You make my morning shy stay with me in the dark -

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You make my morning shy stay with me in the dark

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You make my morning shy stay with me in the dark

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You make my morning shy stay with me in the dark
  • Ani DiFranco Shy
    "the heat is so great it plays tricks with the eye it turns the road to water and then from water to sky and there's a crack in the concrete floor and it starts at the sink there's a bathroom in a gas station and"
  • John Mellencamp Shy
    "Can you shelter me From this anxiety Hey baby don't look me in the eye 'Cause I'm sexually shy shy shy Sexually shy shy shy I don't know why With other girls I'm fine But with you baby I'm shy shy shy I"
  • Prince Shy
    "After a month of just bein' alone he said, "I wonder what L.A.'s thinkin'" Streets he roamed in search of a poem amongst the wild and drinkin' When he sees cool dark skin in hot virgin white The search"
  • E-Rotic Shy
    "I can see a purple moon behind the maple trees And I'm feeling so alone - I'm lost in fantasies You just told my hand But I want so much more of you Oh I wanna taste your lips to prove your love is true"
  • Sonata Arctica Shy
    "I can see how you are beautiful Can you feel my eyes on you I'm shy and turn my head away Working late in diner Citylight I see that you get home alright Make sure that you can't see me Hoping you will"
  • Elan Shy
    "If you're going into the city Can I follow behind And if you think it's all so pretty I might just lose my mind 'Cause it's been raining all the time Yeah, it's been raining all the time And I might not"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan Shy
    "Oh, every time I pass you I'mInclined to look awayI don't know why, but some dayI will turn my head and sayExcuse me miss, but this glove isIt the one that you've just droppedAnd you'll reply by saying"
  • Eddy Shy
    "Ive lived my life like a one way ticket Not knowin where Im bound About killed myself just to prove I was alive Then all of a sudden with a whole lot of lovin You turned my world around So dont worry if"
  • Birgit Shy
    "Oh oh i got that feeling again Ever since i first laid eyes on him Now my head's up in the clouds My feet don't touch the ground When he's around And he doesn't even know it just I'm a little bit shy this"
  • H Two O Love Shy
    "Chorus: Heyah Heyah Heyah Heyah Hey, i'm thinking about you, i'm a loveshy babe got to got to get together be strong cuz i know our love will be coming and i won't be loveshy anymore Verse 1: Sometimes"
  • Daryl Hall & John Oates Make You Stay
    "I can walk all alone through a river of fire Cause my heart is true Put my soul on the line That’s what I’d do There’s a power in passion That I can’t control It’s a natural reaction I can’t let it go "
  • Bonnie Tyler Shy with you
    "More than often when I'm with you I become a nervous kid I imagine your old girlfriends I imagine what you did I don't know if this is normal I don't know if this is love With you I get so formal"
  • Poets Of The Fall Stay
    "Morning comes slow todayMemories push through from yesterdayWhere will I be tomorrowWhat do I have to showFrom my lifeStay, I need you here for a new day to breakStay, I want you near, like a shadow in"
  • C-Borgs The shy one
    "What's a Girl Supposed to DoWith a Fool Like YouDon't Go Trying the Key in the Door'cos It Won't Turn For YouGet Up On the CeilingYou Don't Know What I'm FeelingAct Your Age and Not Your Shoe SizeGet Your"
  • B*Witched The Shy One
    "What's a girl supposed to do With a fool like you Don't go trying the key in the door 'Cos it won't turn for you Get up on the ceiling You don't know what I'm feeling Act your age and not your shoe size Get"
  • Texas Stay With Me
    "In the morning Don't say you love me Cause You know I'll only kick you out of the door I know your name is Rita Cause your perfum it smells sweeter Since when I saw you down on the floor guitar Won't"
  • McFly Stay With Me
    "In the morning, don't say you love me 'cause I'll only kick you out of the door I know your name is Rita 'cause your perfum smelling sweeter Since when I saw you down on the floor, guitar Won't need to"
  • Verona Stay with me
    "Baby stay with me stay with me Till the morninglight Stay you'll be loving me Through the night Darling thanks for the wonderful time Thought I never love again What I should to word that you are mine Now"
  • Manic Street Preachers Stay with me
    "Whoo Whoo In the mornin' don't say you love me Cos I'll only kick you in the head I know your name is Rita Cos your perfume's smellin' sweeter Since last time you were down on the floor Guitar, whoo I"
  • Danity Kane Stay with me
    "Raindrops, fall from, everywhere I reach out, for you, but your not there So i stood, waiting, in the dark With your picture, in my hands Story of a broken heart Chorus Stay With Me Don't let Me go Cause"

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