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Youa are my first love mooovon

  • My First Love - Anthony Hamilton
    "My First Love By Anthony Hamilton FIRST LOVE Verse I Now we've been through too much together And that's separate us from the rest Now we are approaching up on stormy weather Let's see what our"
  • My First Love - Faith Evans
    "Oh, baby, yeah How come it hurts so babe Why does it feel so sad To fall in love was something that my heart was dreaming of And then there came the day when I found you And heaven came to earth"
  • My First Love - Tynisha Keli
    "Verse 1: Ummmmmmm Did you know that everyday is so much more amazing Waking up right next to you feels like I'm daydreaming Never thought that I could ever love somebody the way that I love you We"
  • My First - Lil' Romeo
    "Girl, i want to hold you close tonight let you no know that everything is all right It's just the way that you love It's just the way that you care you'll be there for me, i know Chorus: My first, my"
  • First Love - Karina Pasian
    "You're there for me, through all of my ups and downs And what I feel you always seem to know You find the words, when I need comforting And dry my eyes, that's why I love you so More than a friend you're"
  • First Love - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals and Eddie Brown, 1980) From the album THE LONGEST ROAD (1980). Everybody has a first love, they have left in yesterday. Feelings they have left behind, it's just a place"
  • First Love - Karina
    "there for me, through all of my ups and downs and what i feel you always seem to know you find the words, when i need comforting and dry my eyes, that's why i love you so more than a friend, you're my"
  • First Love - Adele
    "So little to say but so much time Despite my empty mouth the words are in my mind Please wear the face, the one where you smile Because you lighten up my heart when I start to cry Forgive me first love,"
  • First Love - The Maccabees
    "First love Last love Only love It's only love First love Last love Only love It's only love Do you miss home? Do you miss home? And are you cool? Symmetrical? Let's get married And take the boxes And"
  • First Love - Poco
    "(Richie Furay) Today my First Love has arrived Did you see her? Did you approve? What if I asked this of you? Would everything you'd say be true? When I was young I played with toys Games were small then,"
  • First love - Clea
    "4 in the morning and I just can't sleepYou know why Missing you is killing me, honey Emotions cut deep I've tried so hard babyTo make you seeYou get back what you giveCan't get something for nothingNothing"
  • First Love - Jessa Zaragoza
    "Once in a while You are in my mind I think about the days that we had And i dream that these would all come back to me If only you knew every moment in time Nothing goes on in my heart Just like your memories How"
  • First Love - Amy Grant
    "(Dawn Rodgers) You are my first love sweet and gentle as the night Just being near You now is like a lullaby All that I have I'd give away to follow You I can't imagine having life without you Oh... When"
  • First Love - Utada
    "saigono kiss wa tabakono flavor gashita nigakute setsunaikaori ashitano imagoroniwa anatawa dokoniirundarou darewo omotterundarou you are always gonna be my love itsuka darekatomata koiniochitemo i'll"
  • First Love - Uffie
    "You were the section of my magazine You blew my mind like noone of the human kind You were the only one i could ever speak This secret language between us and the sheets You made my mind and body so hot You"
  • First Love - Hikaru Utada
    "Saigou no KISU wa TABAKO no flavor ga shita NIGAkute setsunai kaori Ashita no imagoro ni wa Anata wa doko ni iru n darou Dare wo omotteru n darou You are always gonna be my love Itsuka dareka to mata koi"
  • First Love - Maccabees
    "Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah You forgot when we were strange Yeah somewhere we got caught Now every little bird is tame Their wings are clipped and gulled Fear puts your"
  • You're My First Love - Yoomii
    "1. You, you are the one And you are all that I want I will never love another, never leave you alone Cuz you and me have just begun My love for you is true, and you Will see my heart it's"
  • My first in love - Alexz Johnson
    "We spoke But underneath our words We said more Eyes met But we did not just look We explored I'm falling (You've got me falling) So slowly (Don't want this to ever end) I'm floating (I'm overflowing) Oh"
  • Little First - Love Spit Love
    "i've got lipstick on my front teeth i'm full of pills but i don't feel good yet tied up running out of good luck eyeliner tears are running down my neck make up, chewing gum and hair spray i know tomorrow's"

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