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Youre my destination

  • Destination - O.A.R.
    "Destination, rock steady destination, people get ready destination, i'm lovin you all the time destination, i love your rhymes don't miss my train on the one got the kick drum the two is a gift for you"
  • Destination - Commitments
    "Said to the man at the railroad station, "I want a ticket, just for one." He said, "Well, if you insist. Where you wanna go, Miss?" Oh, destination anywhere East or west, I don't care You see my baby"
  • Destination - FictionJunction YUUKA
    "to my destination to my destination ==Romanized Japanese== mada dare mo kataranai monogatari wo sagashite nukerunda fuyusora i hibike tataku fue no oto naritai jibun wa mada musou no"
  • Destination - Darius & Finlay
    "When I'm out on the streets of strolling I can look on the fields of dawn I can look from the mountainside And see your fire is still burning with me And I know (And I know) So I know (So I know) I know"
  • Destination - Kut U Up
    "Lend my ears, destination A lonely conversation Am the truth, live a lie A normal guy Yesterday Waste away Tommorow comes the monster, the monster how do you split $450 3- ways? The footprints, the footprints How"
  • Destination - Oblivion Dust
    "Just keep me moving on That's what I'm telling myself I guess I should get fixed All the parts are broken It happens all the time I wonder where I am How long must I wait For everything to end"
  • Destination - Sugababes
    "Strange fear i ain't felt for yearsthe boys come and now i'm close to tearsi cant let go of you nowimaginations playin' out for freein my world i take him out for teaoh my god he can't say noskippin' school"
  • Destination - Sugar Babes
    "Strange fear i ain't felt for yearsthe boys come and now i'm close to tearsi cant let go of you nowimaginations playin' out for freein my world i take him out for teaoh my god he can't say noskippin' school"
  • My Destination - Holy Mother
    "Ice in the morning Melting wilder from the sunlight Ice in the evening Freezes traces of the moonlight You feel a pressure building pleasure In your own right But they couldn't repair And it wouldn't"
  • My Destination - Boston
    "(Scholz) And Feelin' the way I do Wouldn't last a mile without you When I'm losin' the way, the things that you say Take me there My destination My destination Is by your side Right by your side And"
  • My Destination - Acid Death
    "The man in black fled across the desert And the Gunslinger followed On the quest for his lost soul Through fields and worlds Through Tull and Allie he walked Obsessed by cruelty and logic Powerful enough"
  • Youre Obsolete - Nasum
    "Stare me in my eyes and tell me that you don't care Try to convince me that you will not try to change You are nothing - you're obsolete You are really nothing - you're disposable All the work and no play"
  • Youre My World - Helen Reddy
    "You're my world You're every breath I take You're my world You're every move I make Other eyes see the stars up in the sky But for me they shine within your eyes As the trees reach for the sun above So"
  • Youre My World - Cilla Black
    "you're my world you're ev'ry breath i take you're my world you're ev'ry move i make other eyes see the stars up in the skies but for me they shine within you're eyes as the trees reach for the sun above so"
  • Youre My Flavour - Lenny Kravitz
    "The way you love me Is like a needle in my vein When you're not around me You know it just don't feel the same And I've waited a long time Just to feel the way I do Just give me the reason And I will be"
  • Youre My Family - Doro Und Warlock
    "Everyone hurts, everyone bleeds With all this pain right underneath All we need is holding on We got the key To carry on 'Cause you are ''Chorus'' You're my family You're my destiny The only ones The"
  • Youre My Drug - XTC
    "You take me to heaven from deeper than hell ever dug And you fly me higher than a trip on a magical rug Confessions unravel You bang with your gavel And here I stand guilty In a court where you are the"
  • Destination: Hell - Turbonegro
    "I've packed my bags - And I'm ready to run - From what I've said - And what I've done - I look in the mirror - look at my face - Oh god I've got to puke - In disgrace - All right I felt really tall - Like"
  • Destination Ursamajor - Superdrag
    "I'm so sensitive to light. I may never get it right. All the bloody stupid miracles and lies guess it's up to you to have them exorcised. What did I do? Nothing is true whatever is over now, sober is"
  • Destination Unknown - Smashing Pumpkins
    "Life is so strange When you don't know How can you tell Where you're going to You can't be sure Of any situation Something can change Then you won't know You ask yourself Where do we go from here This"

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