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Zemsone abs

  • I Put The Abs In Abstinence - Powerspace
    "So how's your affair With the millionaire with silver hair? Does he care? Your love affair, I am aware Is void of love indeed The greatest weight of all Towers over your shoulders While the longest wait"
  • Miss Perfect (feat. Nodesha) - ABS
    "Abs... Nodesha... Shorty, c'mon, uh Oh my, you was looking so down When I first met you I bet you didn't think it would get to a situation when I'd let you, Just go, so that you let me know, Why you're"
  • Miss Perfect - ABS
    "Abs... Nodesha... Shorty, c'mon, uh Oh my, you was looking so down When I first met you I bet you didn't think it would get to a situation when I'd let you, Just go, so that you let me know, Why you're"
  • Miss perfect - ABS Breen
    "(feat. Nodesha)Abs...Nodesha...Shorty, c'mon, uhOh my, you was looking so downWhen I first met youI bet you didn't think it would get to a situation when I'd let you,Just go, so that you let me know,Why"
  • Music For Cars - ABS
    "MUSIC ... FOR ... CARS Handle with care, You better beware, My bassline'll tear through your sub, I'm a take u there, Like I'm a Vauschsprung Dauch Technics sound arranger, Green, amber, red yo it's"
  • Rain - ABS
    "It's been about a couple of days gone by When I last saw you When you said bye-bye Then you walked away and left me alone All get is a dial tone When I call your phone Occasionally I'll roll about your"
  • Roll With Me - ABS
    "It's just one of those days when Nothing wants to go alright. So I slipped on a brand new shirt and stepped out into the night. And as I rode down the road in my Benz, See you standin' with a man, You"
  • Shame - ABS
    "(Yeah... wooo Uh, uh-huh... c'mon... uh Yo... ch'mere ... uh, uh) The first time I laid my eyes on you, You know that... girl, you know I had to. She had the honeycomb lips fired up. I had the drop top,"
  • Stop Sign - ABS
    "Stop! She was banging But lovin' was cold Keep it up, it's going to be a love TKO Trying to find my direction Instead of feeling the love You break it all down into section Cos I want you baby And I"
  • The Dog In Me - ABS
    "Let's go... Yo, it's hot how you do your thing. Everything about you... Is bootylicious, I have to... ooh! Creep upon you as I pass you, Wanna blast you, But I didn't wanna ask you. You hold on... You"
  • Turn Me Up - ABS
    "Well I know you heard about girl how I like to When I do my thing when I'm in the mood And if you want girl we can freak, on that dirty week Girl I think I'm falling for you Yeh, you're giving me those"
  • What You Got - ABS
    "Y'know... I got a girl... but.. still Hit the block around twenty to nine, Checkin' my girl But then I see this girl lookin' fine, so I Asked her if she wouldn't mind, Could you tell me your name and what"
  • Stop That Bitchin - ABS
    "Stop naggin' girl, you just shut-up! Always on my case bout how I spend my dough up. The only reason that I'm here still with u coz' I love u, But why u wanna know what I get up 2? Ever had a girl don't"
  • 7 Ways - ABS
    "I dont know who but it wasnt me He wasnt all you'd thought he be And then broke your heart, girl you should have let me know coz you left it kind of hard for me to show Just how it feels when i'm next"
  • Angel - ABS
    "Send mean angel let her be someone who loves me just for me just the way i am y'all i dont want to be lonely i'm feeling For someone and lately ive been thinking if your the one i'm seeing in my dreams Take"
  • Back To The Limbo - ABS
    "I don't know bout you, But I came here to party, yeah Tonight is your night, gonna find yourself somebody (Yo what your gonna say) I say hey pretty girl, Do you wanna dance the night away, But you don't"
  • Come With A Little Bit More - ABS
    "Yo, sonic kaboom, I bring it to ya like a monsoon. MC upon scene, bring it to ya whole team. Kaboom! Guess who stepped in the room? The pop bandit with another kris choon. Make ya, make ya, make ya, wanna"
  • Emotional - ABS
    "Oh its still a mystery How she got me high Anticipating what She's gonna do cos I Can't seem to let it go Addicted by her drug Aint got no remedy for this contagious kind of love Didn't mean to get emotional Feel"
  • Lost For Words - ABS
    "Ah... yo... This ain't no crush... Ah, It's the real thing, babe. Ah.. c'mon... ah. It's about that time. You don't mind, gotta let you know you're lookin' kinda fine. Hot with the style ya got, Hot with"
  • Lovers Rock - ABS
    "I ain't trying to hide it Since i laid my eyes on you Ain't no use trying to fight it From falling deep into you I want you here with me It's how it's got to be Girl ifeel surroundedby you Beautiful"

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