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You should go home

  • Should - The Sweet
    "I gave up. I know things won't get better. Closed the door and talked about the weather. I went home. You would wait forever. I'll go first. We shouldn't be together. And after all, what did I say? "You"
  • If You Should Go - Armin Van Buuren
    "A troubled mind in search Of a bright neon bay I swim to shore The only route to take Is perfection itself The stars lead the way As waves make oceans complete Fate is the shell of my beat O how I feel"
  • Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy?) - Joe Nichols
  • Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy) - Gene Watson
    "I wonder if youve had the time it takes to think it over To sort out all the feelings in your mind Sometimes I think you've found someone to do your thinking for you 'Cause lately you've been showing all"
  • Should I Come Home - Joe Nichols
    "(Or Should I Go Crazy?) I wonder if you've had the time it takes to think it over And sort out all the feelings in your mind Sometimes I think you've found someone To do your thinkin' for ya 'Cause lately"
  • Go Home - Barenaked Ladies
    "Well let me tell you if you're feeling alone, Instead of whining and moaning, Just get on the phone, tell her you're coming home If you need, you should be there If you scream in your sleep, or collapse"
  • Should I Go (feat. Ja'Mike) - Nicole Stroiny
    "You got me blinded From the start I never thought that he wasn't right Everybody was against him, but I knew I will survive and I just know You could do that too I felt so lost and I have to admit that"
  • You Should Know - Pillar
    "Say it ain't so Joe here we go so Writing words that'll flow Drop another verse til I'm old Hit 'em with a fat groove make em jump back Ain't givin' in cause we cut em no slack 'Cause the reason that we're"
  • Go On Home - Ernest Tubb
    "You're watching your watch and I know what's on your mind There's someone home waiting and you're away over time What should be so right is as wrong as can be Go on home you don't belong here with me I"
  • Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
    "I asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen And she left before I had the chance to say The words that would mend, the things that were broken But now it's far too late, she's gone away Every night you"
  • Love should brought you home - Toni Braxton
    "Should I even listen Should I even try Will I just be hearing the same old lines Baby See it doesn't matter What you say this time Cause our whole relationship Is built on one lie You say things aren't"
  • Bully Go Home - The W's
    "Bully go home, you got no reason to be near us now I know you feel the need to create a scene But the fact is you're not wanted here I really don't care if you think that you're cool now - You're not You"
  • Should I Go - Brandy
    "VERSE 1: I'm standing on the edge of the industry Wondering if it's all that important to me To get my records back out there on the streets It ain't like I'm hurting or anything I'm to the point right"
  • You ain't gotta go home - Joe Budden
    "Yeah, the world famous DJ Clue Desert Storm Jump off Joe Buddens, on top This go out to all my niggaz You ain't gotta chain, but you got a mean muthafuckin' wrist game All my ladies, you ain't got a car"
  • Go Big Or Go Home - American Authors
    "Don't feel like going home But all my cash is gone Yeah, I got nothing to do tonight I'm passed out on the floor Up in the hotel bar But it don't matter, 'cause I'm feeling fine I'm thinking life's too"
  • Should I Go? - Brandy
    "I'm Standing On The Edge Of The Industry Wondering If It's All That Important To Me To Get My Records Back Out There On The Street It Ain't Like I'm Hurting Or Anything I'm To The Point Right Now My Money"
  • I Should Go - Rachel Farris
    "I found you when I wasn't looking I had you when I wasn't lonely Then I lost you when I didn't think that I could I love you, I know that you love Sometimes I hate you for making me wonder If you'll ever"
  • Maybe We Should Just Go Home - Joel Plaskett Emergency
    "I didn't think we'd be out here on our own Maybe we should just go home I didn't think we'd be out here on our own Maybe we should just go home Where the hell am I? The cars have no doors The sun sets"
  • Home - Will Young
    "Tell me how did we fall into this place We move on, we will never be replaced And I can't even think about the next It's too far away First I must forget, by leaving I am a different man I didn't"
  • Home - Whitney Houston
    "When I think of home I think of a place where there's Love overflowing; I wish I was home, I wish I was back there, With the things I've been knowing. Wind that makes the tall trees bend into leaning,"

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