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You said I

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You said I

  • Said - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Emotionless I slip in to the black and there's no turning back now everyone around me smoking crack this tunnel is blinding hallucinating I'm debating life but it's still moving forward if I could change"
  • You Said, You Said - Babyface
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons, jermaine jackson (1991) Performed by jermaine jackson His girl and I Laid in bed from time to time Don't ask me why I never was this kind of guy She said"
  • You Said - Die Happy
    "(Music: T. Mewes; Lyrics: Marta Jandov) Grey and dirty colors, you said Time will make them bighter, you said Poor and jealous people, you said Hide or come to the top, you said Wealth and perfect"
  • You Said - Rhea
    "~VERSE 1~ Your as good as you were, But I guess that dont aply to you. You told me so many things, But none of them were true (You said) Pretending not to see the truth, I was living blind. Now I see"
  • You Said - Bed & Breakfast
    "I woke up lookin' for a smile Upon your face But all that I saw Was an empty space On my own I don't know The reason why Didn't wanna believe Your goodbye You said you want Your freedom back But I can't"
  • You Said - Scheer
    "I spend Half my life Sleeping And I spend half my time Dreaming That life Isn't what you said it would be life Isn't what you promised me Ask you said and you would give it to me Pray you said and"
  • You Said - Gloriana
    "You said I'd never regret Having you lying here in my bed You told me that a love like this Don't come along but once in a lifetime You said a lot of things You said a lot of things You said it just like"
  • You said - Madness
    "You said you're leaving, well that's ok, You said you've had enough, what can I say ? I suppose I'll be sad for a week or two, But in the end, it's the same for me and you, We'll both be sorry through"
  • You Said - Hillsong United
    "You said, Ask and you will receive Whatever you need You said, Pray and I'll hear from heaven And I'll heal your land You said Your glory will fill the earth Like water the sea You said, Lift up your"
  • You Said - Worlds Apart
    "Baby you got me Right between the eyes Never knew what hit me Took me by surprise Your love has broken me in two Refrain: You said you'd love me from the start You said you'd never break my heart"
  • You Said - 112
    "It was you, it was me, it was love, it was real, then we touched, Then we kissed, then we loved da way it feels, it was Time to spend together leaving all da world behind n I thought it would last But"
  • You Said - Syleena Johnson
    "(feat. Liberty City) When I say I do, you say I don't When I say I will, you say I won't I wanna keep this love but you show me you don't What's wrong with you baby, tell me the truth I wanna be"
  • You Said - Grits
    "remember when you told me it would never end We would be together like stimpy and ren Guess it was a lie Cause now you is dead Spit it on a love afair that ofen make us lose touch insanity we ???? it try"
  • She Said I Said - NLT
    "1st verse Don't know where to start, somethin' aint goin' right Feel it in my soul cause I've tried ooh baby Tried to keep you satisfied please don't cry I just think we both need time breakdown I just"
  • I Said I - Tad Dreis
    "I kissed your scarf this morning It was hanging off my bed I kissed it like a lover And this is what I said I said I miss you here this morning I'll see you this afternoon I miss you, even though I'll"
  • I Said I Love You - Babyface
    "Baby Come To Me I will chase your tears away Put your trust in me Girl I swear I'll never change Darling you will see That my love is here to stay I promise you, I will be true From here and now, forever"
  • I Said I Love You - The Mavericks
    "I said I love you. { Mavericks} Couplet;1 We've been leading this way for a while allways keeping our hearts to denial But the rules of the game are as such, there are some things you never should rush With"
  • Said i loved you - Michael Bolton
    "You are the candle, love's the flame A fire that burns through wind and rain Shine your light on this heart of mine Till the end of time You came to me like the dawn through the night Just shinin' like"
  • I Thought You Said - Hot Chip
    "I am alone just like you But soon I will be aloner Your face it seems softer when it's drunk And mine more happy but harder We are alone just like one another But soon I hope, I hope to discover Your"
  • I Said It - Nonpoint
    "I said it once, I'll say it again if i really want. Saying everything I wanted if I really want. I'll say it once, I'll say it twice, I'll say it right into your face. So take a step back, I've got alot"

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