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Zwrotka punch

  • Punch - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "In a small,but perfect,playpen, they practise,badly,being grown-ups, no-one makes the right decisions, throwing childish tantrums; their mummy never gave them a dummy, busy in her perfect kitchen, daddy"
  • Nie 1(+3 zwrotka) - Pokahontaz
    "Po co ja tu? po co ja światu?z tym złym fatum - szlak w krąg desperatówratuj me oblicze! gdyż niż mam i cienko kwiczęstratuj stryczek! gdyż krzyż nam postawią i zniczea życzę sobie zasnąć i liczę że"
  • Punch Rocker - Emma Roberts
    "You can't always be fabulous or in control Sometimes you just got to roll with the punches Or the punch bowel I can handle a few new names Call Me: Punchrocker puncherella punchmaster peter punchkinhead punchy"
  • Sucker Punch - Sigrid
    "meet me in the hallway for a cup of coffee by the stairs we’re both in a hurry let’s steal a minute when there’s no on ethere both our last hoodless red you’re in my head there’s no pressure at least"
  • Punch Drunk - Dr. Feelgood
    "(wallis/brilleaux/sparks/martin/mayo) I had a house I had a car I used to smoke the best cigars The taste of oysters and champagne Now it's all gone down the drain Cause she's gone left me stretched out"
  • Tiger Punch - Hibria
    "The sirens warn the runway attack The fire burns all the tanks To stay on ground is a shortcut to death The only escape is the sky You have waited for this chance With no fear to assault Tiger Punch In"
  • Phantom Punch - Sondre Lerche
    "Honestly isn't it enough? Everytime you cross the red line My tracks go tangling Anyway where did you become Such a sneaky perpetrator Strangely rebellious You don't want to feel the phantom punch Isn't"
  • Mr. Punch - Future Bible Heroes
    "Everybody gets it sometime, sorry Virus, fire, gryoscope, lear jet, lorry Choking on a chicken bone lurking in lunch And you're dead, dead, dead! But not Mr. Punch That Mr. Punch, he's a rum one, ain't"
  • Donkey Punch - Avenue D
    "Got a new dance, real easy to do just take off your pants and watch my crew if you do it tonight you might get laid, if you do it right, hell you might get paid first off, all you hoes and skanks turn"
  • Sucker Punch - No Assembly Required
    "life's a bitch and so am i and why is this? wanna fuckin make you cry and now you're pissed? i want to take this out on you i fucked the rest and i'll fuck you too ripping all my skin i cant bleed no"
  • Punch & Judy - Elliott Smith
    "A wallflower punch talks to judy In a crowded corner where anybody can listen in But they don't read page to page or speak easy Now they're gonna go say the words In the wrong order again They walk in"
  • Love Punch - The Chalets
    "At first you were a dream but now you're a nightmare This kind of shit I have nothing to compare I'm coming home to a punch or a kiss You tell me it's your heart but I know it's your fist I know you love"
  • Punch Drunk - Pennywise
    "Punch-drunk intoxication There are jackals in power who feed on frustration Sheer will you move it or lose it There's power in numbers when are we gonna use it Collateral damage with innocents' dying The"
  • Punch Lines - Canibus
    "(feat. Hamza) Canibus, Hamza! Follow us into a new era Where lyrical content is a MUST! We cut microphones like, gangsters holdin chrome Like, Toto you far from home Like, words spoken wrong will"
  • Punch & Judy - Marillion
    "Washing machine, pinstripe dream Stripped the gloss from a beauty queen Found our nest, in the Daily Express Met the vicar in a holy vest Brought up the children Church of E Now I vegetate with a colour"
  • The Punch - Silent Drive
    "I wasted time to find you in the line of love Just so you could learn how to hide Because we're finding answers now and screening evidence That just doesn't add up to your innocence and it's wearing this"
  • Honey Punch - BeForU
    "Nandemo nai koto de Butsukatte namida detarishite Wagamama na atashi no tonari de Kawaranai egao kureta Zettai no Communication! Yappa kore ga daiji deshou?! Yatta! Congratulation! Tokubetsu na hito e Yume"
  • Stud Punch - Retard-O-Bot
    "Take a good hard look at yourself bitch Then take a good hard look at me, you see, what to do you see? Take a good hard look at yourself baby Then take a good hard look at me, you see, what to do you see? you"
  • Punch And Judy - Fish
    "Washing machine, pinstripe dream stripped the gloss from a beauty queen Punch and Judy, Judy, Judy Found our nest in the Daily Express, met the Vicar in a holy vest Punch and Judy, Punch and Judy Brought"
  • Punch and Judy - The Stranglers
    "Punch remembers where he has been Judy knows he's being fair Punch has always hugged her tightly Judy's waited on his touch Punch has dreamed about her every night And Judy's never had that much Punch"

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