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a great Big World

  • Great Big World - Blues Traveler
    "Gauntlets Thrown one by one See how They run And when the check doesn't clear And it's time to pay the bill Some are gonna ride it out Some can't and they never will 'Cause it's a great big world calling"
  • Great Big World - Eric Schwartz
    "Sun comes into my room I jump out a bed Go straight to the kitchen put some coffee on and toast some bread Brand new morning, gotta get going, Turn on the shower make it in before the water's flowing Shave"
  • It's A Great Big World - Judy Garland
    "Susan: I bought a bonnet to suit my face I had my petticoat trimmed with lace I looked at the mirror, around I twirled And then I went out in the wide, wide World I dreamed of gentlemen I would meet"
  • Great White Big World - Marilyn Manson
    "In space the stars are no nearer They just glitter like a morgue And I dreamed I was a spaceman Burned like a moth in a flame And our world was so fucking gone But I'm not attached to your world"
  • Great Big White World - Love Like Blood
  • Great Big White World - Marilyn Manson
    "In space the stars are no nearer Just glitters like a morgue And I dreamed I was a spaceman Burned like a moth in a flame And our world was so fucking gone I'm not attached to your world Nothing heals"
  • Great big love - Bruce Cockburn
    "Evening sun slants across the road Painting everything with gold I'm headed for home, got a woman there I can barely wait to hold Got wind in my hair, got the heat inside Heart jumping up and down An empty"
  • Big Big World - Lisa Germano
    "Got a big big heart A big broken heart In a big big world In a dance we smiled A big big smile On a big dance floor Floating floating floating Floating floating floating Got a love so huge A big big"
  • Chicago (A Great Big Town) - Ray Charles
    "There's a great big town On a great big lake Called Chicago. When the sun goes down It is wide awake. Take your ma and your pa, Go to Chicago. Boston is England N'Orleans is France, New York is anyone's For"
  • Great Big Rip Off - The Ordinary Boys
    "It found us It drowned us It's not us it's the world around us Get ready For this tip off Get ready it's the great big rip-off It's not dirty it's clean It's not you who told me Let's let the world around"
  • Great Big Big Big Head - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Great Big Big Big Head The naked body of liberace, for a great big big big head. The shoes of imelda marcos, for a great big big big head. Buffalo penis from outer space,"
  • Great Big Love - Rock N Roll Worship Circus
    "tell me what do i do when i'm caught looking at You? the moments go by so fast... i gotta Great Big Love i gotta Great Big Love a love like i never... know what i'm talkin' about? sometimes it makes me"
  • Great Big Man - Don McLean
    "Rust on your fingers, you got trouble at your feet. Keep the home fires burning, but look out for the heat 'cause there's a man at the window who knows just what you think, and there's a water boy behind"
  • Great Big Lie - The Tea Party
    "God is pressure God is pressure more or less And it takes a lifetime A life of lies to make a mess Ah but you suffer I see you suffer with a smile Well look around yourself, Baby don't you think you're"
  • Great Big Tears - Claude King
    "I have thought I was a big big man much too big to cry Then I fell in love with you thought you loved me too then you said goodbye I can't forget the day that you walked away from your love I'll never"
  • A Great Big Sled - The Killers
    "The snowman is shaping up to be an 8 but not out of 10 The robots awake to find that they've been taped down wondering when They'll break through these chains But little boys have action toys for brains I'm"
  • Great big mystery - Bethany Dillon
    "Air is dry, the sun is gone When I breathe, I breate alone Ten times a day I cry Just to prove that I'm alive Oh, that I'm alive I have tried to be the queen I have tried most everything Leads me to the"
  • Great Big Sea/Gone By The Board - Great Big Sea
    "Great big sea hove in Long Beach, Whack fal-o-ral tad-dle did-dle i-do, Great big sea hove in Long Beach, Granny Snooks she lost her speech, To me right fol-di-dy fol-dee. Great big sea hove in the Harbour Whack"
  • Big Big World - Emilia
    "I'm a big big girl in a big big world It's not a big big thing if you leave me but I do do feel that I do do will miss you much miss you much... I can see the first leaf falling It's all yellow and nice It's"
  • Big Big World - Amelia
    "Amelia Miscellaneous Big Big World I'm a big, big girl In a Big Big world It's not a big, big thing If you leave me But I do, do feel That I do, do will Miss you much Miss you so much I can see"

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