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a cruel angel

  • So Cruel - U2
    "We crossed the line Who pushed who over It doesn't matter to you It matters to me We're cut adrift But still floating I'm only hanging on To watch you go down My love I disappeared in you You disappeared"
  • Cruel - Andreas Johnson
    "Caught you floating on the sidewalk disconnected from the shore In the last act of devotion you said "love I've been here before" So you came for the reception now gravity just brought you back (Save me)"
  • Cruel - The Veronicas
    "Wish I could say you're not the one My heart hangs on, you're having fun We can't be lovers and we can't be friends That I still want you and I can't pretend It fuckin' kills me that we're done A little"
  • Cruel - Human Nature
    "You can say love's forever And find it never stays In you I've recovered The one thing that must remain I'm tired of a world undone I've figured out you're my setting sun It's cruel The way I'm needing"
  • Cruel - Jessie Ware
    "If I told you What you said before Would you be just as certain What's going on? Cause actions (Actions) Speak louder than the words you sowed (And you ought to know) I've been wonderin' Why I'm holdin',"
  • Cruel - Dua Lipa
    "Cab radio screaming Noise and tears Death on the TV And then there's you Messed up, it's crazy I can't concentrate I just see your outline Mhmm Back where we left off Watch you take your dress off I've"
  • Cruel - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori From The Choirgirl Hotel Cruel So don't give me respect Don't give me a piece of your presiousness flaunt all sh'es got in our old neighbourhood I'm sure she'll make a few friends Even the rain"
  • Cruel - Bertine Zetlitz
    "She said, haven't loved in a year I said, you have nothing to fear We fled, but she didn't see me stay behind, no She's got the most beautiful eyes I've got the most beautiful life We fled, but she didn't"
  • Cruel - Tori Amos
    "So don't give me respect Don't give me a piece of your presiousness flaunt all sh'es got in our old neighbourhood I'm sure she'll make a few friends Even the rain bows down Let us pray as you cock-cock-cock"
  • Cruel - Toto
    "What you've got You had to steal That's the reason For how you feel Considering what You've done so far I'm rather amazed At where you are Lift your head up babe Pull yourself together Nothing's worse"
  • Cruel - Prefab Sprout
    "Cruel is the gospel thats sets us all free, then takes you away from me. There is no Chicago urban blues, more heartfelt than my lament for you. I'm a liberal guy, too cool for the macho ache, with a secret"
  • Cruel - Jeff Buckley
    "Oh Yeah Born no longer just a baby Always trying to keep in one place for long, oh long enough to sleep Oh sleep and dreams are here the same got no rest they'll no longer speak to you Moving on again I'm"
  • Cruel - Exilia
    "Am I too weak when I see your weapon? Am I too sweet for your plasticliving? Am I too deep if I dream another life? Am I too weird, not like anybody else? Twisting like a chain Twisting like a chain Twisting"
  • Cruel - Calexico
    "Cruel, cruel grounds Leak truths never found Torturous ways Whisper from the grave A slow spun song of distortion Bitter, bitter mouth Spitin' out seeds of doubt Rituals seek root Razed before"
  • Cruel - Default
    "Oh yeah Born no longer a baby Always trying to keep In one place for long, oh long enough to sleep Oh sleep and dreams are here the same Gone'n got no rest They'll no longer speak to you. moving on again I'm"
  • Cruel - Bryan Ferry
    "My sun is set - and my day is done When I turn to the east I can see no dawn But iron horse come - buffalo gone Like blades of grass they cut us all down Yes I know what it is to be free To run as far"
  • Cruel - Foxes
    "Tell a lie /2x That makes me want to stay Give me something out of nothing If it’s not too late If it’s real /2x I guess I feel the pain Coming closer Out of focus And It’s hard to /2x Love someone who"
  • Cruel - Cemetery Of Scream
    "What did you give Give to the man Mind that can only fell'n'suffer Heart made with With daub smiles Meaningless words And bottomless torment. What did you give to the man when he with bowed head With"
  • Cruel - Farewell Flight
    "When we were kids, we would always climb the tallest trees in town We never thought about what would happen if we lost our footing on the 37th branch, and fell down to the ground When we were kids, we"
  • Cruel - Public Image Ltd.
    "Body and soul-an animal As a sword-swing double edged Dig deep down-that monthly frown You have the tools-to make men fools Cleopatra-the rat catcher Preambling-eyeball shopping You're measuring-your"

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