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You running lay with

  • Lay - Pilfers
    "If you're living by the words of the doom-sayers Or letting it all ride with the hoarse-players Drifting in this landslide flowing Happy in the boat you're rowing round Row it round If you're staring the"
  • Lay With You - Monifah
    "Oh, oh, oh yeah yeah yeah Oh, oh I, I, um oh yeay, oh yeah Oh, da da da da da dum, da da da da da dum Hey Hey Hey yeah 1- Wouldn't it be nice Wouldn't it be alright If I take the time To lay with you Wouldn't"
  • Running - Dua Lipa
    "You, you turned gold to dust now What was trust is lost now What is all this darkness you have inside? I just can't ignore it From my heart, what's pouring Cause this thing I can no longer hide Baby,"
  • Running - The Boogie Town
    "We keep on going down With no one to show us the way And they keep on telling us That there is no time to waste And my hands are getting colder With every breath I take Life ticks away so fast And nobody"
  • Running - Agonoize
    "running away... running away running away... running away you call this an existence... condemnation im here on my own... feed this evil illusion go on keep on running away wake up the evil within"
  • Running - Sweetbox
    "I was falling, falling I was running, running You're just crawling, crawling You're just hiding from me I was falling, falling I was running, running You're just crawling, crawling You're just hiding from"
  • Running - Handsome Devil
    "Poison arrows press and pierce my skin, when Autumn comes, I lose my faith again, You know I'm on the run, Come with me you just might have some fun, Follow me from St. Paul to Scottsdale, down to Mexico,"
  • Running - No Doubt
    "Run Running all the time Running to the future With you right by my side Me I'm the one you chose Out of all the people You wanted me the most I'm so sorry that I've fallen Help me up lets keep on running Don't"
  • Running - Morandi
    "Running........(running)......alone.Waiting........(waiting).....for you to come homeWhen you're ariving down in my head you are runningI look into the sky and I see you smiling.I've got thoughts in my"
  • Running - Juke Kartel
    "Afraid of, this is your big day, love Ya finally made the grade The inner circle has changed This is what you wanted Ready to be hitting the high The sweat will be stinging your eyes I can tell your wasting"
  • Running - Eliane Elias
    "I'm not afraid All is forgiven Cause after all What's done is done Move on with grace Slip into space And when I'm ready I'll sing my song Follow the silence Far from the sadness Leave all the madness"
  • Running - Information Society
    "Hot steamy night alone I wait for you. Cold brittle morning alone And I cry for you. And when you finally call, You cloak your moves in the shadows. Those days and nights I was good to you. They must not"
  • Running - Sarah Brightman
    "I was sad and I was silent In shadow of my soul Ever seeking the horizon For promises untold. I dreamed of silent oceans And I sang of waters blue With the crossing of angels Brought forth to guide me"
  • Running - Jason Mraz
    "words by jason mraz & ariel quirolo music by jason mraz Running to catch up again, jumping higher and flying more often than not Your trampoline has got holes in it but I can still see the top Let me"
  • Running - 2Pac
    "You know, I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight Why am I trying to see, when there aint nothing in sight Why I am I trying to give, when no one"
  • Lay With Me - Donnie Iris
    "Lay with me Please darlin' lay with me (Baby, please) Won't you please just stay the night You can leave at first light But tonight, baby, please Lay with me Stay with me Darlin' stay with me (won't you"
  • Running With Scissors - I See Stars
    "The truth cannot be anymore clear And I’m not asking you to hold on It’s everything that you ever feared I know you’re trying so hard to move on It kind of feels like someone replaced the heart that once"
  • Running With Scissors - The Mission
    "The only way that I'll make the papers These days is if I load a gun And fire a bullet into my brain But then again the hackneyed hacks Will only write I'm only jumping Someone else's train it's always"
  • Running With Scissors - Ben Lee
    "This open sky is painted blue These cousins kissing in your room This is the letter I wont send This is a property condemned Their sleeping hearts'll never understand You can't hear the song until you"
  • Running with scissors - Atmosphere
    "Protect your jimmy, keep it freshAnything is everything and more is lessit's all sight, sounds, smell, taste, and feltsKnuckle up and buckle up your safety beltLift with your legs, speak with your mindSee"

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