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a star is boor

  • Star - ATC
    "Star worldwide x 2 I'll be your star I'll be your star I'll be your star I'll be your star ahhhhhhhhhaaahh ahhhhhhhhhaahhh All i wanna do when i grow up is make it to the movies When i get my face out"
  • Star - Paul King
    "Star struts the main street in a thousand big towns lookin' where the big dreams can be found well start and stop star is the drug the sparkle of a fresh face lookin' up To where worlds do part let's stay"
  • Star - Fusion
    "I feel a star shining down on me I've been searching in the stars above For an answer to my prayers (Have) been seeing violence and not much love Seems like no one even cares, no no I can feel a star,"
  • Star - Primal Scream
    "Are you solid Are you solid as a rock Have you a strong foundation Or can your soul be bought It ain't true that Everybody's got a price I sing this song for everyone Who stands up for their rights Every"
  • Star - Jain
    "get it get it up get it on the ride I’m the captain of my own life hide in front of my eyes I’m gonna make you mad billionaire got tones of them fear is on the rise and rules are by my side music goes"
  • Star - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan 18 Til I Die Star What cha wanna be - when you grow up What cha gonna do - when your time is up What cha gonna say - when things go wrong What cha wanna do - when you're on your own There's"
  • Star - Bryan Adams
    "What cha wanna be - when you grow up What cha gonna do - when your time is up What cha gonna say - when things go wrong What cha wanna do - when you're on your own There's a road - long and winding"
  • Star - The Cult
    "Yeah, I believe in freedom Freedom is a vision Her found religion I humble myself Just to get some respect, yeah Get some respect, yeah I kiss her sandled foot She's my holy pearl The ghetto in your mind Is"
  • Star - Frank Sinatra
    "If the lady's naughty but proper If the lady's chic-er than chic If her escorts must wear a topper And each man's the man of the week If she rides around in a brand new foreign car The chances are the"
  • Star - Tamyra Gray
    "The mystery of trying To make it happen Struggling just to make ends meet You need a new change of space, a new direction Cuz this whole thing is so confusing to me I know you got Dirty hands from a dirty"
  • Star - Stellar*
    "it's in the way you see the world that causes conflict in this girl so here we go we're at it again you flew by the starter flag as i got to the end but if you don't mind the critic in me we could lay"
  • Star - E-Type
    "I'm standing in the face of a storm Where I will learn which way to go I feel like I am true to fall But still I want to take it slow I know from the past where I wrong So let things come in a different"
  • Star - Reamonn
    "Tell Me If You Got A Problem Tell Me If It Turns Your Way Tell Me If There's Something Bothering You Tell Me What Should I Say You Know I Did Most Anything You Know I Change The World You Know I Do Most"
  • Star - Suicidal Romance
    "In the dark Your face appears You come to me I feel your burning skin Your pure desire I can't refuse You want to be with me And in this night the moon so dark We want to be alone Your naked body is full"
  • Star - Sundown
    "Come now - We got someplace to go Candycanes and alot of tools on show Sit straight /breath/ take in this place Wrists tied down and a strap across your face Cold burns - Needle to the nail Liquid fire"
  • Star - Street Dogs
    "I can't stop these visions in my head When I wake up in the morning and I get out of bed When the revelry is calling me and I don't want to rise I roll around and write it down and then to my surprise"
  • Star - Simon Webbe
    "All of the girls and the boys at the party And I'm the only one alone So I crossed the dance floor Heading for the back door Ready to make my way home But wait a minute what's this I see J-lo glow and"
  • Star - Erasure
    "We go waiting for the stars To come showering down From Moscow to Mars Universe falling down You got to look real hard There's a fiery star Hidden out there somewhere Not the satellite of love But a laser Shooting"
  • Star - 702
    "{Rap} What we had was a thing of the past and recall showerin u wit girfts u neva had to ask though love was a real damn near gave u my last braslet with the carrets drinkin drinks classed out that was"
  • Star - Muse
    "It's gonna to be okcan afford another dayat fifty bites per secondI've never seen your faceI've never heard your voice buti think i like it when youinstant message we made a promisei can feel it i can"

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