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  • Freedun (ft. ZAYN) - M.I.A.
    "I'm a swagger man Rolling in my swagger van From the People's Republic Of Swaggistan I'm M.I.A. I don't need any audition I just got my own little mission I grow bigger than a politician History is just"
  • Cruel (ft. ZAYN) - Snakehips
    "V1 Cop radio screaming Noise and tears (there's) war/death on the tv and then there's you... Its fucked, its crazy I can't concentrate i just see your outline Mhmm, PRE Back where we left off I watch"
  • LIKE I WOULD - Zayn Malik
    "Hey what's up? It's been a while Talking about it's not my style Thought I'd see what's up While I'm lighting up It's cold-hearted, cold-hearte Know it's late, but I'm so wide So you facing God inspire Coz"
  • I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn Malik
    "I’ve been sitting eyes wide open behind these four walls, hoping you'd call It's just a cruel existence like there's no point hoping at all Baby, baby, I feel crazy, Up all night, all night and every"
  • I Won't Mind (ft. Naughty Boy) - Zayn Malik
    "Don't look around cause love is blind And darling right now I can't see you I’m feeling proud so without a doubt I can feel you Cause we are who we are when no one’s watching And right from the start,"
  • Still Got Time (ft. PartyNextDoor) - Zayn Malik
    "Just stop looking for love Girl, you know, you still got time /2x Girl, you know you still got You still got time Girl, you know, you still got time /2x Na instagramowym profilu Zayn Malik zaprezentował"
  • Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Sia) - Zayn Malik
    "Not tryna to be indie Not tryna to be cool Just I’ve trying to be this Tell me are you too can you feel when the wind is? can you feel it through all of the windows inside this room coz I wanna touch"
  • Late Nights - Zayn Malik
    "So late nights, Red Eyes, I need you!"
  • Fingers - Zayn Malik
    "fucked and i want ya looked nd I loved ya stuck wno I need ya hopin I’d see ya much can conceal her, yah hiding all your feathers sliding on a filter show me you’re just in the middles don’t; be hiding"
  • It's You - Zayn Malik
    "She got, she got, she got Her own reason for talking to me She don't, she don't, she don't give a f* about what I need And I can't tell you why Because my brain can't equate it Tell me your lies Because"
  • Stand Still - Zayn Malik
    "skies of blue and birds of yellow flowers growing just to bloom a million chances of our glances caching eyes across the room if time stands still move I will to you this world’s filled somehow I see"
  • There You Are - Zayn Malik
    "Only you know me the way you know me Only you forgive me when I’m sorry need you when i’m broken when I’m fixed need you when I’m well and when I’m sick friends that I rely on don’t come through they"
  • Common - Zayn Malik
    "Always lookin' out behind my fences Always felt isolated I don't know why I was so defensive I'll find a way to let you in I'll die if I don’t try damned if I ask why this is something real this is"
  • Better - Zayn Malik
    "Hope i only leave good vibes On your living room floor It hurt so bad that i didn’t when you asked for more Your dad probably loves me more then b ever did now Caus ei finnally got out Yaeh, we finnally"
  • No Type (ft. Mic Righteous) - Zayn Malik
    "I don't got no type Bad bitches is the only thing that I like You ain't got no life Cups with the ice and we do this every night I ain't check the price I make my own money, so I spend it how I like I'm"
  • Good Years - Zayn Malik
    "I’d rather be anywhere, anywhere but here I’d rather be anywhere, anywhere but here I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears I pray to God I didn’t waste all my good years All my good years,"
  • Sour Diesel - Zayn Malik
    "walks in the place, hands on her waist gun on her thigh, big shooter game she did this before, murdered to gain promised her ma she won’t kill again she got it and she know got it I’m taking off like"
  • Angel (ft. Rihanna) - Zayn Malik
    "I need an angel to save me from myself holding my savior to keep my hearth upon shelf do you remember the things we said the things we’d left calling for ever for every passing moment left I need an"
  • Good Guy - Zayn Malik
    "Don't you fall for me, girl I'm not the right kind I'm a bad man I will do all I can to keep you by my side Just 'cause I know it feels right tell me your story not boring where our people only pick"
  • No Candle No Light (feat. Nicki Minaj) - Zayn Malik
    "hang on your hand chet on yur chest tangled in bed but I’m feeling you less why do you make believe why do you sell me dreams sms in the morning light we gotta we gotta we gotta face it the fire the fire"

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