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You sey I am creyzy

  • Sey Something Sayable - Limp Bizkit
    "Hey motherfucker Hey bitch motherfucker Bitch got a twitch for the ditch motherfucker I see you dug yourself a ditch for your dancin Pop goes the weasel now it's all avalanchin I see your lips movin I"
  • Gal Sey Woooee - Tanto Metro
    "Chorus: Gal sey woooee From you sure sey you man naah stall When him mek yuh skin crawl Sey woooee 'Cause you know sey you hot and have it all Fi you body man a bawl (Repeat) Verse 1: How much"
  • Wha Ya Sey - Spragga Benz
    "Intro: Yeah Is all about the reasonin an di seasonin Hey... hey Verse 1: So whappen... A weh ya seh star Long time mi nuh see yu... A weh yu did deh star Certain things cris star... A you jus pass"
  • Santana I Am Somebody - Santana (feat. Will-i-am)
    "Chorus Live your life and just be your self cause youre somebody special cause somebody loves ya Your life so just be your self cause your somebody special cause somebody loves ya Someone loves your life,"
  • I Am You - Depeche Mode
    "You have bound my heart with subtle chains So much pleasure that it feels like pain So entwined now that we can't shake free I am you and you are me No escaping from the mess we're in So much pleasure"
  • I Am You - Chastisement
    "This day everything ends, your removal has just been delayed. This day no child is born, I am the one who makes the call. Your time is mine, your fate I hold in my hands. I laugh at you and your pathetic"
  • I Am You - Demon Hunter
    "A black heart in an empty shell where the desperation laid waste I am you A blank page in an unknown book And the opposition you face I am the endless scar, the broken hope The gaping hole in your faith"
  • I am YOU - Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈)
    "You filled up my emptiness Only you could fill it up Just by being by my side You gave me strength I couldn’t say anything else but thank you But now I’m reaching my hand out to you With you, who has taken"
  • What I Don't Know 'Bout You - You Am I
    "This whole day was useless Next one's gonna be worse Cos I'm wearing this badge of fortune like A criminals wears a curse I want to chase that rabbit right off the rails And rip this metal keeping my mouth"
  • I am I am - Jona Ardyn
    "I am I am I am that door I know I know You pray for more You got to go That kind of show Between us I know I know I’m something more Come on Admit You wont more I am I am The Wish you longing for /2x You’ve"
  • I Am - Godhead
    "I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I live in your mind You've seen me before Can't leave me behind I'll haunt evermore Created By you Your failures and fears For I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am the one"
  • I Am - Dope
    "Sometimes you don't understand, Sometimes I am what I am. Sometimes I just can't be, Everything you hoped I'd be. And sometimes I wish that you could see, I'm not like you, I'm not like them, I won't pretend. Cause"
  • I Am - Chakra
    "I am your truth, i am your destiny I am desire and despair I am your glow inside your beating heart I am the love that leads you there I am your soul, i am your soul I am the darkness where you disappear I"
  • I am - Armin Van Buuren
    "I am Your truth, I am Your destiny I am desire and despair I am Your glow inside Your beating heart I am the love that leads you there I am Your soul, I am Your soul I am the darkness where You disappear I"
  • I Am - Dio
    "I think I'm through with just pretending Knocking at a door That I've been through before Congratulations - at last you've seen my light Now it's you against the night I think I'm never coming after -"
  • I Am - Radio Iodine
    "I am your one true voice I am your only choice I am the air you breathe I am the fix you need I am the salt you sweat I am the high you hope to get I am your driving force I am the need for more and more I"
  • I Am - Leona Lewis
    "I thought the moment I was leaving, barely breathing Fall to pieces, couldn't face this Why would I be leaving? I was believing it's you and me against the world Not saying I was afraid of you Won't put"
  • I Am - Craig Morgan
    "Am I a believer in what the Good Book's all about Am I a good ole boy hangin' at the ole hang out Am I a drinker of a cold one now and then You Bet I am Am I proud of how I've been raised Am I getting"
  • I Am - Further Seems Forever
    "i am the water i am waves crashing on to you i am the blank wave i am the madness the loss the dark the hunt the cage the race i am rejection i am redemption i am desire for obligation i am forever i"
  • I Am - Bebo Norman
    "Come along, I'll walk you through the world And we will sing a different song All along you have unfurled But I will hold you from now on I saw the day when you had lost your way I saw the sun sinking"

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