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Zawiera rudd

  • Follow The Sun (Western Disco Radio Edit) (Ft. Xavier Rudd) - Time Square
    "Follow, follow the sun and which way the wind blows when this day is done Breathe, breathe in the air Set your intentions Dream with care Tomorrow is a new day for everyone Brand new moon, brand new sun Follow,"
  • Conceal Me - Xavier Rudd
    "Conceal Me (Xavier Rudd) Hey Now I'm speaking once again Oh yeah My name is your head So strange These people that you have That's right my friend It's all just where you're at This is how I like to play This"
  • To Let - Xavier Rudd
    "To Let (Xavier Rudd) The sun is peaking The sun is peering across the bay I am walking Sucking stale air on this fine day Lady squeaking Lady she shuffles ten feet in front Her pants are squeaking Her"
  • B.C People - Xavier Rudd
    "B.C People " Xavier Rudd Oh the mountains are breathing As the breeze hits the side Oh so now thanks for the green peace Oh my friend lets rip it down the line Oh yeah these are good people Oh yeah living"
  • Set It Up - Xavier Rudd
    "Set It Up Xavier Rudd Turn Around and look to the window Turn around and look outside Out there in the jungle There is truth among the lies I have been to cold dark places I have had a broken soul But"
  • Flip And Spin - Xavier Rudd
    "Xavier Rudd "Flip and Spin' So you lied to yourself, and you tortured your health. Touch my feelings touch my hand, see the footprint in the sand, flip it over spin it around, let them settle for now,"
  • Generation Fade - Xavier Rudd
    "It was a movement of the people, like many times before, Who stood up for peace and sat down for war. They ran from the ways, the old school ways Fight those different, kill to be saved. These theories"
  • Better People - Xavier Rudd
    "People saving whales, And giving your thanks to our seas, My respect to the ones in the forest, Standing up for our old trees Them giving food to the hungry, Giving hope to the needy, Giving life to a"
  • Twist - Xavier Rudd
    "Everybody gonna paddle out together Any kind of weather, 'cause everybody's OK Everybody gonna kick back together Speak about each other, 'cause everybody's OK Some people gonna twist up together Have"
  • Stargaze - Xavier Rudd
    "i feel it, with everything you do i like this, i do yes i like you this connection, we felt it, from day one lets lay out peaceful and stare into the stars you came my way when everything was tangled now"
  • Choices - Xavier Rudd
    "Lay me down to rest awhile I'm feeling cold, cold to the bones lay me down so i can fly, fly, fly dragon fly buzzing by these flowers and this sunshine warming me up to the bones lifting me up so i can"
  • Come Let Go - Xavier Rudd
    "come my brother, come slwly come easy, my friend, come my friend come my sister come easy, come breezy, on me, you can depend, come my brother, put our hands up, take your heart out, let go, come let"
  • White Moth - Xavier Rudd
    "tiny bones and skin, sand on your feet these healthy children, the fruits of your tree turquoise flotation, the Indian sea we can float together you and me yeah we love you it's a beautiful day thankyou"
  • Footprint - Xavier Rudd
    "Respect her she's the one Our seasons change with each sun The truth lies in our bones Our choices now affect everyone Like a river cuts through the mountains to the sun The truth cannot be changed"
  • Land Rights - Xavier Rudd
    "Because it was secret, Because it was home, Becuase these were feelings from so long ago. We listen to the sprit, came up strong, We all pulled together to sing this song. This is how they did it, with"
  • Anni Kookoo - Xavier Rudd
    "the places that we lived, the living that we did the places we were put, the things we were giving the things that they took they took away our pride, and if they didn't take our lives, they took away"
  • Come Back - Xavier Rudd
    "i know my answers often left you feeling like you were hanging out to dry i know my reasons have left you wondering why and I've had these questions looming over me since the day you took flight but if"
  • The 12th Of September - Xavier Rudd
    "It's come to our attention Life now is bound to change While we the peaceful majority We sit back and anticipate These are our days now These are not the same now These are not the same These human beings"
  • A 4th World - Xavier Rudd
    "Here we are under these particular stars Here we stand Victorian Where the white folk can grow to know so Very little about the black folk The same folk who rightfully own This piece of beauty that"
  • Don't Understand - Xavier Rudd
    "So come sit down Will you talk with me now? Let me see through your eyes Where there is so much life We are biding our time For these myths to unwind These changes we will confront So peace be where With"

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