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  • Stages - ZZ Top
    "It's a fine time to fall in love with you, I ain't got a single thing to do. It happened before I knew what was going on. I fell out and knew that I was gone. Stages keep on changing, Stages rearranging"
  • Catch ZZ - Goapele
    "Nobody knows what I go throughIndecisions made me passiveThey say I want my cake and I want to eat it tooLess satisfied if I don't, consequences when I doThese lessons, they lead me on my waybut when company"
  • Various Stages - Great Lake Swimmers
    "I have seen you in various stages of undress. I have seen you through various states of madness. I have seen your refractions and I did not recognize you. I have seen you in various states of madness. How"
  • Top Prospects - Defari
    "*The High And The Mighty* '''Mr. Eon:''' Taste this delicious, mystic malicious Ridiculousness, I tease like my snippets I strip this down to the core and explore Many more want, what I have in store For"
  • Ages and Stages - Meligrove Band
    "You came and lit up my heart And then you disappear I was then afraid of the dark And the footsteps that I'd hear I need, I need to know You're still around And I'm not alone I need, I need to know You"
  • Stages Of Dying - Don't Look Down
    "Something has got to happen In a state of disbelief so often I can't sleep, can't seem to focus This love so pure it almost broke us And I lie awake alone without you On this night that never ends What"
  • 5 Stages Of Consciousness - Killarmy
    "Intro: killa sin, p.r. terrrorist Yeah, yeah, one, two, check it out, yo 5 stages of consciousness right here You got your conscious, yeah know i'mean, word up You got your sub-conscious You got your"
  • Wash Away (Live Stages Version) - Vertical Horizon
    "An old man lying by the road Black as night He's got his finger on the trigger An easy target in sight He's got no future, no family tree He's got a three dollar bottle And he drinks 'til he can't"
  • Phases And Stages (Theme)/Walkin' - Willie Nelson
    "After carefully considerin' the whole situation I stand with my back to the wall Walkin' is better than runnin' away And crawlin' ain't no good at all And if guilty's the question Truth is the answer"
  • Top - Mustafa Sandal
    "Aramizda bir top Aramizda bir top Aramizda bir top Hatrlattn hatrlatyorum Senin her halini bilmem ama Bu hallerin beni ldrtyor Aklna gelse de uyma bana Bu hallerin beni kskrtyor Aramz kimler at Ltfen soruma"
  • Top - Renata Przemyk
    "Nie żadne Alpy żadne Tatry Nie marne szczyty Sowich Gór Nie średni stok do przejścia łatwy To nie mój wymiar nie mój gust Ja czuję himalajskie wiatry Stamtąd chcę widzieć cały glob Bo mnie interesuje tylko"
  • Top - Bijelo Dugme
    "Topom cu te gadjat' Moja mala Vidim li nekad da Si s drugim stala Kupit cu si top Kad tad kad tad I onda bit cu tvoj Kad tad kad tad Za dan dva, mozda tri Mozda pet, mozda sto Ne znam broj Ali znam da"
  • Top - Garret
    "Slow paces are taking me home My head dont really know where Im coming from In that dark street Ive just been in Ive heard a shot and somebody scream People get down everyday but... hey Rain started to"
  • Top - Live
    "this is not helping me at all what you are doing here in the name of god and love it's the distribution of fear pyramids, healing wires, analysts with fame I haven't got your degree and I forgot your name pick"
  • Top - Mosad/Dybiec
    "nie umiesz mnie zranić choć byś bardzo tego chciał nie umiesz mnie zabić, bo zabrakło tobie jaj wymierzyłeś lufę w moja strone lepiej strzelaj w przeciwnym wypadku w moim dole będziesz leżał moja forsa"
  • Top Top - Os Mutantes
    "Lari... lari... lari... lari... Eu vou sabotar, voc vai se azarar O que eu no ganho eu leso Ningum vai me gozar no jamais Eu vou sabotar, vou casar com ele Vou trepar na escada Pra pintar seu nome no"
  • Top Top - K-Sis
    "Eu vou sabotar Voc vai se azarar O que eu no ganho, eu leso Ningum vai me gozar, no jamais Eu vou sabotar Eu vou casar com ela Vou trepar na escada pra pintar seu nome no cu Sabotagem, Sabotagem, Sabotagem, Eu"
  • Crucifixx-A-Flatt - ZZ Top
    "Ain't gonna no where when yo' tire is flat Better get religion, that's where it at Hey 'coz when it's all blown out, There ain't no doubt A can o' th' man what it's all about Hey 'coz if ya' break down,"
  • Tube Snake Boogie - ZZ Top
    "I got a girl she lives cross town, She's the one that really gets down. When she boogie, She do the tube snake boogie. Well now boogie little baby, Boogie woogie all night long. I got a girl she lives"

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