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a whisper in the noise

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a whisper in the noise

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a whisper in the noise
  • A Fine Frenzy Whisper
    "Running the race like a mouse in a cage Getting nowhere, but I'm trying Forging ahead but I'm stuck in the bed That I made, so I'm lying But if you keep real close Yeah, you stay real close I will reach"
  • The Damned Noise, Noise, Noise
    "At 7am on a brand new day I'm gonna start it in the perfect way Put the greatest record on I kick the dog, I kick the cat Insult my mum insult my dad Sing out loud and sing along (chorus) We"
  • The Kinks Noise
    "Dad's stuck in the factory, machines are banging all around. Momma's in the kitchen, she got the radio on all the time. My little sister's screaming, and stamping on the ground. And the radio keeps pumping"
  • Dc Cooper Whisper
    "Feeling in my bones As a chill is running down my spine Is it when I asked you: are you the divine? Said what I had to say Did what I had to do waiting for a sign As she dances among us With a feel that's"
  • Tamia Whisper
    "Whisper Hey hey oh Now we almost blew it had a thing so perfect I was scared, I wanted to find something wrong, oh So I, put you through it and I made excuses tried to turn you away I knew I was wrong,"
  • Ernie Halter Whisper
    "How do I ask her to come back to me After I told her goodbye How do I love her so desperely And for so long I pushed her for side How do I walk back into her life Now don't wanna walk away How do I ask"
  • Slovo Whisper
    "I think I should go now I must leave before my red eyes match the sunrise No more coffee will put off today I've stood too long In the shadow of a doubt I need some sun It seems that time returns to"
  • Oval Opus Whisper
    "Said a whisper last night while I held you, and I told you that I needed you forever I told you everything I want to live for, and how we could be When the words come to me and it's magic you know, and"
  • Ying Yang Twins Whisper
    "Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear Tell you sunthing that you might like to hear You got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft Mind if i touch it? and see if its soft Naw i'm jus"
  • Asrai Whisper
    "It doesn't matter How hard I try Nothing that is has changed After this long, long time When the angel closed her eyes She spread her wings She tried to comfort you As she spreads her wings The truth"
  • Evanescence Whisper
    "Catch me as I fall Say you're here and it's all over now Speaking to the atmosphere No one's here and I fall into myself This truth drives me Into madness I know I can stop the pain If I will it all away "
  • Vain Whisper
    "The first time that I saw youYour face glowed in the lightsA face that seemed to call me to my future paradiseI felt some words after three nightsI thought our souls touchedI watched you when you sleepNow"
  • The Echoing Green Noise
    "The path is paved With past mistakes A faceless dance On the dead in the wake My heart beats like A lonely voice My head is full of noise If I had any sense Of where to go I'd give up leading"
  • Damned Noise Noise Noise
    "It's 7am on a brand new day I'm gonna start it in the perfect way Put the greatest record on I kick the dog and kick the cat Insult my mum insult my dad Scream out loud and sing along We say noise is"
  • Nightwish Noise
    "crave the machine revere the screen zoom in for flack and misery bleed some pixels shoot yourself pose fro the dead have a nar-life experience in a hot air matrix now you’re a star vain avatar feeding"
  • Gary Numan Noise Noise
    "What's it to you If I feel now Just a face in the wall Crawling out of the ground Now look at me You cry Like a leaf in the fall I fly in the sky, don't you? What's it to you This noise noise Like a plaque"
  • The Verve Noise Epic
    "Pleading with Athos of the Rock In the ancient language which he spoke But I didn't even give a damn 'Cause all I wanted to do was just sit back and talk Talk about the restless winds that were blowing"
  • Skillet American Noise
    "Angry words and honking car Satellites and fallen stars Distant dark blue radios that whisper down my boulevards Ghosts and chains rattle in the attic Broken headphone filled with static Lonely room you’ve"
  • Alicia Keys, Brandi Carlile A Beautiful Noise
    "I have a voice Started out a whisper Turned into a scream Made a beautiful nosie Shoulder to shoulder Marching in the street Web you’re all alone It’s quiet breeze But when you band together It’s a choir Of"
  • Norah Jones In A Whisper
    "And now it's half past midnight, she calls his name Afraid that in the morning, that nothing will change And well, where are the things that we fought for? Well, where is the love? And well, where are"

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