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  • Zuigram - Zui
    "Buduję pozycje Robię ten hajp I zrobię co mogę By zmieść stąd was I wiem co jest w zasięgu moich rąk Odsuńcie się i patrzcie jak zdobywam ten tron! Możesz mówić mi ze jestem lata świetlne w tyle Uratuję"
  • psychofanka - pit
    "na 100 pro gramy koncert później biegnę, panie zwijam na hotel to stało sie rutyną, którą kocham na walizkach żyję, ale taka jest robota 2k20 bedo i ido – to ja ni e zmieniłem stylu, tylko bawię się spójrz"
  • Dyskrasia - Kidney Thieves
    "Do you wanna be on what i feel?it looks so easy it's not that easy it should be simple but have you ever tried - stay above water, get in the water, drink it and breathe at the same timetake your shirt,"
  • Just a little bit - Mutya Buena
    "Woke up too early this morningShaken by a dream I had when I was in danger of losin' youAnd I made up my mindI was gonna tell you when you opened your eyes I thought it throughWanna be someoneBetter than"
  • The force of gravity - DJ Tiesto
    "Remember the words we use to speakThe promises made have turned to all apologiesThe weight of the storm of memoriesStill you're flying to fight the force of gravityI remember the days I still could breatheNow"
  • Short as hell - Gamma Ray
    "So now we talk about destructiona human race that's left to dienobody ever will believe ituntil we face it eye to eyeLet us talk about hellOur future shines in darkest coloursyou'll never change it, never"
  • Remember the days - Rick Astley
    "Someone called me just the other dayI thought it was you, but my hopes were washed awayI picked up the telephone, it sent a shiver down my spineI wanted to hear your voice, and talk about old times(Chorus)Remember"
  • Sleepyhead - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "Blues and reds and 9 an' a half grand I had customs eatin' outta the palm of my hand And when the smoke didn't clear I looked for my bag Lies a little old lady whose traffic is skag For Bedo and Lewis"
  • Theme from mahagony - Jennifer Lopez
    "Do you know where your going toDo you like the things that live's been showing youWhere are you going toDo you knowDo you gain what you're hoping forWhen you look behind you there's no open doorWhat are"
  • Thorn in my pride - Black Crowes
    "Wake me when the day breaksshow me how the sun shinestell me 'bout your heartache, who could be so unkinddo you dream to touch me? and smile down deep inside...or could you just kill me?'s hard"
  • The saint - 1208
    "I am me as only I can beYou push me from the startA planned device on how to live my lifeI try to play the partAlways wanted something more for meI was born given a pathNever would I make the same mistakesNothing"
  • Our youth 1.2.3 - Irene Cara
    "It's up to you girl, and what you doI can change the world, and you can tooSmile Smile Smile Smile SmileWe're here for a happier worldTry Try Try Try Tryto follow my exampleSo you boys and girlsWe're gonna"
  • You're on your own - Alan Parsons Project
    "Do you know who I amDo you know where you areAre you where you want to beDo you see what you likeDo you like what you seeDo you think a need in youCan fulfill a need in meYou're on your own, you're on"
  • Mojbog... - Adi Smolar
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Mojbog... Saj razumem, da ljudje so agresivni, prenapeti, ivni, majo slabe dni. Za malenkosti vzkipijo, podivjajo, ponorijo, lotijo se blinjih kar s pestmi. Premnoga stanovanja"
  • Ain't ya something honey - Suzi Quatro
    "I'm getting bogged downAnd tired of your pretty voiceAnd keeping your body in bed is getting me mighty annoyedAbout your love makin', I ain't gettin' no thrillsOoh you sit all day, expecting me to pay"
  • He don't love you - The Band
    "He don't love you and he'll break your heartJust like you're breaking mineThen he'll take all of your loveAnd leave you behindI know the name of his gameSays sweet words like flowing rainDo you believe"
  • Nie chcę być jak tata (ft. Żabson) - BIAŁAS & LANEK
    "nie chce mieć życia jak mój tata jeśli chcesz pytać nie będę tyrać na dwóch etapach więc nie negocjuj ze mną w temacie jakim jest kasa bo mam większe ego niż kontrafakt nie śmigam po dachach i tak ciągle"
  • Siedem - Pares
    "Refren: pokus siedem, pokus siedem Czuję się jakaś pusta, Idę po trupach, idę po trupach I łokciami się rozpycham Grzechów siedem, grzechów siedem Czuję się jakaś pusta Idę po trupach, idę po trupach I"
  • Le Sommeil - Anis
    "Refrain: c'est l'heure de se coucher le marchand de sable est pass tu peux sombrer dans les bras de morphe c'est l'heure de se coucher, et tu peux sombrer Et tu peux laisser peser ton coprs de tout son"
  • Du ferme - La Fouine
    "Co-cocane dans l'jean,Samir rejoins quelques clients Porte de DauphineMademoiselle devient folle avec ses amis intimesUn garrot, une seringue et BIM et BIMMais elle a mis plus de jus que dans une orange"

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