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a ti korita vu tlumaczenie

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a ti korita vu tlumaczenie

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a ti korita vu tlumaczenie
  • Pino Daniele Dej? Vu
    "La notte non pi notte Se non dormi accanto a me Le luci dei lampioni E tutti i miei perch No lasciarmi morire adesso Di tristezza Per me sei importante La nostra eclissi damore E come un dej-vu Intrinseco"
  • Anabantha Deja Vu
    "Siento el tiempo tan vaco no puedo volver atrs en lo oscuro del camino el abismo espera ya El elixir de los sueos fue bebido hoy por ti desvanece tus temores nunca vuelvas a sufrir CORO Y el cruel suspenso"
  • Lamentu Vu V
    "Vuvitedda sunnu pronti pi saittari lu to cori nani maligni a sirviziu di Liack-Aru imperaturi la saitta scancarata di lu demoni purceddu abbiata a beddu cori na lu toi mottu cirvedu di l'armata do suvranu"
  • Aventura Deja Vu
    "quiero revivir la pasion que ayer mostrabamos delante de la gente como nos abrasabamos, como me acarisiabas la cara lentamente asi (asi) dame la oportunidad que gosaba de tus besos tus carisias las extraño"
  • Tears For Fears Deja Vu
    "Deja Vu Deja vu I must learn to protect myself I'm not a man of violence I must learn to protect myself From the sins of science People came and broke the law Broke the vows of silence I must learn to"
  • TKM Deja vu
    "mała znowu miałem deja vu moze to sie zdarzy, moze to są sny mała znowu miałem deja vu deja vu, deja vu to chyba się zdarzyło albo mam coś z głową czemu ludzie zapierd* nawet twoje logo czemu wszystko"
  • B.R.O Deja Vu
    "ciągle mam Deja Vu mam Deja Vu pomimo ze znamy się tu większy czas ja dalej mam Deja Vu mam Deja Vu bo czuje to jakbym cię widział pierwszy raz nie wiem ile się znamy nie liczę godzi n i lat życie"
  • Garou J'ai vu
    "J'ai vu Berlin, Bucarest et Pkin comme si j'y tais.Matin et soir le nez dans la tl,c'est encore plus vrai.J'tais de tous les combats, colle devant l'cran.A la fois Soweto, en Chine et au Liban.Lancer"
  • Dog Fashion Disco Deja Vu
    "i'll play the game in hopes to end this charade you've got me caught and tangled up in your web deja vu this scene's already played through a crime scene chalk lines drawn around you the price"
  • Blue System Deja Vu
    "That's no lie, no dja vu Oh you trying, trying, trying to steal my heart away Away Oh, baby just tonight you're so good to me My number one 90 ways to fight with no guarantee We can't go wrong My heart"
  • Divine Brown Deja Vu
    "(Woo) (Chorus) (Baby) baby baby baby Is this something new? (something new) Or is this a bad case of dj vu (deja) Visions that I've seen before showing up in you This is such a bad case of dj vu (deja"
  • Dionne Warwick Deja vu
    "This is insane All you did was say hello Speak my name Feeling your love Like a love I used to know Long ago. How can it be You're a different space and time Come to me. Feel like I'm home In a place I"
  • Inna Deja vu
    "No no no fire, no fire I wanna feel the music higher And touch the sky No,no no no you drive me crazy, You crazy boy I wanna live with you A deja-vu I don't wanna lie I feeling so bloom So take me away, So"
  • Human Nature Dj Vu
    "I wanna find that perfect moment To believe in love wanna spread my wings and fly But every time you get up close to me I'm constantly reminded How much tears can cost How much hope is lost when love dies "
  • Roc Project Deja Vu
    "It's just deja vu.... i don't wanna believe in your.. too hard to believe in your.... i don't wanna believe in your love... it's just deja vu.... (Verse 1:) Maybe your memory can be all in me its good"
  • Sincere Déjà Vu
    "Whoa, don’t it feel so familiar When the lights go down in here Down in here Oho, oho, déjà vu, oho, oho, déjà vu Oho, oho, Feels like I’ve been here before When I walk through the door I feel the things"
  • Bee Gees Deja vu
    "This is my dedication This is my dedication I'm not a saint but stand accused You're with someone who thinks love's the same as being used And now suspicious minds may say it's over Over Whether I live"
  • Katy Perry Déjà vu
    "I live of the echoes of your I love you;s But I still feel the blows from all your don’t want to’s When you’re drunk You say I;m the one Then you wake up you suck my hope it in a vacuum Cause every"
  • Jhene Deja Vu
    "Just when I had decided and told myself I didn't want nobody, You appeared to me Just when I decided love itself was just a made up story, You made it real to me Tell me what the chances are you, me together"
  • Bob Taylor feat Alessia Deja Vu
    "I know I'm alive I'm feeling so blue So take me away So take me with you Hey mistery girl I'm falling for you I'm ready tonight The last Deja Vu. Refren: No no no no no no no fire no fire eyes I wanna"

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