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  • Darius Colourblind - Dr. Dre
    "Feelin' blue When I'm trying to forget the feelin that I miss you Feelin' Green When the jelousy swells and it won't go away, In dreams Feelin' yellow And confused inside A little hazy but mellow When"
  • Welcome to youtube - Bo Burnham
    "Before Youtube I walked through life. And now I frollic. Youtube has been like a father to me, Except Youtube's not an alcholic. Before Youtube I was just a skinny white kid, That thought he was funnier,"
  • King Darius Suite - VeggieTales
    "Bob: You were lying in your bed You were feeling kind of sleepy But you couldn't close your eyes because the room was getting creepy. Larry: Were those eyeballs in the closet? Was that Godzilla in the"
  • King Darius suite - Veggie Tales
    "Bob: You were lying in your bedYou were feeling kind of sleepyBut you couldn't close your eyes because the room was getting creepy.Larry: Were those eyeballs in the closet?Was that Godzilla in the hall?Bob:"
    "Mortal: (deejaypallaside) Druga runda się wpierdalam, robię tu za egzorcystę, chłopa tak już opętało, nie ma co liczyć na Biblię. Tone wyje se w odmętach, zjechał windą gdzieś do piekła, zamiast karać"
  • Kinda Love - Darius
    "I'm feeling tired She kept me up all night and I'm wired God bless cupid I'm walking on water A hundred times a day that I call her I'm so stupid So many things I wanna do I tell her but she needs her"
  • Live Twice - Darius
    "Don't leave now Not yet There were time we regret And I'm sorry Somehow I only Wanted to make you proud If I could only let you know I'd give up everything I own For just one more day with you There's"
  • How Do You Like It? - Darius
    "I'm not sure If yes means no or what I'm not sure If go means stop or not And I need more Of what you're really feeling Cause innocence ain't so appealing I'm confused You're hot but you're not sweatin'"
  • Better Man - Darius
    "It's two o'clock in the morning Thought you said that you would call You took all my pride from me So I'd be glad to fall and crawl It's not like me to ever care That's the side of me you dare And I don't"
  • Resolution - Darius
    "You see I wear myself just as I please I don't have my nerves sewn on my sleeves As I walk this path the street is unknown But I'm afraid to ask can I do this alone. I can't do what I want That's what"
  • Stars Crash Down - Darius
    "Dusk 'til dawn You don't miss a kiss 'til its gone So just hold on We don't have forever for long I don't need to tell you what You already know I don't wanna say What my lips wanna show My heart's like"
  • Save Me - Darius
    "Is there in any love in your heart? Is there any blood in your veins? If there any feeling in you To give away? The ground beneath my feet on wheels I wander if you know how That feels Baby where are my"
  • If I Could - Darius
    "If I had you And you were here If I could kiss And wipe away your tears If I could How I would If I could change A single thing If I could love And touch your face again If I could How I would Only the"
  • Only You - Darius
    "Sunrise will never feel the same Mesmerized And I can't escape I just can't breathe When you're not with me I wish you could see The things I've seen But I can't control the way it goes And I pray one"
  • Love To Love - Darius
    "You really got me babe You got my struck I'm hit by lightening Got me strung out on a limb And I love to think that I can't fight it You rock like a hurricane I've been blown by an earthquake Got me feelin'"
  • Journey's End - Darius
    "Are we really out of time? If there nothing we can try? If I say what's in my heart Do you promise not to cry? Do you know how much it takes? Will this be my last mistake? Not to tell you how I'm scared Then"
  • Devil In You - Darius
    "You, got my head in a spin Don't know how you got into my heart You've bewitched the man that I used to be You, you've got a sexy way of walking A mesmerizing way of talking And I try to pay attention,"
  • Secret Song (Songwriting Demo) - Darius
    "If I was a tear I'd be born in your eye I'd live on your cheek And then I would die on your lips Take me to the place where I don't know if my heart beats 'Cause the only things I hear Are the secrets"
  • Colourblind - Darius
    "Feeling Blue, Well im trying to forget the feeling that i miss you, Feeling Green, When the jealousy sweels and it wont go away and dreams, Feeling Yellow, Im confused inside a little hazy but mellow."
  • Rushes - Darius
    "Shes got a blind smile and a soft touch A cute little dimple when she laughs too much They say you fall hard when you meet her Such is her allure Shes got a quick wit and a fast tongue But she doesnt"

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