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Zeamsone Siles San Francisco

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Zeamsone Siles San Francisco

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Zeamsone Siles San Francisco
  • Tondos & Zeamsone San Francisco
    "Czuję, że płynę daleko gdzieś Wrócę na pewno bo czeka na mnie Wskoczę do wody na środku morza A wersy wyciągną mnie na brzeg Stoimy razem face to face Białe Racery i czerwona krew Trudne decyzje i głęboki"
  • Maxime Le Forestier San Francisco
    "C'est une maison bleue Adosse la colline On y vient pied, on ne frappe pas Ceux qui vivent l, ont jet la cl On se retrouve ensemble Aprs des annes de route Et l'on vient s'asseoir autour du repas Tout"
  • MU330 San Francisco
    "Well I just got off the phone. And I'm sittin' here all alone and I couldn't feel better! It's my turn to get it and stick it and im gonna fly to San Francisco Gonna play with Johnny Socko and im gonna"
  • Judy Garland San Francisco
    "I never will forget, Mmmm...Jeanette MacDonald Just to think of her, it gives my heart a pang I never will forget, how that brave Jeanette Just stood there in the ruins and sang, and sang... San Francisco,"
  • Vanessa Carlton San Francisco
    "I, I know what you did Like a boy of summer gives his first kiss Love is dancing on my finger He got to the heart of the matter and lingered And now I'm walking with the living I always liked steinbeck"
  • Rufus Wainwright San Francisco
    "I never will forget Jeanette MacDonald: Just to think of her, it gives my heart a pang I never will forget how that brave Jeanette Just stood there in the ruins and sang, and sang: San Francisco, open"
  • Me First And The Gimme Gimmes San Francisco
    "If you're going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair If you're going to San Francisco You're gonna meet some gentle people there For those who come to San Francisco Summertime will"
  • Brian Wilson San Francisco
    "Time to giddy-up doo wah diddy-up San Francisco San Francisco Her lover's arms were open wide Where the gates of golden Waits with charms unfoldin' Hold that cable car up there with pride I gotta ride"
  • Le Forestier Maxime San Francisco
    "Paroles et musique : Maxime Le Forestier 1973 by ditions Concidences 1 C'est une maison bleue Adosse la colline On y vient pied On ne frappe pas Ceux qui vivent l Ont jet la cl On se retrouve ensemble Aprs"
  • Jill Sobule San Francisco
    "She shuts the door behind me, waits for me to get undressed She ask if I need water, I can barely understand her I think she asked me what I do and I said that I'm a singer She laughs and claps her hands And"
  • Foxygen San Francisco
    "Up in the San Francisco where the forest meets the bridge I thought I saw you standing there and them you fell onto the rails But that was many years ago and I am so much older now My brother is a soldier"
  • Village People San Francisco
    "Folsom Street, on the way to Polk and Castro You don't find them finer Freedom, freedom is in the air, yeah Searching for what we all treasure : pleasure Cycles, cycles in the night shining bright Brightly"
  • Staggered Crossing San Francisco
    "Heading out of old San Francisco Passing by the Golden Gate bridge Left my woman and child there stranded Still don't know why I did It was late in the evening And something just felt right You can run"
  • Hello Saferide San Francisco
    "Winter's been real long this year I know, cause I've been there Summer never seemed to come along And when it did, it felt all wrong You've been sitting on the sidewalks wondering what went wrong with"
  • Automatic Loveletter San Francisco
    "I fell face down on the floor This strange city won't feel sorry for All my fairy tales and dreams This old kingdom isn't what it seems All we are are wishing wells This heart-shaped box belongs to me It"
  • Scott McKenzie San Francisco
    "If you're going to San FranciscoBe sure to wear some flowers in your hairIf you're going to San FranciscoYou're gonna meet some gentle people thereFor those who come to San FranciscoSummertime will be"
  • Niall Horan San Francisco
    "Moon shining, sun rising You're the one I want to wake up to Lights fading, I'm changing Overthinking, I don't know what to do I wanna kiss you like the first time Hold you like it's not goodbye Wish"
  • The Dingees San Francisco
    "Be fine in line stand straight in time When in doubt watch me then mime What you see carbon copy now believe what I believe Exactly what do I see? Hypocrisy and I'm slippin' free Your movin' to San Francisco I"
  • Revolver San Francisco
    "San Francisco huele a senda recorrida aunque fuera solo en hojas de papel cuando llegas la humedad lo invade todo y ese viento que no deja ni un minuto de correr sabe como una mujer enamorada de la que"
  • Brett Dennen San Francisco
    "Go if you want to go But I won't follow, just so you know Be if you want to leave But I won't be here when you come home I'm gonna move to San Francisco Look up some old friends I'm gonna get me a Navy"

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