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You see me empty

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You see me empty

  • Empty - Marcos Hernandez
    "Sayin I Love You Never Came Easy I Was To Afraid Of Just Letting Go I Tryed To Get Close With Others Before You But It Never Happened I Felt So Alone Till You Walked Into My Life You Took My Breathe"
  • Empty - Disturbed
    "I look outside and see that everything is perfectExcept for me I'll always be the one who sits and staresAnd now and then your just my friend someone I could talk toAnd it's killing me, it's just killing"
  • Empty - unloco
    "I looks outside and see that everything is perfect Except for me I'll always be the one who sits and stares And now it's killing me, it's just killing me I feel so empty inside 'Cause I'm a freak in your"
  • Empty - Terri Clark
    "Maybe it's been a little too long Holding it in, trying to be strong Funny the things we bottle up Come streaming out when you feel enough There is a trust the cautious will lack Now that we've touched,"
  • Empty - Seether
    "I see you I want you I Need you Confront you I love you to rape me I need you to break me Tell me how to sit around Making my life so empty Tell me how to sit around I don't think you wanna know me I"
  • Empty - Eyes Of Fire
    "So sick and tired of getting my dreams stolen right from under me. So many times, is this all there is? There's got to be more to this. Rid me of this burned free me from this endless pain This world is"
  • Empty - God Lives Underwater
    "-Why won't you face me It's been such a long time I'm walking a fine line Now we're walking out -Why can't I see things like I'm supposed to see things I'm not supposed to be this way Not this time around -Sometimes...."
  • Empty - Jessica Mauboy
    "You're just walking through the door and you're home late again, There you're acting strange and you won't tell me where you've been, You can look me in the eye, imagine every alibi, Think you gotta"
  • Empty - Amanda Ghost
    "This shallow need to feel wanted. Worshipped and adored and ever be ignored. I give you love but you don't see it. You never understand my world is in your hands. I have this thought in my head and"
  • Empty - Acelsia
    "I woke up to see the night alone Shadows cross the wall I wish it could be you who are standing There, this night alone. It's hard sometimes, Come with me Into the night We'll break free. I feel like I'm"
  • Empty - Building 429
    "I know what lives inside When I hide far behind The eyes that are so bright Wanting our worlds to coincide I know how much it costs To fall prey, to be one lost But I'll give my heart wholly Even if I"
  • Empty - The Cranberries
    "Something has left my life And I don't know where it went to Somebody caused me strife And it's not what I was seeking Didn't you see me, Didn't you hear me Didn't you see me standing there Why did"
  • Empty - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Something has left my life And I don't know where it went to Somebody caused me stripe And it's not what I was seeking Didn't you see me, didn't you hear me Didn't you see me standing there Why did you"
  • Empty - Chimaira
    "I thought I knew you My dream had come true Look back, don't crack Your stares are empty now I am still here I won't crack It's all coming back My thoughts of the fading you Reach through, make you Mold"
  • Empty - Down Below
    "Wake up this morning And something is wrong I don't know What's going on Look in the mirror The"
  • Empty - Janet Jackson
    "How could it be that you know me My deepest fears my fantasies Confide in you what no one knows But it feels so real (when I close my eyes) I can see your face (when I lick my lips) I can taste your"
  • Empty - No Motiv
    "I don't understand There is something so unclear And I can't comprehend What's going on What's going on inside your head? Is something wrong with me? so I'll keep asking do you like what you see? this"
  • Empty - Tryad
    "Do what you will Share some sympathy All that you do with me Is lost in eternity Grab all you want You'll never hold on to me Everything you see is Totally empty Nothing we feel Is lasting or real Everything"
  • Empty - Pulley
    "Like a fuse I'm ready for fire Spark me up and I mean Simple seems to just a few I trust what I am saying Every day I can't believe what's going on around me Down the halls I see it everywhere I have to"
  • Empty - Letdown
    "You dont know the hell ive been through you dont know the price ive paid you cant see the walls im bracing time im facing all my days every bit of man i once was every bit of love that i could have living"

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