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a ha sure everythng on knows

  • Ha Ha Ha - Flipper
    "Isn't life a blast It's just like living in the past We go downtown to do our shopping And we live in Suburbia And I say Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho He he he he he he he he Ha ha ha"
  • Ha ha ha ha - Lamb
    "I could be wrong Didn't you say I couldn't do this Well, who's sorry now It's always the same You could have been there Could have done that but So, who's to blame? I don't wanna live with a point that"
  • Ha Ha Ha - Yung Prince
    "*Chorus* (X2) I don't know where the coochie at? I don't know how to hit the cat? You didn't think I could handle that? HA HA HA-HA HA HA Check this now put it on ya check list I beat the pussy real good"
  • Ha - Juvenile
    "That's you with that bad ass Benz ha That's you that can't keep yo' old lady cause you keep fuckin her friends ha You gotta go to court ha You got served a subpeona for child support ha That was that nerve"
  • Ha Ha - Melanie Blatt
    "Ha, ha. ha, ha. ever laugh ... ha ha ha ha. ha, ha. ha, ha, ha. ever laugh ... Today I left my mother round my father and my sister. looking for enough to pay the rent and buy my dinner. found it ..."
  • Ha Ha - All Saints
    "Ha Ha, Ha Ha Laugh out loud Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha Laugh out loud Could it be, I left my mother, and my father, and my sister Looking for a job to pay the rent and buy my dinner Found it, soooo boring You see"
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Honey - Brainpool
    "She is standing in the kitchen Cracks a smile she's so bewitching Let the camera run she'll be OK She has got a black and white sweater And her shoes are made of leather She's got the sweetest lashes And"
  • You (Ha Ha Ha) - Charli XCX
    "Yeah we got a situation Locked down and we’re trapped in the basement I’m a victim of pro-placement, Cause you act and sound level Trying to pull across your statement Oh, oh Because I know, you struggle Choke"
  • Sure - Take That
    "I'm sitting here waiting for my lover Last time we met I wasn't to sure Now I'm hoping, maybe dreaming, for a life as one When she reads this I'm hoping she'll call But I need much more than before"
  • Sure - Ty England
    "You must forgive me if I stare I've never seen a walking talking answered prayer Honey it's amazing that you're standing here I guess God got tired of me bending his ear Come in and set that suit case"
  • A ha - Mos Def
    "Hey hey, ha ha say what say whatHa ha bust it yoSometimes I feel like I don't have a partnerSometimes I feel like my only friendIs the city I live in, is beautiful BrooklynLong as I live here believe I'm"
  • Ha ha haczyk - Akurat
    "Dyskoteka gra On wypatrzył dawno ją Stała za filarem Miała modne spodnie, bluzę modną I modny zegarek Podszedł bliżej, przyjrzał się Tak, to będzie ona Wymarzona cud-kobieta Może nawet żona Chłopak"
  • No One Knows - Asa
    "Just the other day, the other day I was talking to the weather man about today, oh, oh, oh And all, all he could say Was no one knows tomorrow See I can read the weather, child I can say maybe the rain"
  • Ha! Ha! Houdini's Laughing - Rainbirds
    "I used to live close by the river I used to let my heart go with the stream I knew I held the key to any door I held the key to everything and more Once upon a time I took it easy Once upon a time"
  • The ha ha wall - Libertines
    "If you get tired of hanging aroundPick up a guitar and spin a web of soundThen you could be strung out all dayWith your lovers and clownsNow i find myself hanging around..It's been a long war and now we're"
  • Ah Ha - Under The Influence of Giants
    "Nice to meet you, i'm losing my head Not my future, not even my bed You're the human I came here to see Not to mention, It got back to to me Got me thinking, thats all I can say Little moment the"
  • The Ha Ha Wall - The Libertines
    "If you get tired of hanging around pick up a guitar and spin a web of sound Then you could be strung out all day with your lovers and clowns (but now I find myself still hanging around..) It's been a long"
  • Fa Ha - LL Cool J
    ""Don't you knowwwwww, don't you knowwwww.." See this is worldwide baby "That it's wrong.." Germany, Italy.. France, Japan "To take what is given.." Many foreign lands.. Talkin bout {HA!} Queens I'm talkin"
  • Wah Ha - Lisa Mitchell
    "Do do do do Do do do do I spend all my day trying to be ok But ok comes and goes and I feel like I’m holding I feel like I’m holding on a little too strong Wah Ha do do do do do Wah Ha do do do do do Well"
  • Ah Ha - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Ah Ha Ah ha, look You'll never see me hangin' from no tree You would see me hoppin' out a new bentley You'll never catch me broke on my ass You would catch me gettin' head in a jag Won't"

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