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Young Fathers -

  • Voodoo In My Blood (feat. Young Fathers) - Massive Attack
    "Climate to Earth"
  • Sins Of The Fathers - UB40
    "Once upon a time, not so long ago When things were much much simple, And time would travel slow. There came a righteous stranger, With a bible in his hand. To educate the sinners And liberate the land. "
  • Fathers - King's X
    "My brother's on crack.My sister's a wreck.Our mother ... she tries.Our fathers are lies.Everyone of us loves everyone of us.Everyone of us loves everyone.My brother sells cars.Another one's gay.More brothers"
  • Fathers - Necrodeath
    "Listen, how you who reside beyind space and time Endless realm, where the triplex golden star shines solitary and miserable man Give up your spirit, miserable man, who nothing shades Wonder through the"
  • We're sons of our fathers - Phil Collins
    "When I grow up to be a manlike my father was when I was youngI hope I can make him so proud of meProud enough to call me his sonWhat makes these people so different nowwhat makes these times so strange?seems"
  • Fathers nose - Kelly Family
    "Deiciseis anitos te espere bonitoY tu llegada rey me hico felizY tu vida fue como un milagritoY tus ojitos azules me conquistaronAnd you got your fathers nose, your fathers noseAnd you got your fathers"
  • Fathers pyramid - Powderfinger
    "Born into peace Born into ignorance My family gave me strength Bonding my brothers And the war was her enemy Shed her mother's tears Broke her mother's heart Broke their feeble bond And I'm stripped from"
  • Saturday Fathers - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman Saturday Fathers never win. They're punished each day of their lives for their horrible sin. They carry your picture. They show it to all their friends. Daddy I know this isn't fair."
  • Unwed Fathers - John Prine
    "In an Appalachian, Greyhound station She sits there waiting, in a family way "Goodbye brother, Tell Mom I love her Tell all the others, I'll write someday" Chorus: From an teenage lover, to an unwed"
  • Fathers Eyes - Eric Clapton
    "Sailing down behind the sun, Waiting for my prince to come. Praying for the healing rain To restore my soul again. Just a toerag on the run. How did I get here? What have I done? When will all my hopes"
  • Fathers Day - Marion
    "This is a love song A love of hate for you And it's because you never told me What only you knew You can never find me Because I'm right behind you Don't misunderstand me I hate you so much when I smile Well"
  • Fathers Nose - The Kelly Family
    "Dodo, dodo, dodo, dodo Dodo, dodo, dodo, dodo La da da da da da da Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa Close at hand Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa To hold their hand I look in the eyes Of a beautiful"
  • Young Blood - Norah Jones
    "I'll pretend my heart's not on fire If you steal my true love's name Broke down subway in this city of spires Tape your picture over his in the frame We'll imagine we?re sleeping revolvers Shotgun wedding"
  • Young Genocides - John Mellencamp
    "Destiny shares the eyes of the young genocides Suicides that are still alive Their success has been so well disguised, yeah And on their face, is a razors blank stare As if to know their destiny is going"
  • Fathers Big Nuts - Macabre
    "When I was a boy My father stuck his toy In my joy hole His penis was dark and thin Enjoyed the sting I recieved in my butt Every time my fathers nuts Wiggled on my butt cheeks I made happy grunts I"
  • Fathers Spiritual Nuts - Macabre
    "When I was a boy My father stuck his toy In my joy hole His penis was dark and thin Enjoyed the sting I recieved in my butt Every time my fathers nuts Wiggled on my butt cheeks I made happy grunts I"
  • My Fathers Heart - Rachael Lampa
    "Let everything that breathes praise You, The earth, the sky, the sea praise You. Just as nature shows to us Your blessing, Soon I find my heart confessing. My love is not my own. It all belongs to You; And"
  • Fathers And Sons - Chris LeDoux
    "My father had so much to tell me things he said I had to know Don't make my mistakes there are rules you can't break But I had to find out on my own Now when I look at my own sons I see what my father"
  • A fathers love - George Strait
    "I got sent home from school one day with a shiner on my eyeFighting was against the rules and it didnt matter whyWhen Dad got home I told that story just like Id rehearsedThen stood there on those trembling"
  • My Fathers House - Bruce Springsteen
    "Last night I dreamed that I was a child out where the pines grow wild and tall I was trying to make it home through the forest before the darkness falls I heard the wind rustling through the trees and"

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