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You good

  • Good Riddance - Good Riddance
    "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go So make the best of this test, and don't ask why It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It's"
  • Good - Scabs
    "The sun's shinning And the skies are gray But I still know it's shinning Out there anyway And I'm lightning Crashing through the sky I got my feet on the ground And I feel so high And it's gonna be allright Yeah"
  • Good - Kim Richey
    "You've got a way about you I haven't laughed since he's been gone He was a sad song playing Over and over for too long And I loved him so much I was so sure of what we had That when he left me He really"
  • Good - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Mr. Maygreen, Trife Da God) Aiyo, what up party people (Yeah, my name's on the guest list) This is the Wallabee kingpin in the building (As Mr. Maygreen... good evening...) Right about now, I'm"
  • Good - morphine
    "you're good, good, good good you're good, good, good you're good somethin tells me, somethin tells me, somethin tells me you can read my mind somethin tells me, somethin tells me, somethin tells me you"
  • Good - Better Than Ezra
    "Looking around the house. Hidden behind the window and the door. Searching for signs of life but there's nobody home. Well, maybe I'm just too sure. Maybe I'm just too frightened by the sound of it. Pieces"
  • Good - Pizzicato Five
    "(Chika/Hajime) May I smoke? Yes, of course. Good day, sir! How are you? How much is it? I don't understand. Goodbye, sir, See you soon! Please Thank you Please Thank you How do you do? How do you do? How"
  • Good - Bleach
    "What goes around, comes around And I cant breathe What holds me up is what holds me down And I am more unstable than I seem My heart is bare Theres not much there But I believe youve given me More than"
  • Good - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "I disagree with your philosophy What kiled the cat's not curiosity? And you know that I'll do it again Yes you know that I'll do it again And there's no stoppin' me my friend Not this time **I'll be good I'll"
  • Good - Deacon Blue
    "Now everyone's singing How baby's in black She got Holy Rocker Mad Dog he called Ronnie Say here come old flat top Come moving up slowly And she got a smile I can feel in my hip pocket And I cry, I cry,"
  • Good - LeToya
    "Intro:Woo woo woo(repeat 6x)Uh huh uh huh(repeat 3x)1st Verse:UnhBet you rememer how IUsed to put it downWhen you used to be my babyWe used to hang out at the crib, booCould get around town till you switched"
  • Good - Dakona
    "(You are so good) Rain falling in a paper cup Got her head turned down and her collar pulled up Theres a sorrow in her eyes and a sadness in her sigh But she ain't gonna talk unless ya come again, come"
  • Good Good - Ashanti
    "Uh Uh when you hear it knockin like that Yall know what this is When my man leave the house I know hes coming right back I got that good good I got that good good No matter how much he might try to act He"
  • Good Mornin' - You Am I
    "If you tuned in correctly this morning Kissed his cheek, get your tea and your toast in. Got the greatest of the latest top thirty To clear your mind of all your dreams unfaithful or dirty. Would you like"
  • All Good Things... - Enemy You
    "Like good things must come to an end So it is for them too my friend They think they know but are yet to truly grasp it It'll come back to them someday The school bully's three year reign The oppressive,"
  • Does It Make You Feel Good - Good Rats
    "Verse 1: Blow me around like a cigarette wrapper Smack in the middle of a hurricane Sucker me in like a Venus Flytrapper Baby I'm startin' to think you don't like me! Hook: Does it make you happy, makin'"
  • All you good good people - Embrace
    "I feel like I meant something you always say you need more time Well I`ll stay right here and I`ll wait for good until I find a love worth mine Someday you`ve got it coming it hurts me when I read the"
  • Few Good Men - Few Good Men
    "Have i never, told you i love you? Have i never, told you i care? Have i never, told you how much i need you? Have i ever, ever not been there? If i never, told you i care Girl i swear to you, it's not"
  • Good Good Lovin' - Brian McComas
    "You got to me I got to you We got somethin' that's steady and true It's a good good lovin' Backroads boy Bright-eyed girl With our own little piece of the world It's a good good lovin' Yeah, it is Chorus Gimme"
  • Good Good Day - Nick Cave
    "See the little cloud up in the sky It's a good good day today See the little cloud pass on by It's a good good day today Mary comes now, let Mary be Can you see her down on the street? Mary's laughing"

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