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a baro a luma sze

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a baro a luma sze

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a baro a luma sze
  • Twelve Tribes Luma
    "It's hard enough to pretend That this quasi-cosmetic Relationship's immune system is automatic I've been so tragically fooled Into believing that time is healing our wounds While the remedy is looking"
  • Nieznani Sze
    "Słowa: Henryk ("Szkot") Czekała Muzyka: trad. Raz kolejny wiódł mnie szlak, Abym wrócił pod swój dach. Bóg dał mi siły, żeby znów Przetrwać wszystko, choć los zły Wciąż wydłużał senne dni, A do domu jeszcze"
  • Mechanicy Szanty Sze
    "Sześć błota stóp, sześć błota stóp. Uderz w bęben już, bo nadszedł czas, wrzućcie mnie do wody, na wieczną wachtę trza tam, gdzie .. Sześć błota stóp, sześć błota stóp, dziewięć sążni wody i sześć błota"
  • Nieznani Sze
    "Uderz w bęben, bo już nadszedł mój czas. Wrzućcie mnie do wody, na wieczną wachtę trza tam gdzie... Bo sześć stóp błota, sześć błota stóp. Dziewięć sążni wody i sześć błota stóp. Ściągnijcie flagę w dół,"
  • Bee Gees Lum-de-loo
    "I been the mayor in this old town (lum-de lum-de-loo) I am a woman's man , females all around (lum-de lum-de-loo) I'm respected , I am detested , lo What they really don't know is I shot a man in Ellenburg,"
  • Anthrax Bare
    "Standing on some dotted line Reacting to the hands of time A circumstance that I've been fed Leaving questions in my head Find the space that was left bare An empty space I'd gladly share One must live"
  • Nova Heather Bare
    "I want to live where the sky is big Simple and free That's where I want to be Simple and free That's where I gotta be Take my clothes off Be the one I am In my own rhythm Like the water Just living day"
  • Heather Nova Bare
    "I want to live where the sky is big Simple and free That's where I want to be Simple and free That's where I gotta be Take my clothes off Be the one I am In my own rhythm Like the water Simple and free That's"
  • Colonial Cousins Krishna Nee Bega Baro
    "Krishna nee bega baro Krishna nee bega baro Doctor's coming round And everybody fighting with their brothers Everybody wants control Don't hesitate to kill one another So come back as Jesus Come back"
  • John Mayer Bare Ballin
    "There's a new sensation Sweeping all the nation And they're calling it Bare ballin it, bare ballin it Well I seem to have forgotten the crucial layer of cotton We're all in it, we're all in it We're"
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies Bare Necessities
    "Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife. I mean those bare necessities, of mother nature's recipes, that bring the bare necessities of life."
  • The Jayhawks Behind Bars
    "Behind bars The color of the sun will break this heart of mine Behind bars Midnight in a jail, nothing seems right And I know the shame you suffered The night I held you tight Behind bars I know"
  • Fleetwood Mac Bare trees
    "Bare trees, grey light Oh yeah it was a cold night Bare trees, grey light I was alone in the cold of a winters day You were alone and so snug in your bed I was alone in the cold of a winters day You were"
  • Delta Goodrem Bare Hands
    "I've got a question on my mind You can answer in your time Just don't freeze like a deer in the headlights Sometimes it's the risk of getting hurt That's beautiful and worse, Is being numb feeling nothing"
  • Tony Joe White Bare Necessities
    "I try to be cool but you turn on the heat You got sexy ways tantalize me It's there between us and you know it's true Just roll with it baby I'm gonna take care of you We got the feeling and that's all"
  • Bob Dylan Steel Bars
    "In the night I hear you speak Turn around, you're in my sleep Feel your hands inside your soul You're holding on and won't let go I've tried running but there's no escape Can't bend them, and (I know)"
  • Royce Da 5'9 52 Bars
    "(Royce Da 5'9") Yeah, yeah (5-9) yeah This is Hip-Hop 101 niggaz (yeah, the M.I.C. nigga) I'm bout to teach y'all MC's how to count bars Check it out (real MC's) Let's get to it niggaz (Chorus) 52 bars"
  • Spirit Of The West Bare Branches
    "You could see her then, will you see her again? She leaves a trail but fades from view She needs us all to see right through her You could reach her then, will you reach her again? She's falling and it's"
  • Delight Bare Tree
    "your face comes back through cracks in usual days I understand walk on and look away I'm killing time I know there's nothing to wait for rewriting my lines I'll make my decisions tomorrow there's so much"
  • Madeleine Peyroux Bare Bones
    "I remember what my daddy taught me 'Bout how one risky is in a cold ditch And one more thing about good and evil You can't tell which is which Well, if the rest is lost and history Or maybe wasted on a"

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