkward and large Imagine a Wednesday evening in march Future and past at the same time I make use of the night start drinking a lot Although not ideal for now it's all that"
  • You don't know - Jawbreaker
    "I was caught so unaware When you made other plans Promises you swore to keep Where more than you could stand You don't know what you've got You don't know what you've got You don't know what you've got"
  • Don't You Know - Scabs
    "Don't You Know I tried to make it right with you But i should go After everything that we've been trough I had the time of my life Till that day that my love took a dive But if only the strong will survive Won't"
  • Don't you know - Rock Ryders
    "Don't You Know You're The One Who Makes Me Smile Don't You Know Baby Look Into My Eyes Oh, Can't You See What I Feel You're Everything I Need Believe And Stand By Me... Don't You Know You're The One Who"
  • You Don't Know - 702
    "Intro: Yeah, 702, come on, Soulshock, Karlin, That's right. Verse One: Why'd you leave, I gave you everything, So why you wanna tell me lies? You mean so much to me, You know I can't believe, That you"
  • You Don't Know - Monty's Fan Club
    "What's up, mother fuckers... There's too many things on your mind Yeah, not enough space, you're too confined But you gotta stay focused and keep your way Do you really wanna get out But to do it right"
  • Don't you know - Them
    "Don't ya know, don't ya know That it hurts to be treated like a fool? A don't ya know, don't ya know That it's mean and it's oh so cruel? When you said you were home It was just a lie You were seen on"
  • You Don't Know - Kobra And The Lotus
    "Did you ever think for a second I'm only human too. You have no perception of all the struggles that I have been through. Listening to the nothingness I'm hearing while I watch your lips move. If you really"
  • Don't You Know - The Hollies
    "Don't you know it's just a matter of time Say that you will stay by my side That your love for me has got be real You just got to know that's how I feel You don't know what I know Don't you feel what"
  • You Don't Know - Helen Shapiro
    "Woah, woah, woah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah Woah, woah, woah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah All though I love you so Oh you don't know You don't know just how I feel For my love I daren't reveal I am so, I'm"
  • You Don't Know - Reel Big Fish
    "well first of all i'd like to say fuck off if you don't get it why don't you go shove your head back up your ass and don't waste my time i don't need your opinion cuz you don't know what it's like to be"
  • Don't You Know - Alexia
    "Friday night, I've got to find a way. I need somebody to take this blues away. I've got to call my friends, we need to have some fun. We gonna have a party, we just wanna dance... Don't you know this"
  • Don't You Know - Atomic Kitten
    "(Don't you know, Don't you know, Don't you know) Chorus Don't you know I don't wanna be alone But I wanna be in love No I don't wanna be a fool for you Don't you know I Don't wanna hear you say Yours"
  • You Don't Know - Alice Ripley
    "Do you wake up in the morning and need help to lift your head? Do you read obituaries and feel jealous of the dead? It's like living on a cliff side, not knowing when you'll dive Do you know? Do you know"
  • You Don't Know - Curve
    "I'm sick of you my sickly friend I used to think on you I could depend but now I know to my power the truth of it, the day and the hour You can trust me You can trust me I'm your ally I'm your albi I've"

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