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Your Forever dress

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Your Forever dress

  • Sunday Dress - Dala
    "Should I call you officer Cause you're asking all the questions that I get at the border I know you want to file me away, With the girls who disappoint you every day I'm no better staring at your mouth Making"
  • Invisible Dress - sanah, Olivia Addams
    "I've been here for some time now And I know That I will Be forever in this place But your voice it keeps me breathing Forgiving Believing Maybe someday it will change And I'm looking into your eyes And"
  • Dress - Bif Naked
    "On the t.v. Rosanne is all upset because she has to go to some dumb party with Dan and she has absolutely nothing to wear and Dan isn't very sympathetic and I feel bad for her cuz I feel the same way about"
  • Dress - Taylor Swift
    "Our secret moments in a crowded room They got no idea about me and you There is an indentation in the shape of you Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo All of this silence and patience, pining and"
  • Dress - Abingdon Boys School
    "{|-100% | | == Romanized Japanese == kagami no mae de kimi to madoromu usubeni no yubisaki sono te wa fui ni yowa sa wo misete kuchibiru wo fusaida ano hi kimi to yakusoku wo kawashita ima wa futari"
  • Your Dress - John Foxx
    "put on your dress ah now I can see you across the room, the oldest ocean it rolls and it flows and there's a hush and a shimmer and a rush and a glimmer and a glide inside and a glow.... and every move"
  • Forever - After Forever
    "Dead Girl: I can see your pain I can feel your loss I can hear your words I can but you are out of reach and so am I Man: You and me living in a dream This end could not have been foreseen The pain won't"
  • Your Gold Dress - XTC
    "You gold dress is whirling around Like a fan it's lifting you high High above the ground Never coming down You gold dress is burning alight Deafens me with the sound of the sun Setting fire to the night And"
  • About Your Dress - The Maccabees
    "It's just what all young lovers do (repeat) I noticed you You stood out like a sore thumb The most Beautiful sore thumb Id ever seen I took you out And showed you a good time We danced all night And I"
  • About Your Dress - Maccabees
    "It's just what all young lovers do (00:08.08)It's just what all young lovers do I noticed you You stood out like a sore thumb The most beautiful sore thumb I'd ever seen I took you out And I showed you"
  • Eight Dollar Prom Dress - One Dead Three Wounded
    "She said, "Your eyes are everything." But I'm the best liar you've ever seen. We are the anti-passion. You're thirty miles away. We are the anti-passion. Just meet me half way. And when these bridges burn,"
  • Red Dress - Half Japanese
    "Put on your red dress and we'll walk in the night. Put on your red dress. Put on your red dress. What a lovely, lovely night. Put on your red dress. Oh, Juanita, my sweet Juanita. Oh, Juanita, my sweet"
  • Mama's Dress - Papa Roach
    "I wouldn't wear, who wouldn't wear She didn't wear, your dress I wouldn't wear your woman's dress And I wouldn't look good in her dress You see my wife and see my (???) You don't think so but I do I wouldn't"
  • Dress Off - BoA
    "Boy just looking at you Boy I know what you want to do Boy but you can't until the night is through Why don't you whisper it to me me me me How you wanna get freaky ky ky ky And we can get down down down But"
  • Freakum dress - Beyonce
    "(Intro) To be or not to be Not ! Hold Up, bring the beat back Stop, I aint ready yet Wait, let me fix my hair (yes, yes) Yes mam (yes mam) Pass me my dress, Yes (Verse 1) I think Im ready Been locked up"
  • Freakum dress - Beyonce
    "To be or not to be Not Hold Up, bring the beat back Stop, I ain't ready yet Wait, let me fix my hair (yes, yes) Yes mam (yes mam) Yes I think I'm ready Been locked up in the house way too long, It's"
  • Evening Dress - The Smithereens
    "I've been waiting for you all my life And now that you are here I can't believe How wonderful it is to be here by your side To see you in the light In your evening dress tonight Everytime I think you've"
  • Red Dress - Motion City Soundtrack
    "I like your hair much better that way When it hangs out front, it hangs out front With tilted head like a listener But I'm just thinking about the red dress I like the red dress I'm on my way, I'm on"
  • Sad Dress - Belly
    "Belly Star Sad Dress ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Think about dixie She ducked when she ran Made up these bad reasons to stand by her man (he goes) Miss"
  • Red Dress - Babyface
    "Top of the morning Thinking of you Plan my day My list of to do Stop at the cleaners Pick up my suit Make reservations for two Buy you some flowers Get you red roses Make sure you notice That I'm with"

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