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  • Polish - Fugazi
    "Got with the program, Swallowed it whole, Sugar made it easy, Ice made it cold. Reached out and touched them On a tv screen, Broke out the polish, Scrubbed it clean, That dirty machine. This"
  • Polish - Reffer
    "You disguise yourself in fake smiles That i have learned Just not to respond at all I feel sorrow when i see naive ones repaying you Restless, uneasy Obsessed and greedy You made me count much on you Great"
  • Reality - Asia
    "(Downes/Payne) It's down your wire, it's on your screen Pirate satellite, next to MTV Insert your hand, subscription free It's reality Put on the suit, connect the chord Free mind of city life, just"
  • Reality? - Voivod
    "Struggling through this Disturbing life Surviving is the only way to understand the reasons why each of us live riding the blind tension will pull you down beneath way underground you shall remain using"
  • Reality - Newsboys
    "Mom and Dad I'm fine, how are you? I have joined a small circus That much is true I'm a little malnourished But try to relax Could you find a better photo For the milk carton backs? Send money Runaway Where's"
  • Reality - Newboys
    "Mom and Dad,I'm fine, how are you?I have joined a small circus,that much is true.I'm a litte malnourished,but try to relax,could you find a better photo for the milk carton backs?Send money...Run awayWhere's"
  • Reality - Da Youngsta's
    "Whispering: Reality, reality, it's reality Reality, reality, reality, its reality (3X) Well I get up in the morning shower up and take a drive I'm feeling kinda good cause its good to be alive The"
  • Reality - Aswad
    "Sometimes life so hard but don't give up you can win Sometimes life impossible can't seem to get nothing done Every move you make something always in your way now You try a little harder they'll be a brand"
  • Reality - Aaron Neville
    "Even though we're apart you're still right here in my heart Your hands are still in mine, I can still hear you whispering words divine I can feel your warm embrace, just the thought of it puts a smile"
  • Reality - Hidell
    "Walking through Through the shadows of my past Waiting for you to come back Time is all i need Why won't you come back to me Cause your somewhere out there ( somewhere out there ) With no reality How"
  • Reality - The Berzerker
    "The uncreative juices flow from all but a selective few and even those they tend to be wasted, you have taken pride in a lifeform that you think you know but what you do not know is it's rotting, it is"
  • Reality - Ashlee Simpson
    "Before you turn your back, Just let me say somethin' you know it's true this ain't no more about me! If you open your eyes and listen real clear you can hear them whispering in their ears Their talking"
  • Reality - Staind
    "The lights are on but you're not home You've drifted off somewhere alone Somewhere that's safe No questions here A quiet place Where you hide from your fears Sometimes when you're out of rope The way"
  • Reality - Zonata
    "Here on earth we see destruction It has gone to far We must change for new directions Use your mind or fall See through the past what we have done Disaster soon will come Hell after life or hell on this"
  • Reality - R. Kelly
    "She didn't have a house, a house up in the hills I never heard her ask for some car with the chromed out wheels But all she wanted was some love and affection But all I did all the time was neglect The"
  • Reality - Warren G
    "I don't know why they mad at me They can't catch me but still they after me When we deal face to face, is a tragedy You ask why i got my gun they might blast at me Real niggaz, real shit, reality Who gives"
  • Reality - Electronic
    "You keep calling but I'm not at home' To give me your explanation I'm not waiting by the telephone With a feeling of frustration I always thought that if you understood You'd clean up this mess and you'd"
  • Reality - - Dreams
    "So di, who was that girl next to your man today? That was his next-door neighbor (girl's laugh) Next-door neighbor di? Yeah Comeon now, your gonna like by that Well I mean yeah, cause like, yeah... Di!"
  • Reality - R.Kelly
    "She didn't have a house, a house up in the hillsNever heard her ask for some car with the chromed out of wheelsWell all she wanted was some love and affectionBut all I did all the time was neglectThe fact"
  • Your Reality - Circle II Circle
    "Voices calling out for yesterday Painting pictures Of souls who've lost the way Hopes are falling Through the hands of the betrayed All searching For the same thing Were they ever saved Tell me what's"

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