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Youre go

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Youre go
  • Jo Stafford A-Youre Adorable
    "When Johnny Jones was serenading Mary He sure could quote a lot of poetry But he'd much rather tell 'er what he learned in his speller When they both attended PS 33 (A) you're adorable (B) you're"
  • Wilson Phillips Ooh Youre Gold
    "Evening sun That's what you are to me You make me feel alive, and I wanna be By your side You're alright And how I found you honey I'll never know (Don't know) But you're part of me, won't let you go I"
  • Black Now Youre Gone
    "Listen to the money while it talks, makes you feel used up and small. You're caught between its hands. Why did you try at all? I listened and remembered what he said- "What's good for me is good for you. "
  • Pat Boone Remember Youre Mine
    "(Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe) (Remember, remember you're mine) Be-ee fai-thful, darlin' While you're away For when it's summer A heart can stray And though I'll miss you Have a wonderful time Just remember,"
  • Raven Youre a Liar
    "Hiding in the shadows Crawling underground Weighing up their chances Making not a sound No one would go down there No one but a fool Would disregard the warnings And disregard the rules No one can control They"
  • Whitney Houston Youre Still My Man
    "On the day that you left me ou said you had no regrets There's a bond between us That hasn't been broken yet And the feelings between us Will never diappear How can you be far away When your spirits"
  • Black Youre A Big Girl Now
    "Your tender-eyes me with those baby browns, 'till I can't get around. The fact that I still love you and I'm not supposed to, this is supposed to be over. I'm not supposed to care. I wanted not to but"
  • Bloodhound Gang Youre Pretty When I Am Drunk
  • Peabo Bryson If Ever Youre In My Arms Again
    "It all came so easy All the loving you gave me The feelings we shared And I still can remember How your touch was so tender It told me you cared We had a once in a lifetime But I just couldn't see Until"
  • Lisa Ekdahl Youre Gonna See A Lot Of Me
    "I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you I'll make you love me, wait and see Both day and night and night and day You're gonna see a lot of me I'm gonna haunt you, I'm gonna haunt you Oh what a pest I'm gonna"
  • Jimmy Witherspoon Nobody Knows You When Youre Down And Out
    "Once I lived the life of a millionaire Spendin' my money, I didn't even care I took all my friends out for good times I rode 'em in my Cadillac, bought 'em whiskey, champagne, and wine But in '54 I began"
  • Bessie Smith Nobody knows you when youre down and out
    "Once I lived the life of a millionaire Spending my money, I didn't care I carried my friends out for a good time Bying bootleg liquor, champagne and wine Then I began to fall so low I didn't have a friend,"
  • Nasum Youre Obsolete
    "Stare me in my eyes and tell me that you don't care Try to convince me that you will not try to change You are nothing - you're obsolete You are really nothing - you're disposable All the work and no play"
  • Mel C Go!
    "Ive gotta go, find another direction.Ive gotta go, I wanna get your attention.I am so sorry that I went this way. I just canthold anymore. The feelings gone, I mustmove on. Theres nothing left worth fightingfor.Cant"
  • Mel C Go
    "Ive gotta go, find another direction. Ive gotta go, I wanna get your attention. I am so sorry that I went this way. I just cant hold anymore. The feelings gone, I must move on. Theres nothing left"
  • The Motorhomes Go!
    "Ive gotten over you But it took time A long time Now Ive put you behind And now Im fine Oh so fine And I loved you so Was it good for you Did I turn you on Now its time to move on I am a new star And Im"
  • Dezire Go go
    "Youre scared of fact youll never, Youll never take it all Youre cheating me as ever I fall fall Your eyes are getting sadder Pretending youre alone Dont fool yourself, youll better Just go go I"
  • Laleh Go Go
    "The steps that we take The steps that we take The steps that we take The steps that we take well Im lost in the drums and Im lost in the base and Im lost in the girl with a cute face And I loose my self"
  • Bad Boys Blue Go Go
    "Go! Go! Go! But she said No! No! No! Looking for some cover. You might find a lover. Thats alright with me. Now you got a notion. Filled up with emotions. Go and set them free. Come on its easy (Come on,"
  • Wilson Pickett Youre So Fine
    "(Im Looking Rather Wasted, now that your gone, now that i know, your on your own..)X2 Have you Seen The Very Thing, Thats Making all the noise, so shimmering Do you Know? Youre not alone, cause every"

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