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You you anymore be like you you ha����cz youuu

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You you anymore be like you you ha����cz youuu

  • Missing You - Double You
    "Oh yeah I never needed anyone To throw me on the floor Everytime you walked away I wouls always say Remember all the times we had But you would run away Remember all our yesterdays And all that"
  • I Don't Like You Anymore - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "I don't like you anymore And fallen for the phone again Enticed me for a second time today Only for me to realise the same I don't like you anymore Cracked and your face is changing You're going down the"
  • I Don't Like You Anymore - Don Philip
    "Something strange goin' on I feel a change comin' on In my chest I feel unrest Way down deep, baby You need to hear me when I say When you're near me it's not the same As it used to be with you and me A"
  • Friends Like You - You Am I
    "With friends like you I could throw away my tv Cause I got it all in spades now All triumph and tragedy And when as a kid with a pocket knife Like a stone from a distance thrown It's a gamblers trick,"
  • I Don't Want To Dance Anymore - Nightmare Of You
    "Hey! In your morning terror of not knowing what to wear I'll race down to your house Catch you standing in the bare Why do you shiver in your clothes When you've paid for them all on your own And I've"
  • For You - Enemy You
    "And will there come a day when you're standing in my door Will you reach out your hand and pick me off the floor Will you talk to me for hours when I can't sleep at night And I look at the faces, I wonder"
  • You Scare Me - You Am I
    "You couldn't have took it any harder You couldn't have put it anymore sweet But every bone of yours for picking Is every bone they picked of meat Now you're loaded, lonely and on her mind Now you're loaded,"
  • Like You - Evanescence
    "Stay low. Soft, dark, and dreamless, Far beneath my nightmares and loneliness. I hate me, For breathing without you. I don't want to feel anymore for you. Grieving for you, I'm not grieving for you. Nothing"
  • Anymore - Kelly Clarkson
    "Hear me,Don't tempt me anymore,It was all a dream,Resist your feelings stranger,Don't call me, don't write,Don't lose any sleep over me,Cause I'm sleeping just fine,Yeah,I don't cry, And I don't want you"
  • Anymore - Zoe
    "You're just like an open book Can read you by the way you look And I know that you'll always be Close to me and I know that you care You're changin' for nobody You're just like you used to be And"
  • Anymore - Apartment 26
    "I'm drowned out like I'm supposed to be Nobody doubts your sanctity I'm not alone, but I'm supposed to be And so I doubt your faith in me This isn't real. I can not feel. I do not want. Anymore I am alive,"
  • Anymore - Emmy Rossum
    "When she was younger Stood staring at the door Waiting for the day that she knew would surely come Tied bows in her hair Dressed as she thought you'd like But as time ticked away Promises fade one"
  • Anymore - Babyface
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface (1990) Performed by whitney houston I believe in roses But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, True monogamy What"
  • Anymore - Whitney Houston
    "I believe in roses, But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby, Then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, true monogamy What I don't know can't hurt me, that's not the way I see If"
  • They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore - Rory Gallagher
    "They don't make them like you anymore, That's for sure, And when they made you, They made sure they threw away the mold. It comes as no surprise to me, That I want to be in your vicinity. If I stand"
  • You - Tweet
    "(INTRO) See, I was lookin' for a love to call mine But instead I found you (you, you, you youuuuu, oh) And it was just a true waste of my time And lovin' we mess up (so), but how come with you? (VERSE"
  • Be Like You - Bitch Alert
    "Be Like You See you there, the pain you bear but nobody around you seems to care A wounded heart, cast aside and now you go to sleep, it's an early rise I just want to be like you Just want to be like"
  • Be Like You - Laura van Kaam
    "You always have a shoulder When somebody cries Always there to lean on And to dry their eyes Always tough and steady When the wind is strong In the storm it's always You they're counting on But you You're"
  • Be Like You - Moloko
    "I'm the sidekick The mimic Ventriloquistic (My lips moved) and you missed it I need to know the mystery Of your misery (Give me some of that) magic (I wanna be) I wanna be tragic I wish I could just Xerox (This"
  • I Don't Trust You Anymore - Lefty Frizzel
    "I don't trust you anymore Don't shoot me that old lie don't tell me that you're still mine You're saying things like you said before but I don't trust you anymore I gave you benefit of doubt but your love"

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