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Youre so damb

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Youre so damb

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Youre so damb
  • Wilson Pickett Youre So Fine
    "(Im Looking Rather Wasted, now that your gone, now that i know, your on your own..)X2 Have you Seen The Very Thing, Thats Making all the noise, so shimmering Do you Know? Youre not alone, cause every"
  • Little Walter Youre So Fine
    "You're so fine Wanna love you all the time You're so fine pretty baby Let me love you all the time Well I got a girl she's fine and brown What I like about her, she's mine all mine She's so fine Yes she's"
  • Mental As Anything Youre So Strong
    "I walk along right next to you You seem to know just what to do Your body tries to infiltrate Our privacy it's hard to wait Easy darling you can't ignore All of the reasons that I love you for The way"
  • Liza Minnelli Youre So Vain
    "You walked in to the party Like you were walkin' onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was apricot You had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself gavotte And"
  • Smokie Youre So Different Tonight
    "Baby, I've never seen you look the way you do There's something special in your eyes Maybe I, I should tell you how I feel for you I want your love to be mine Cause you're so different tonight You shine"
  • Jo Stafford A-Youre Adorable
    "When Johnny Jones was serenading Mary He sure could quote a lot of poetry But he'd much rather tell 'er what he learned in his speller When they both attended PS 33 (A) you're adorable (B) you're"
  • Helen Reddy Youre My World
    "You're my world You're every breath I take You're my world You're every move I make Other eyes see the stars up in the sky But for me they shine within your eyes As the trees reach for the sun above So"
  • Cilla Black Youre My World
    "you're my world you're ev'ry breath i take you're my world you're ev'ry move i make other eyes see the stars up in the skies but for me they shine within you're eyes as the trees reach for the sun above so"
  • Doro Und Warlock Youre My Family
    "Everyone hurts, everyone bleeds With all this pain right underneath All we need is holding on We got the key To carry on 'Cause you are ''Chorus'' You're my family You're my destiny The only ones The"
  • Wasted Youth Youre A Jerk
    "I need it, I must have it Kill and steal and fight to get it, I need it, must have it Holes in my arms mean nothing, I need it, must have it I'll lose everything I own to buy it, just to have it I don't"
  • Wilson Phillips Ooh Youre Gold
    "Evening sun That's what you are to me You make me feel alive, and I wanna be By your side You're alright And how I found you honey I'll never know (Don't know) But you're part of me, won't let you go I"
  • ATB Youre Not Alone
    "You're not alone Open your mind In a way it's all A matter of time I will not worry for you You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see A face that you recognize You're"
  • Hitchcock Robyn So You Think Youre In Love
    "So you think you're in love, Yes, you probably are. But you want to be straight about it, Oh, you want to be straight about it now. (repeat) Can you imagine what the people say? (Can you?) But the silent"
  • Emerson Hart If Youre Gonna Leave
    "Maybe i'm the joker Maybe i'm the fool in your eyes Maybe i'm the weak one Maybe i'm a lie in disguise Maybe i'm angry Cause i'm the one whos always wrong Maybe i'm not the one whos so strong But did ya"
  • A1 Youre Not In Love
    "{Ben:} Sun is shining, the rain comes in And I don't know what to do, no I don't know where I'm going or where I've been Cuz my mind is hooked on you Words escape me and tears come down And day slowly"
  • Kirk Franklin Jesus Youre My Everthing
    "You know I've had some lonely days I've made mistakes and had to pay Ive had some friends that walked away Just like mama told me But there's someone who's love is real Who cares about the way I feel"
  • Perry Como Youre Just In Love
    "I hear singing and there's no one there I smell blossoms and the trees are bare All day long I seem to walk on air I wonder why, I wonder why I keep tossing in my sleep at night And what's more I've lost"
  • Rosemary Clooney Youre Just In Love
    "Dennis, the menace, he's a bundle of dynamite Oh, the things he says and the things he does Will make you shake with fright (Beware of) Dennis the menace Oh, you'd better be on your toes There is bound"
  • Stephen Stills Love The One Youre With
    "Love the One You're With Stephen Stills If you're down and confused And you don't remember who you're talking too Concentration slips away Cause you're baby is so far away CHORUS Well there's"
  • Glass Tiger Youre What I Look For
    "She looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles that weren't there yesterday thinks of a young man she always spared what would he think if he saw her this way she thinks of a ring in little girl fashion something"

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