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a lost a friend

  • Lost A Friend - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "When you read about somebody special who has met an untimely end although you didn't even know them personally feels like you've lost a friend And to all the cynics who think Lennon only cared about what"
  • Lost A Friend - James
    "My t.v. is staring at me it says go to sleep go to sleep. Turns me into a siamese twin where do i start? the Tv screen begins... Plugs me into some holy geek his point in life is incomplete My Tv is telling"
  • I Lost A Friend - FINNEAS
    "I Lost A Friend like a key in a sofa like a wallet in the backseat like an ice in a summer heat I Lost A Friend like slip on a red-eye like money on bad bet like time when we all about things that hasn’t"
  • Mildred (Lost A Friend) - Deaf Havana
    "Has it really been three years since we chose that name? And sat in each other's rooms with our guitars and dreams of fame. We used to stay up and plan our lives to the sound of your worn out beat. And"
  • I Lost A Friend - Dubstar
    "Walking down the hill To find the last time I saw you Trying everywhere I thought that somewhere I'd find you The world is turning Concerned that I won't find I lost a friend I left him somewhere"
  • Song For A Lost Friend - Badfinger
    "You had a dream You know you dreamt so much You had a dream You know it meant so much You're just a victim of the circumstance I mean, what else could you do? You saw your dream and you just took a chance And"
  • Long Lost Friend - Chicago
    "The moment that we met There was something so familiar I felt like I'd known you for a thousand years And there inside your eyes I saw a light that I'd been missing Somewhere deep inside All of the lonely"
  • Long lost friend - Restless Heart
    "Once upon a long agoSomeone touched my heart and soul, my lifeYou and I were meant to beWas I just to blind to see the light in your eyes(CHORUS)Long, lost friendSo good finding you againI curse the fool"
  • Friend - Reset
    "We started off, a little wide ago We built this little boat And sailed it off to sea Then we brought a friend along the way We decided he would stay Stay with you and me Bought some sticks And put then"
  • Old Friend (Of A Friend) - Tad Dreis
    "Bus benches moist, have you lost my voice? I know you from when we both talked to friends Somehow I doubt you'd know us If we met again Last couple years have gone so easily, tears Fall when I wake up"
  • To A Friend - Sunterra
    "a time ago my friend you are gone there's no chance to turn back time my unspoken words you've never heard take your last ride and wait for me I can see you there from far away and I'm waiting to speak"
  • For A Friend - Jimmy Somerville
    "I never cried the way I cried over you, As I put down the telephone and the world it carried on. Somewhere else, someone else is crying too, Another man has lost a friend, I bet he feels the way I do. And"
  • Lost In A Lost World - The Moody Blues
    "I woke today, I was crying Lost in a lost world So many people are dying Lost in a lost world Some of them are living an illusion Bounded by the darkness of their minds In their eyes it's nation, against"
  • Lost in a lost world - Moody Blues
    "Woke up today, I was crying, Lost in a lost world, Cos' so many people are dying, Lost in a lost world. Some of them are living an illusion, Bounded by the darkness of their minds, In their eyes, it's"
  • Lost - Cher Lloyd
    "I heard from a friend of a friend that you you’ve been checking back in cause I said goodbye moved overnight and you haven’t heard much since then (wondering how I am doing now)"
  • Lost - Meat Puppets
    "Lost on the freeway again Looking for means to an end Nobody knows which way its gonna bend Lost on the freeway again Walking the freeze ways again Thinking of something my friend I get tired of living"
  • A Lover, Not A Friend - Thunder
    "I felt the cold today, winter's coming on Clouds are steel grey and all the leaves are gone But every day's the same since you took away the sun I'm out of cigarettes, I must've smoked them all last night I"
  • Lost - Tom Petty
    "Big town, big money Id do anything just to have you honey By my side where you were I wouldn't be so lost and lonely These dreams were my own my bitter passion Now they are nightmares without much direction Money"
  • Lost - Abby Normal
    "Did you get lost? Didn't you know notice The same way you got here my dear is the only way out Do you need a friend? Would you like a warm fire? Settle right down here my dear cause there's no need to"
  • Lost - Korn
    "Why can't I decide, why my feelings I hide? Always screwing with my mind, that thorn in my spine Oh sure, it feels fine, wasting all our time In the back of my mind, a thorn in my spine Wait! to see it"

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