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  • Drifter - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Drifter -- sleepwalk Drifter -- sleeptalk Awake to who is following Moving -- like water Moving -- drifting on the wind A drifter coming in Then I dreamt that I awoke And all around was asleep With eyes"
  • Drifter - David Gates
    "I'm a drifter floatin' on the sea Goin' where the currents take me And I don't think I'll ever come to rest 'Cause I'm a drifter floatin' on the ocean I've kinda got to where I like the motion Things are"
  • Drifter - Joanna Pacitti
    "All the corners of my tainted heart are taken Can you handle being second to my integrity? Won't apologize I'm selfish and I own it Don't take it personal cause that's just me Oh baby that's just me Chorus: I'm"
  • Drifter - Amie Miriello
    "it is not the way i can save when you r by my side it is not way if you face every stright *sigh* it is not the way someone reaches me like you did i can`t let go every single time that we kiss yeah it"
  • Drifter - Whitesnake
    "I was born a rambling man An I never got the chance To settle down an get a hold on love Takin air an movin around Is all I can see that Im doin An it is bringin me down Drivin on a highway going"
  • Drifter - Deep Purple
    "I was born a rambling man An' I never got the chance To settle down an' get a hold on love Takin' air an' movin' around Is all I can see that I'm doin' An' it is bringin' me down Drivin' on a highway"
  • Drifter - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "I'm just a drifter I'll stay until you try to tie me down I'm not a quitter, baby I'd like to stay and see the whole thing go down. Don't try to tell me What I gotta do to fit Don't try to rescue me, I'm"
  • Drifter - Neil Young
    "I'm just a drifter I'll stay until you try to tie me down I'm not a quitter, baby I'd like to stay and see the whole thing go down. Don't try to tell me What I gotta do to fit Don't try to rescue me, I'm"
  • Drifter - De/Vision
    "Loneliness calls you Push the teenage dreams aside Tonight Open the door to Chase away the demon from your mind Reality bores you Go on clinging to this fool's Paradise Feelings don't reach you Worn out"
  • Drifter - In Flames
    "It's hard to believe You could be such a disease I can no longer separate what's real Hope that fate will find me safe All my reflections laugh at me You made me hide my name It just feels bad to say That"
  • Drifter - Q Strange
    "I cant explain why I'm filled with hate But one hot summer day on the interstate I was hitchhiking looking for this killing mate I'm feelin great I wanna singlehandily increase the murder rate And terminate"
  • Drifter - Iron Maiden
    "(Steve Harris) Walk away! Look out now, baby won't you take me away, Sittin' here its gonna be a new day. Gotta sing my song and I can't go wrong, Gotta keep on roaming, gotta sing my song. What you"
  • DRIFTER - Sidewalks and Skeletons
    "Drifting into nowhere There is no reality We are the ghosts of your dreams Drifting in between"
  • Zimowy taniec - Stare Dobre Małżeństwo
    "Bażanty - choć takie ulotnecicho podchodzą pod miastosufit zmrokiem się marszczygrudniowe dni szybko gasnąBażanty - sny koloroweniosą w bramę ogrodui grają na grzebieniachin secula seculorumTańczą tańczą"
  • Postój zimowy - Czesław Śpiewa
    "A kiedy ręka uchyla zasłony, I świat po nocy jawi się widzialny, Na śnieżnych wieżach kołyszą się dzwony I stoją w oknach szronu białe palmy, I puch opada pazurkiem strącony. Łaskawa zima codziennie nam"
  • Babylon Drifter - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "Too wild to possess, maverick Babylon Drifter. In love with a spy and the ultimate eapon, she'll pay the price just to make it happen. Passion plays through dangerous vision. Saying alive is just part"
  • Soul Drifter - Lindsey Buckingham
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham I a soul drifter And I out of this town Ain no use hangin?ound You see My heart was broken My part was spoken Now the ground has opened All around me I a soul lifter And"
  • Night Drifter - Grave Digger
    "Well, it's a game It's allright, let me stay Until sunrise I'm out all night long What could ever call me home Before daylight On and on I go That's the way I wanna live You're got what you want Mix another"
  • The Drifter - Neil Diamond
    "Well, I'm the drifter I walk the highways I cross the river That rolls on forgotten I sing for the living And live for the trying But what's it about If you got to be trying alone And I'm the dreamer Who"
  • Scary Drifter - Rock N Roll Worship Circus
    "do you see Him coming? did you hear the cries? of the Holy Scary Drifter with fire in His eyes? look around, He's coming back for you feel the wind is rushing, tearing through the sky see the coulds are"

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