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ZZ Top Pearl Necklace


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ZZ Top Pearl Necklace

  • Pearl Necklace - ZZ Top
    "She's really upset with me again, I didn't give her what she likes. I don't know what to tell her, Don't know what to say. Everything got funky last night. She Was Really Bombed, And I was really blown"
  • Feel The Pearl Necklace - Dream Street
    "CHORUS Feel the rain, falling down on me I call your name, I miss you, can't you see? I'll take the blame, we should never be apart Tell me what can I do to get you back into my heart To make a mistake"
  • Pearl Necklace For Her Majesty - Colour Of Fire
    "As your servant patronise me Put my face inside of paintings Blessed are the royal favourites Blessed are the royal favourites A pearl necklace for her majesty you do not a thing for me, can't you see"
  • Dirty Pearl - Angela McCluskey
    "She's not your average girl She's just a dirty pearl She might be priceless But they're blind to it She got that halter top She haunts the truck stop She's got several secrets Scribbled on a matchbook She's"
  • Catch ZZ - Goapele
    "Nobody knows what I go throughIndecisions made me passiveThey say I want my cake and I want to eat it tooLess satisfied if I don't, consequences when I doThese lessons, they lead me on my waybut when company"
  • My Necklace - Mental Home
    "I saw life that's fading out, Steams of souls I breathe. Eyes of beauty staring rigid, Tell me all I want to know. Stars reflect in my gem stones, Shaking fingers touch your skin. I bring you my necklace, Make"
  • The Hot Pearl Snatch - The Cramps
    "Baby you're a pearl but you're such a tease. That thing a danglin' there's brought me to my knees. You parade it 'round town so everybody knows. Oh Oh I'm-a-gonna steal the show. Gonna get that thing baby"
  • Pearl - Fame Factory
    "Tell me I came here to listen to what you are saying and I won't run away I don't know all of lifes misterys, but I know enough to tell you That some were just not ment to be together I won't let you"
  • Pearl - Shazna
    "Pearl White Memories "Itsumademo dokomademo sukidakara" White Memories Sou itta kimi no kotoba de FUtto mezameta White Memories Yume de mita kimi wo ima dakishimete White Memories Yuki no furu GRAY na"
  • Pearl - Babes In Toyland
    "Little Pearl she was this girl Thoughts and notions in a whirl This girl Pearl she was pretty quick Found a stick filled it thick with Black sugar shit Ole black glasses spoonful molasses Drinking wine"
  • Pearl - The Mamas & The Papas
    "First star I see tonight I wish I may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight A banker's daughter or a runaway girl A little lady or a honky-tonk pearl Has to find someplace in this world Where she"
  • Pearl - Paula Cole
    "Humility on Bleecker Street Exposed my faults until I'm left defeated It's been three years into this relationship This is longer than I ever could commit But I feel I'm near But I feel my fear I'm standing"
  • Pearl - Portishead
    "I want you now as thenDOn't tell meyou want to staytoo much timeNow has passedtoo too soon a thing to doI was only thinking i would do rightNow and then i need a little stingI was only trying not to second"
  • Pearl - Extol
    "Hear these words My soft voice speaks only truth I will reveal myself to you I'll see you through You are beautiful My love Walk with me All you'll ever need I am So come stay with me My dear Dwell in"
  • Senorita With A Necklace - Paul Simon
    "I have a wisdom tooth Inside my crowed face I have a friend who is born again Found his savior's grace I was born before my father And my children before me We are born and born again Like the waves in"
  • Lucy Pearl Tells - Lucy Pearl
    "Sadik: Yo man ( sparking a joint) Man:Yo Sadik: I used to play in this marching band man, you gonna think I'm lying, cause I'm telling you, I did. Man: Not you Sadik: Alabama A&M Man: Not you, that's"
  • Noose Dressed Like A Necklace - Kevin Devine
    "A Cadillac drives down my street, A bead of sweat pouring slow down a palm line. I see a bumper sticker: it's a bearded man with a wanted sign A myth we've made to scare our fears away; A slogan that we"
  • The Necklace Of Marie Antoinette - Hannah Fury
    "I'll make it look like an accident I'll make it look like he was trying to hurt me I'll make it seem like I was innocent I'll make him wish he had never met me I'll make it look like a suicide I'll make"
  • Pearl City - The Fall
    "In Pearl City Pearl City No-one knows, no-one cares about your world of stocks and shares I don't need no riding crop I don't need no roundabout stop You're welcome to Pearl City See the bank Bright"
  • Black Pearl - Tom Russell
    "Have you seen Miranda? She's walking through the town She has got one green eye, the other eye is brown And as she walks the air grows warm, men stare down from rooms She destroys the hidden line between"

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