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Zed maren Morris the meddel

Wykonawcy (2037)

Zed maren Morris the meddel

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Zed maren Morris the meddel
  • Zedd The Middle (feat. Maren Morris & Grey)
    "DJ ZEDD czyli Anton Igoriewicz Zasławski za pośrednictwem kanałów społecznościowych zapowiedział premierę nowej piosenki. Utwór "The Middle" ujrzy światło dzienne 23 stycznia 2018 roku, gościnnie pojawią"
  • Zed Yago Zed Yago
    "Zed Yago's bound to sail across the water because her father sold his soul and left that curse on her he left that curse on his daughter Accompanied by ghosts from the past they're crying out in"
  • Spiers And Boden Child Morris
    "Child Morris stood in the good green wood, With red gold shined his weed. By him stood a little page boy, Dressing a milk-white steed. "I fear for you my master, For your fame it waxes wide. It is not"
  • Jimmy Buffett Morris nightmare
    "Down in the islands where the happy folks stay Everybody do what Bwana Jim say He say its ok, it's ok You can do what you wanna Do what you like Twist a big ol' number Ride a motorbike It's alright, It's"
  • Murs & Slug Morris Day
    "Stepped inside this depth of a dive With nothing but my breath and this rep that I'm riding Check around the room to get a fresh look Most these names already in the guest book So I'm gonna sit on my stool"
  • Outkast Morris Brown
    "Whether you like it or not, he's back D-A-double D-Y Fat Sacks Ridin' in the Cadillac Beatin' like some beat it up The game dun' changed Out- Kast came to heat it up Sharp as a tack like I just left church"
  • The Mars Volta Zed And Two Naughts
    "I'm not breathing any better Mallets crack with every grin I hear the scraping plea of branches Against my broken window I won't let you in The silhouette holds me under Can't poke me with these pins Flotsam"
  • The Manhattan Transfer Freddy Morris Monologue
    "Ok, wanna settle down over there? Hold the music there, hold it... I've been asked by the Transfers to come out here and talk to you I'm the raging Freddy Morris, I've been around a long time. What's so"
  • Maren Morris Rich
    "If i had a dollar every time that I swore you off and a 20 every time that I picked when you called and a crisp new Benjamin for when you’re here then gone again and a dollar every time I was right about"
  • Manhattan Transfer Freddy Morris monologue
    "Ok, wanna settle down over there? Hold the music there, hold it... I've been asked by the Transfers to come out here and talk to you I'm the raging Freddy Morris, I've been around a long time. What's so"
  • Clean Bandit Up Again (feat. Rae Morris)
    "I've given up again, maybe I'm just tired Of thinking that there was one way, only one way out I was hoping by now, that maybe I'd have found Answers to the questions that are keeping me down Even though"
  • Mental Home Into the Realms of Marena
    "Losing paths in the nights Seven days I'm in quest for you Taken too far and high To turn back off my way Trees are closing behind my horse Leaving no trakcs I ride On the winding and icy road Right into"
  • Niall Horan, Maren Morris Seeing Blind
    "I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams watched it unfold on the screen but I never understood I have heard, have heard you speak a million words now you’re talking to me first never though you would oh"
  • Kaskade Call My Name (feat. Rae Morris)
    "Lift, lift my head to see you Good morning to you wise Reach reach my arm to find you, to see you I'd be waiting for you, waiting for you Waiting for you to call my name I'd be waiting for you, waiting"
  • Moonlight Maren - re
    "W swoich dłoniach trzymasz pękmoich marzeńtylko jedno słowożebym rozpadł się na częścii stał się nieporadnyniczym przytulane dzieckoza chwilę wstanie dzieńprzywita nowym blaskiemi znowu obudzi się gwara"
  • Moonlight Maren re
    "W swoich dłoniach trzymasz pęk moich marzeń tylko jedno słowo żebym rozpadł się na części i stał się nieporadny niczym przytulane dziecko za chwilę wstanie dzień przywita nowym blaskiem i znowu"
  • Moonlight Maren re (Akt ostatni)
    "Widziałem, jak stoisz daleko,Gdzieś na zgaszonej zmęczeniem ulicyPodchodzą po to by zabićChcieli tylko CiebieWtedyWidziałem jak umieraszWidzę to wciąż od nowaJak noże kaleczyły Twe ciałoJak bili Cię czymś"
  • Morris Desire
    "Baby outta my way Don't you blow away I really wanna say ... oh-oh-oh I want you by my side Then we can start the night I wanna feel alright Let's just dance tonight Baby outta my way Don't you blow away I"
  • Zed Bleeding on the radio
    "I see the feeling flashing and eye Awake the frequency of your life Put back what you take Make up what you break Or watch the tv burn the sky Bleeeeeeding on the radio Bleeeeeeding on the radio"
  • Maren Ord Perfect
    "Don't close your eyes They may not open What if they open Would you be alive Everyone falls But not everyone rises Why don't you get up And rise again for me refren What if the world were a little more"

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