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You dont understand me

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You dont understand me

  • You Dont Understand - Faith Evans
    "1 - Is it a game that we're playing It seems like the cloudy days Keep coming in my life, whoa Is it a game that we're playing You don't understand Your love is taking over me I know you wonder why"
  • Understand - Sleepaway
    "And I wonder how I made it through I hope you dont let others go so easy You wanted what I couldnt be I know we tried, you couldnt stand Its not that we couldnt have I know I left, you couldnt guide"
  • I Just Dont Understand - Beatles
    "(Wilkin/Westberry) Well you call me your baby When you hold in my hand But the way that you hurt me I just don't understand Well you say that you need me Like an ocean needs sand But the way you deceive"
  • Understand Me - Rebecca Lavelle
    "You, you want it all and you think thats OK but you dont wanna wait, it has to be today. But I, I've been around a long long time and I know what to do, And it'll be just fine. Understand me, please, understand"
  • Understand me - Rebeca Lavelle
    "You, you want it all and you think thats OK but you dont wanna wait, it has to be today. But I, I've been around a long long time and I know what to do, And it'll be just fine. Understand me, please, understand"
  • Understand Me - Yellow 5
    "Oh baby,that day you came to me As everything i'd dreamed you'd be And more But you broke my heart By not even trying to Understand me You can't understand me Instead you acted like a bitch And blamed"
  • Understand - Echo Image
    "Sometimes when I look at you I don't know what I can do You are so hard to find You are always on my mind I look at you and see a light shining so bright You sparkle like the sea at night Understand,"
  • Understand - Good Charlotte
    "Doubts arise, for moments linger I try to avoid these questions flooding my mind I block it out and let you turn it out Scared to face what you'll find inside Arrows point in the wrong direction I walk"
  • Understand - Luxx
    "First time that I saw you was in a dream I had today You were tied up and had nothing real to say There were candles all around you I must have put them there THen you spoke and said how much you think"
  • Understand - Joss Stone
    "I hope you'll understand That I can't always come when you call Understand everybody has their faults Please understand not to worry who I'm with or what I do Cause I understand that I'm in love with you Do"
  • Understand - Tangarine
    "I see distance in a crazy life.I don't understand.Because I don't know why.You look happy with a smile in your voice.Please tell me,why you're making this choice.If I could understand you,you could understand"
  • Understand - Youth Of Today
    "I'm caught in a rage I'm ready to fight my stance is so strong but I've lost my clear sight your thoughts and your actions make me want to attack but I'll try to understand i'll try to step back takes"
  • Understand - Christina Aguilera
    "I made you think, you don't understand. I used to think that happiness could only be something That happened to somebody else Everybody believed, everybody but me, yeah yeah And I've been hurt so many"
  • Understand - Unsane
    "Not stopping You follow through You know it's wrong What will you do? No time to look out No time for you It can't be the Things that you do Not having it I'm not tracking I'm not through You know you"
  • Understand - Dropline
    "Order me around the table To write the fable That marks your life It's the stone that calls the rebel That builds the way And crashes into the bay Did you hear the one about me in the war? Did it make"
  • Understand - Moe.
    "You've been talkin' back and forth in rhymes, you don't listen Doesn't matter what I say On your way...Gone One too many days You've been walkin' back and forth it's time that your missin' Gets more"
  • Understand - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    "br> {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== Understand Kishin da sono kokoro, Sore UNDERSTAND Yugan da hi no kimi wo sutenai de yo Nageki atte mukaeru asayake de kieyuku sono omoi"
  • Understand - Jeremy Camp
    "Every time I fall down on my face I see the one who bore all my shame To know that you are everything I need you to be You're my ever present help in time of need I know you understand it all So why don't"
  • Understand - Urban Rock
    "Do me a favour and show me love Why we need it and where it belongs How it affects us, Makes push into shove And make me really understand love Put it in as many words as you can Package it up and"
  • Understand - Radio Iodine
    "Is it a crime to want to be happy in a sick, sick world If it's the fool who believes in forgiveness, I'm a sick, sick girl I long to cry on someone's shoulder To receive a friend's absolution And I think"

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